12 Best Hunting Gloves 2024: Warm, Waterproof, Heated & More

A man pulling on camo hunting gloves in an outfitter retail store
The Best Hunting Gloves of 2024

Our list of 2024’s best hunting gloves ensures your hands are comfortable no matter the season or your preferred wild game.

That’s because we’ve checked out the warmest options for cold weather, including a heated pair, to keep your hands steady while hunting elk, deer, and big game in subzero temps.

And if you’re a waterfowl hunter, we’ve recommended some of the best waterproof gloves, which are built to keep your hands dry and ready to blast that duck, even if you just placed decoys in a freezing cold pond.

We’ve also included all manner of shooting gloves, including a pair of leather upland gloves for bird hunting and a fingerless merino wool option for bow hunting.

Because what good is a glove if it screws up your shot?

We, like you, are hunters ourselves. So we know what a total bummer cold hands can be. Many mornings, I’ve sat in the blind, cursing my numb fingers.

Don’t be like me!

Let’s get those hands into a pair of 2024’s best hunting gloves.

Table of Contents

Best Hunting Gloves of 2024

Best Overall Mid-Season Hunting Glove
Under Armour Mid-Season Windstopper

Under Armour brand camo hunting glovesWe begin our guided tour with a pair of mid-season hunting gloves from one of the best in the business, Under Armour.

Under Armour consistently makes some of the warmest cold-weather gear for hunters out there, and the Windstopper is living proof. As their name states, these insulated camo gloves keep your hands warm by blocking out the harsh, cold wind. Plus, UA Storm tech sheds water without sparing breathability.

We also love how Under Armour incorporated their touchscreen-compatible Tech Touch feature into this pair. Tech Touch lets users interact with devices like hunting watches or smartphones without slipping the glove off, though some reviewers found it finicky at best. So you know, its best use case is swiping on your phone to answer it, not typing out long text messages.

In terms of use, The Windstopper might be a little bulky for early-season hunts, so bowhunters might want to look in another direction. Rifle hunters, on the other hand, will love this glove, and they shouldn’t have a problem reaching their fingers into the trigger guard.

Ultimately, if you need a pair of warm gloves that come in many different patterns to match the rest of your camo, we think these stand out.

Also, be sure to check out the UA Men’s Hunt Early Season Fleece Gloves if you need a more lightweight glove.

  • Pros: Warm, lightweight, windproof, water-resistant
  • Cons: Too bulky for early season hunting, need some break-in time
  • Best for: Freezing temps and up

Warmest Glove for Cold-Weather Hunting
Sitka Stormfront GTX

Sitka Stormfront GTX camo

If you need a pair suited to cold weather, our pick for the warmest hunting gloves is the mighty Stormfront GTX from the beloved Sitka brand.

When you’re hunting late-season big game, you need all the advantages you can muster. The brutal, harsh winter weather won’t do you any favors, so you need gear that will. That’s where the three-layered Stormfront GTX comes in. Its lightweight Gore-Tex shell eliminates the need for waterproof lining and blocks out the nastiest weather admirably.

But that’s just the outside of the glove. The Stormfront GTX features a removable fleece liner that acts as a base layer and insulates your hands in intensely cold weather. Plus, hunters can swap this layer with any of Sitka’s other liners to increase the functionality of the glove. If conditions are mild, the Stormfront shells work as standalone mitts.

In keeping with Stormfront’s functionality, these gloves come in two different camo patterns. The Subalpine pattern conceals your presence in vegetation, while the Open Country design blends in with the rocks and scattered trees of high-altitude hunting.

They are a bit bulky, but that’s expected when you must stay warm in the extreme cold. Check out Sitka’s hunting glove/mitt combo, the Incinerator, if you want a more agile option.

If you’re on the hunt for the best cold-weather gloves, Sitka has you covered.

  • Pros: Waterproof, very warm, functional, modular, bombproof
  • Cons: Price, not the best fit for everyone, somewhat hard to close
  • Best for: Freezing weather, big game hunting


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Lightweight Glove for Early Season Hunting
Under Armour Men’s Hunt Early Season Fleece

Under Armour men's camo fleece liner gloveLet’s switch gears from the harsh, unrelenting cold of winter to the temperate climate of early-season hunting. For that, you’ll need lightweight hunting gloves, and Under Armour doesn’t disappoint with this early-season fleece pair.

