How Much Does Elk Weigh? Bulls, Cows, Spikes? It Depends…

A bull elk walking across a river and splashing water with his hooves

Elk are massive and unforgettable creatures known for their beautiful antlers and iconic bugling during mating season. Curious hunters and wildlife lovers who spend time around these amazing creatures inevitably ask, “Just how much does an elk weigh?” Location is the key to answering that question. Even though body size can range widely within an … Read more

16 Best Hunting Boots 2023 [Cold-Weather, Rubber + Upland]

Hunter wearing KUIU camo pants and Danner hunting boots

We’re here to give you the downright truth on 2023’s best hunting boots. Few pieces of gear are as critical as your boots to your overall hunting success, so we wrote this post to help point you in the right direction. Different boots are suited to perform in wildly different applications, which can be exhausting … Read more