10 Best Heated Hunting Clothes [Vest, Jacket, Socks & More]

A hunter with heated clothing walks across a snowy field with a gun slung over his shoulder
The Best Heated Hunting Clothes of 2023 (Vests, Jackets, Socks & More)

If you’re in search of heated hunting clothes, you’ve likely frozen your butt off in the chill of the late seasons one too many times. We’ve been there before, and we get it. Nothing can derail a hunt faster than plummeting temperatures, chattering teeth, and frozen fingers or toes.

Whether you’re in a ground blind, tree stand, or trudging through frozen marshes, you must stay warm and focused on putting your prey in the crosshairs and taking an accurate shot. That’s why we’ve recommended the ten best pieces of electric heated hunting clothes that 2023 has to offer.

Different hunters get chilly in different places, so we’ve offered up a variety of rechargeable and battery-powered gear to ensure you stay toasty from head to toe. Whether you’re searching for a vest, jacket, pair of socks, or a base layer to combat that January chill, we’ve got you covered.

Each piece of clothing you’ll find on this list is engineered to keep hunters warm for hours in the field, even as the temperatures drop below zero. And to help you buy with confidence, we’ve only chosen heated clothing that’s well-reviewed and recommended by hunters far and wide.

The time has come to fight the freeze. Let’s get started.

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Best Heated Hunting Clothes of 2023

Heated Camo Hunting Vest
Volt Heat Mossy Oak

Camouflage vest with electric heating elements on the chest

Electric vests are the most popular item of heated clothing among hunters, and for good reason. Well-made options like the Volt Heat 7V Mossy Oak will keep your torso warm and facilitate blood flow to your extremities.

The 7-volt Volt Heat vest sets the standard for hunters, as it utilizes four separate heating pads on the chest and back to generate heat where your body needs it most. It sports a handy Mossy Oak camo pattern with soft and stretchy fabric that moves quietly to keep you stealth.

It’ll run for six or more hours on its medium setting and two hours on high with its included 2,600 mAh battery. If you plan on running the vest all day long, grab an extra battery or two to bring along. They’re lightweight, compact, and can alternate between four different heat settings.

This vest will excel for hunters searching for a versatile option that allows for a full range of movement. It’ll work well in tree stands and ground blinds and will layer with ease on extra cold days.

Battery-Powered Camo Jacket
Ororo Wear

Camouflage heated hunting jacket

If you embark on the type of bone-chilling winter hunting trips where a heated vest won’t cut the mustard, check out this beauty of a battery-powered jacket by Ororo.

This bad boy sports Mossy Oak camo and has four heating zones that focus on warming your back and chest. Its shell is 100% waterproof, sports high-quality YKK zippers, and is machine washable. It comes with a monster 5,200 mAh battery that’ll power its heating elements for six hours on high and ten hours on low.

This jacket is highly versatile and is effective whether or not its heat is on. It sports pit zips that’ll vent your body heat when you’re covering long distances but can also crank up the temps with its heating elements to keep you toasty when you’re sitting for hours in a frosty tree stand.

Late-season hunters who regularly venture into below-freezing temperatures will likely fall head over heels for this jacket. It’s equipped to keep you warm, patient, and focused during those long days in the field.

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Heated Hunting Hoodie
Gobi Heat Shadow

Camouflage electric rechargeable hunting hoodie

If you’re torn between a heated hunting vest and a jacket, the Gobi Heat Shadow camo hoodie might just hit your sweet spot. It strikes an outstanding balance between warmth, comfort, and versatility in the field.

The Shadow will keep you toasty and cozy as you move quietly in the backcountry. It has an ultra-soft fleece lining, is completely machine washable, and comes with a massive 6,500 mAh battery that’ll keep that glorious heat coming for up to ten hours on its low setting.

No, it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the Ororo jacket above, but it rings in for $60 less and is a bit more versatile. I’m strongly considering getting my hands on one for the upcoming 2023 Colorado rifle seasons.

The Shadow would work perfectly as part of a layering system for hunters who want complete control of their body temperature in quickly changing late-season conditions.


Rechargeable Base Layer Top
Volt Heat Tactical

Electric base layer top

If you’ve already spent an arm and a leg on a regular hunting jacket but still want a piece of heated clothing to keep your core warm, check out this handy base layer by Volt Heat. It’ll provide next-to-skin warmth that heated jackets and hoodies cannot.

Thanks to its polyester/spandex fabric and brushed microfleece lining, this base layer is as stretchy, soft, and cozy as they come. Its compact 2,600 mAh battery will generate heat for two hours on its highest setting and up to eight hours on low. It isn’t bulky and layers with ease.

Keep in mind that this base layer only cranks out heat to four panels to your middle and upper back and won’t send warmth to your chest or abdomen. But, if you layer it properly, you shouldn’t run across any issues keeping warm in the chill of winter.