UA’s Armour Fleece material provides excellent warmth for even the coolest of early-season hunting trips. They’re fairly warm down to 30 degrees but also breathable enough to perform in warmer weather.

As for features, the glove’s convertible trigger finger steals the show. It allows you to pull your index finger out of the glove for maximum control of your bow or rifle. Additionally, UA made this touchscreen compatible with its Tech Touch print on both the index finger and thumb.

It’s not all rainbows and puppy dogs, though. These gloves tend to run a bit small for some, so be ready to order a size up.  Some might find these a bit pricey as well, considering how lightweight they are. If that’s you, check out the Mossy Oak Lightweight early-season gloves below.

In short, hunters who need lightweight gloves available in an array of camo patterns shouldn’t sleep on this versatile pair from Under Armour.

  • Pros: Lightweight, breathable, convertible trigger finger, quick to dry, warm
  • Cons: Can run small, Tech Touch can be hit and miss
  • Best for: Early season hunting, bow and rifle hunting, warmer weather

Full-Dexterity Shooting Glove
PIG Full Dexterity Alpha

Brown and black tactical shooting gloveLike the UA early-season fleece gloves, the PIG Full Dexterity Alpha keeps your trigger finger itchy and ready no matter if you’re shooting a handgun, shotgun, rifle, or bow. Though, with the Alphas, you don’t need to remove your index finger from the glove for maximum dexterity.

That’s because Patrol Incident Gear (PIG) constructed the Full Dexterity Alphas for the utmost agility. Their flexible fingers provide so much finesse that they’ve become a staple of the US Special Ops personnel in tactical combat situations. If they’re good enough for the Special Ops, they’re damn good enough for taking down an elk. Simply put, we think they’re the best shooting gloves on the 2023 market.

The best gloves fit well, and reviewers of all stripes love how snug these are. Many hunters comment that the sizing chart PIG provides is spot on, and some go as far as to say you won’t find a better shooting glove even if you spend more money.

Ready to gear up with the best shooting glove on the entire market? Give the PIG Full Dexterity Alpha a look. You won’t regret it.

  • Pros: Extreme dexterity, full range of motion, excellent sizing
  • Cons: A little expensive but worth it
  • Best for: Shooting


Waterproof Gloves for Duck & Waterfowl Hunting
Sitka Pantanal GTX

Best camo duck and waterfowl hunting glovesWe’ve now talked about lightweight, cold weather, and even shooting gloves. But what about a waterproof pair for all the duck and other waterfowl hunters out there? If that’s you, look no further than the Sitka Pantanal GTX.

Constructed of a three-layer GORE-TEX hardshell and an insulated inner layer, these will keep your hands warm and dry when you’re chasing ducks in cold, wet conditions. And, even with all the extreme waterproofing, the Pantanal’s articulated fingers provide excellent dexterity, so you should always shoot straight.

And if you’re worried about slips, the goat leather palm gives hunters fantastic gripping ability and maximum tact in wet conditions. Finally, the two available camo patterns work to conceal your hands in either flooded timber or marsh.

Though many hunters love how warm and flexible these gloves are, some don’t like the fit and find them too pricey. If you need a more affordable waterproof pair, take a look at the waterproof Sealskinz we’ve recommended down the list.

But as long as you can find the right size Pantanals for your particular claws, you’ll likely agree with us that these are the best gloves on the 2023 market for duck hunting and waterfowl.

Pro tip: These work very well when paired with Sitka’s Gradient Stretch Fleece used as a liner glove. By combining the two, you achieve maximum warmth. Plus, the Gradient Stretch features scent control, so your odor stays local.

  • Pros: Excellent waterproofing, dexterity, warmth, and build
  • Cons: Expensive
  • Best for: Duck and waterfowl hunting, wet environments


Timeless Leather Upland Hunting Gloves
Orvis Uplander Shooting Gloves

Light brown leather orvis upland

Let’s forget about waterfowl for a second and get back to dry land. Some of us want to go bird hunting for quail, pheasant, woodcock, and turkey. If you’re in that group, the Orvis Upland Shooting Gloves might be the best of the bunch.

