Man dressed in camo carrying a compound bow through the forest while hunting
Josh Riley, founder of EatElkMeat.com

Welcome! I’m Josh Riley, the founder of EatElkMeat.com I’m a veteran, a family man, a trickster, and an avid outdoorsman. When I am not getting lost in the woods, I enjoy connecting the world with my passions: hunting, fishing, elk meat, and pretty much anything that takes place in the great outdoors.

I grew up following my dad aimlessly over mountains in pursuit of the wild wapiti, or, the Rocky Mountain elk. For me, memories of hunting are much more vivid when I think about the hunt instead of the harvest. 

However, I sure do enjoy the harvest. There are immense personal benefits of harvesting an elk. From being a sustainable low-cost meat for my family all year long, to the terrific taste of elk that I thoroughly enjoy, no other meat is more important to me. 

I created this blog in hopes of sharing my passion for sustainable, nutritious, tasty meat with the rest of the world. This page will connect you with the best elk hunting resources, recipes, experienced insight from elk hunters and processors, as well as links for trusted and sustainable elk meat sources. 

“If God didn’t want man to hunt, he wouldn’t have given him plaid shirts.” – Johnny Cash

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at josh [at] eatelkmeat [dot] com.

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