3 Takeaways From ATA 2024 – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

a line of razor sharp broadheads being displayed at the 2024 ATA

The Archery Trade Association’s annual show is billed as a chance for industry buyers, sellers, and go-betweens to do business, network, and introduce new products.  A rookie ATA exhibitor said plainly: “You haven’t done squat in this industry until you get invited to exhibit at the ATA.” And he’s right. Eat Elk Meat’s staff was … Read more

Elk Sounds: Decoding Bugles, Barks, Chuckles & More

You’re standing at the edge of a mountain clearing, bow or rifle in hand. Suddenly, you hear a loud and eerie bugle sound echoing through the trees. It’s so haunting and powerful that it sends shivers down your spine. When you hear that unforgettable sound, it may mean you’re closing in on an 800-pound bull … Read more