First, they’re made of sheepskin and cover well up your wrists to protect more than just your hands. This durable leather protects against sticks, thorns, and barbs that try to catch your glove or prick you in the process of clearing brush.

Second, even though its sheepskin leather is highly durable, it’s also soft enough for you to always have a nice and comfortable feel for the trigger.

Third, these just look good. They have a timeless appeal, which can be treated and maintained by using water-based leather treatments. Make sure to avoid mink oil though, as it’ll cause them to dry out and crack.

For these three main reasons, reviewers absolutely love these. If you need leather upland hunting gloves that simply get the job done, look no further than this quality pair by Orvis.

  • Pros: Protective yet sensitive, timeless
  • Cons: Maybe a bit expensive for some
  • Best for: Upland bird and turkey hunting


Fingerless Merino Wool Bowhunting Gloves
First Lite Talus

First Lite fingerless merino wool bowhuntingAh yes, the classic fingerless glove — they’re not just for the burglars in Home Alone. These lightweight, breathable, and dexterous gloves work excellently for early-season bowhunting.

That’s because they feature a shortened index finger. So no matter your release, whether you’re left or right-handed, you’ll be able to shoot your shot while keeping your hands warm and steady.

The Talus uses Merino wool that can maintain heat even when it’s wet. With that in mind, these work great as standalone gloves in warm weather for maximum dexterity but also layer exceptionally well when the temperatures drop.

So, pick up a pair today and choose from one of three colors to match your gear. We think you’ll love First Lite’s fingerless wool gloves for your 2023 bow hunt and for many seasons into the future.

If you want full-fingered gloves for bowhunting, the Under Armour Men’s Hunt Early Season Fleece Gloves are excellent as well.

  • Pros: Inexpensive, warm even when wet, layer well
  • Cons: A little thin for some
  • Best for: Early-season bowhunting


Heated Gloves for Cold-Weather Hunting
Volt Heat Mossy Oak

Sometimes it’ll get so cold outside that even the most insultated pair of gloves won’t keep your hands warm. In that case, you may just need to lean on technology and get a pair of rechargeable heated gloves to fight off winter’s coldest, bitterest days.

If that’s the case, we have just the pair of gloves for you. The Volt Heats act as furnaces for your hands thanks to their patented waterproof Microwire heat tech.

Volt Heat laces their Microwire heating technology throughout the glove, so your hands stay warm and toasty even when the mercury plunges down below zero.

But that technology wouldn’t mean much if it forced users to constantly swap out batteries and create a hassle. Luckily, this glove utilizes a 7-volt rechargeable battery and a dual charger to ensure your hands are always ready for an arctic blast. And if you’re worried about battery life, know that these will heat your hands for up to eight hours on a single charge.

With all that material and heating tech, you can expect some bulkiness. As a result, some hunters wish these gloves provided a little more dexterity.

If you’re in the market for the warmest heated glove this side of the north pole, give the Volt Heat brand a look.

  • Pros: Very warm, handy dual charger, good battery life
  • Cons: A bit bulky
  • Best for: Very low temperatures


Versatile All-Around Waterproof Glove
Sealskinz All Weather

Green Sealzkinz brand all-purposeNot every day will present you with blizzard conditions, even in Northern Alaska. That’s why a pair of waterproof everyday gloves will make for great allies when it gets a little cold and wet outside.

We think the Sealskinz unisex waterproof hunting glove is excellent for light duty. Their Coolmax liner keeps your hands dry and cozy, while their pre-curved fingers ensure you’ll be able to wiggle your digits with ease from the get-go.

Their sheepskin palm and trigger finger will help you grip and rip whatever weapon you choose to carry. This leather not only enhances finger control, but it also amplifies the durability of the glove. And when Sealskinz says these gloves are waterproof, they mean it, as evidenced by their lifetime waterproof guarantee.

One reviewer found that the liner has the tendency to bunch up, making them challenging to put on. Other than that, we can’t find much we don’t like about this versatile option from Sealskinz.

If you need a waterproof everyday glove for hunting and other outdoor activities, these all-weather mitts perform very well.

In the market for a more robust waterproof option? Check out the Sitka Pantanal GTX.