We recommend the Volt Heat Tactical heated base layer top to hunters who already have a top-notch hunting jacket but need an extra kick of heat in brutal late-season conditions. It’s perfect for layering and will enhance your comfort in frozen tree stands and frigid ground blinds.

Electric Base Layer Bottoms

Electric base layer bottoms

If your bottom half runs cold and you need electric base layer pants to help you stay limber, look no further. ActionHeat’s 5-volt rechargeable heated pants will crank out hours of warmth to keep your legs, butt, and everything else below the waist cozy and comfortable.

Equipped with three heating zones placed on your backside and over your knees/thighs, these base layer bottoms will ensure your lower half is ready for action. You’ll need warm leg muscles to haul out that prized buck you’re going to take down, after all.

The battery life on these bottoms isn’t the best, as you can only expect them to run for a couple of hours on high and 4.5 hours on low. If you’d like to crank these electric pants for longer, grab an extra battery or two before you head out into the backcountry.

As is the case with much of the heated clothing on this list, these bottoms will thrive for late-season hunters who must stay warm as temperatures dive below freezing. Gathering frost in tree stands and counting icicles from your ground blind doesn’t have to be miserable anymore.


Battery-Powered Socks
Snow Deer

Rechargeable heated hunting socks

Frozen toes are bad news, especially when you’re trying to fill a late-season tag and can’t afford to miss any time. Just ask my friend, Henry, who got frostbite on his feet during a December elk hunt and nearly lost a couple of toes. Poor guy should have sprung for a pair of heated socks.

So, which socks would have saved Henry’s tootsies? We love this pair by the Snow Deer brand, which strikes a balance between warmth, comfort, and affordability. They’ll pump out heat for up to seven hours on low and sport a soft and cozy Coolmax/elastic/spandex material.

The included 2,200 mAh batteries can only be recharged through a wall socket — not by a portable USB battery bank — so buy some extras if you anticipate blasting the heat on your socks all day long. Your toasty toes will thank you as you sit like a statue in the tree stand.

If your feet run cold in the late seasons and you can’t find a pair of boots that can keep them warm, grab a pair of these rechargeable heated socks from Snow Deer. Or, you can always roll the dice as Henry did. Your choice.


Heated Hunting Gloves
Volt Heat Mossy Oak

Camo gloves with heating elements across the top of the hand and down all five fingers

We practice our shot all year long in anticipation of hunting season, so we’d best be able to feel our fingers when it’s time to drop our prey. Heated gloves, like this camo pair from Volt Heat, will ensure that your trigger finger is ready for the moment, no matter how cold it gets.

Each insulated glove comes equipped with its own 2,200 mAh rechargeable battery, which can run for up to eight hours on the lowest setting. These gloves take warmth seriously, as their far-reaching heating elements run across the top of the hand and to the tip of all five fingers.

If you’re worried about dexterity, check out Volt Heat’s flip mitt, a mitten that can quickly fold back for quick access to all five fingers. It’ll work great for hunters who need quick access to their phones, GPS devices, and their weapons, of course.

Nothing can mess up a late-season rifle shot like numb, shivering fingers. That’s why we recommend these heated camo hunting gloves to hunters who want to put all that off-season target practice to good use and drop an animal dead in its tracks.

Heated Camo Muff
Volt Heat Mossy Oak

Rechargeable electric hunting muff for warming hands

I’ve met hunters who love to pair lightweight shooting gloves with a heated hunting muff to give themselves the highest amount of dexterity during the bitter cold of rifle season. If bulky heated gloves aren’t your style either, check out this electric camo muff by Volt Heat.

This hoss of a hand warmer wraps around your waist with an adjustable strap and cranks out hours of heat thanks to its burly 10,000 mAh battery pack. It’s very well insulated to lock in the warmth, and its silky smooth microfleece lining is as comfortable as it gets.

Just like all Volt Heat hunting gear, it’s made with quiet fabric that won’t spook your prey as you move about the field. It has a storage pocket on the side, where you can stash your phone, headlamp, and other quick-access gear.

We recommend this heated muff to those of you who prefer lightweight, dexterous hunting gloves even when the temperatures drop well below freezing. It’ll help keep your digits warm and ready to squeeze the trigger even in the most unforgiving late-season conditions.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Rechargeable OCOOPA brand hand warmer that also works as a battery bank

Sometimes, all you need is an occasional burst of heat, and heated hunting clothing might be overkill. If that’s the case, look no further than the OCOOPA rechargeable hand warmer.

I use this little beast during cold-weather hiking and backpacking trips and am very impressed with how much heat it cranks out. I keep it in my jacket pocket during colder winter hikes and stash it at the bottom of my sleeping bag to warm my feet during frigid nights in the tent.

It can pump out radiant heat for up to 15 hours on its low setting but can also function as a power bank that can recharge my phone, GPS watch, and other USB-powered devices. This feature adds versatility to make it worthwhile for outdoor endeavors all year round.

Late-season hunters who wear a thin glove (or no glove at all) on their shooting hand to maintain maximum dexterity would find this little gadget quite handy. It’ll work well at keeping toasty in tree stands and bringing up the temperature in sleeping bags, as well.

Keep in mind that you only receive one hand warmer per box, so you’ll need to splurge for a second if you want one for each pocket. I recommend starting with one and purchasing another if you crave that extra kick of heat and symmetry.


Battery-Powered Beanie
Gobi Heat

An electric heated beanie, a late-season piece of hunting clothing

When your mom warned you that most of your body heat escapes from your head and to always wear your winter hat, she wasn’t lying. For those of you who still take her loving advice to heart, check out this ultra-warm heated beanie from Gobi Heat.

Equipped with heating zones over both ears, this no-nonsense beanie will not only trap your body heat on the coldest of days but generate extra warmth to boot. Its tiny 3,200 mAh battery stashes away comfortably and will crank out heat for up to 7.5 hours on its low setting.

This hat is on the larger side, so I recommend looking towards a more form-fitting hat if you weren’t blessed with a giant noggin. If you think a heated beanie is a bit overkill, you might find the lid you’re looking for on our list of 2023’s best hunting hats.

The Gobi Heat battery-powered beanie would work wonders for late-season tree stand hunters who sit still for long periods. It’ll keep your head nice and toasty and will give your mom that extra peace of mind next time you head out on a frosty January hunt.


Factors We Consider: Heated Hunting Clothing

A heated camouflage jacket superimposed over a backdrop of a snowy winter hunting trail
There’s a lot to consider when picking out heated hunting clothes

We take our recommendations seriously, which is why we analyzed dozens of products before we put this list together. These are the six most important factors we considered when choosing 2023’s best heated hunting clothing.


There are plenty of cheap pieces of heated hunting clothing out there, but they’re usually made of shoddy materials. To ensure you get your hands on a well-made piece of gear, we’ve done our best to recommend gear that uses durable fabrics and reliable heating elements.

There’s no room for cheap Chinese knockoffs on this list.

Battery Type

To ensure your electric clothing pumps out heat, a reliable battery must provide power to the unit. All products on this list come with a USB rechargeable battery pack (not AA or AAA batteries).

While each option has pros and cons, we prefer gear with USB rechargeable battery packs that can be topped off with ease. Products that use old-fashioned AAs or AAAs aren’t as practical or easy to manage, so we’ve left them off this list.

Battery Life

If the battery for your heated clothing will die when you need it most, then what’s the point of bringing it along in the first place?

We’ve paid close attention to the stated battery life of all the gear we research and have dug through reviews to ensure that these claims are accurate. Companies that misrepresent their stated battery life and mislead customers have no place on this list.

Heating Settings

The more adjustable and user-friendly the heating settings are on a piece of clothing, the better. After all, your clothing will be useless if you can’t tweak the settings to match the ever-changing winter conditions around you.

That’s why each product on this list must have a multitude of useful heating settings that can easily be adjusted to match the unpredictable environment that awaits.

Heating Element Coverage

Coils that provide heat to a piece of clothing can make or break its usefulness in the field. We paid close attention to the placement and effectiveness of all heating elements on this list to ensure that you’ll receive evenly distributed warmth as temperatures drop.

Ease of Washing

If you’ve ever been hunting, you’re well aware that the gear you bring along can get dirty in a hurry. Heated clothing is no exception, so we’ve paid close attention to the washing instructions of all products on this list. To make things easy on you, we’ve highlighted products that are machine-washable or safe to wash by hand.

Fight the Freeze With 2023’s Best Heated Hunting Clothes

A hunter wearing heated clothing walks across a frozen field with a gun slung over his shoulder as the sun sets in the distance
Which pieces of heated hunting clothing will keep you warm and focused in 2023?

Did you find a piece of heated hunting clothing that’ll help keep you warm and toasty in the brutal cold of 2023’s late seasons? If so, good on you. Your bone-chilling days of shivering in the field and cursing the heavens will be but a distant memory.

We hope you’ve zeroed in on that heated hunting vest, electric jacket, or rechargeable pair of gloves to give you that warm and cozy feeling you’re after. Nobody likes to feel cold, miserable, and helpless, after all. Not even us tough guys and gals who hunt.

So, whether you’re clutching a rifle in a frosty tree stand or trudging through frozen farmland, a proper spread of heated clothes should keep you focused on the hunt. Warmth and patience might be the difference between harvesting an animal and going home empty-handed.

Which battle-tested pieces of heated hunting clothing will help you fight the freeze for the 2023 season and beyond? Whatever you choose, we hope it’ll stand up to all of the bitter, icy conditions that December and January can throw your way.

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