  • Pros: Waterproof, comfortable, made for shooting
  • Cons: Could bunch up
  • Best for: Everyday situations, early season hunting, wet conditions


Lightweight Budget Camo Glove
Mossy Oak Lightweight

Mossy oak camo lightweight early seasonWhile the last set of gloves are an excellent everyday choice, this next pair gives hunters a solid option for warm-weather hunting that won’t break the bank.

At first glance, the lightweight Mossy Oak bow hunting gloves may seem like your ordinary run-of-the-mill budget option. Looking closer, though, they have all the features a hunter could ask for when early-season turkey or bow hunting.

They feature tacky rubber palms and fingers to help you keep a firm grip on your bow or rifle. Their stretchy, breathable fabric helps to maintain cool digits on warmer hunts, and the mesh inner thumb dissipates heat with ease.

In all, if you’re a hunter who needs a no-frills glove that comes in a variety of camo patterns, these Mossy Oaks deliver on all fronts, and the reviewers agree. Check ‘em out today.

  • Pros: Inexpensive, grippy, variety of available patterns
  • Cons: Some find green rubber a bit bright
  • Best for: Spring turkey hunting, early season bow hunts


Best Mitten/Glove Hybrid for Warmth + Dexterity
Sitka Incinerator Flip Mitt

Sitka brand camo hunting mitt for cold weatherLet’s say you want a glove that rivals the lightweight Mossy Oak’s dexterity but you also need a pair that can handle much colder situations. In that case, the Sitka Incinerator Flip Mitt might just work for you.

Part mitten, part glove, the Incinerators feature an insulated mitt that flips over their articulated fingers to provide maximum warmth when it gets brutally cold during the winter hunting season. The only way you can get much warmer is with a heated glove like our recommendation from Volt Heat.

With the Incinerator’s dual glove/mitten design, you can easily pull the trigger of your rifle with the mitten pulled back. And, when you’re waiting for the next shot opportunity, flip that bad boy back around and heat up those claws.

When it comes time to fire off a round, Sitka melds leather palms into the Incinerator so you can easily grip your weapon. Further, Sitka employs their Optifade technology to keep your hands undetected by ungulates when you’re patiently waiting in the tree stand.

The Optifade hasn’t made these gloves undetected to reviewers, though. A few critical hunters thought Sitka could have utilized touchscreen compatible materials and others felt these were a bit bulky. Many also said the magnet that holds the mitten in place isn’t very strong, but it wasn’t much of an issue.

Most reviewers, however, love the warmth the Incinerators offer, marvel at their quality, and think they’re the best gloves they’ve ever owned. These are, by all accounts, genuinely well-engineered.

We think you’d love slipping your paws into the Sitka Incinerators and find them to be some of 2023’s warmest and most versatile hunting mittens/glove combos.

  • Pros: Extremely warm, versatile, good dexterity when mitt is pulled back
  • Cons: Expensive, no touchscreen compatibility, bulky, magnet not very strong
  • Best for: Late season big game hunting, frigid temperatures


Best Hunting Muff for Extra Cold Conditions

Cabela's brand camo hunting muff for cold weatherSome hunters out there may not want to slide their hands into gloves whether they feature an insulated mitten or not. Instead, they may want to stay at the ready and able to pounce at a moment’s notice. That’s right; these hunters might prefer a hunting muff for cold winter conditions.

Cabela’s Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper muff offers a warm and cozy environment the moment you insert your hands into it because its Gore-Tex material stifles harsh winds and repels water. After you’ve pushed your cold hands inside, its elasticized cuffs squeeze around your wrists and forearms to block out the elements.

It might just be the perfect match for hunters who don’t want to fight with gloves.

And if the cold weather still creeps in, hunters can easily add a chemical or battery-powered hand warmer into the muff to enhance its heating capabilities. Because muffs are so versatile, a number of hunters entirely replaced their gloves with this muff.

All it takes is a quick look at some reviews to see why. Reviewers note the interior is very soft, the front has a pocket for added functionality, and they always feel ready for a quick and accurate shot.

The only real complaint we’ve come across stems from the fact that the muff could stand to be longer.

Ultimately, if you’re ready to see what life is like ungloved, give the Windstopper from Cabela’s a shot.

  • Pros: Very warm, can add additional heating, keeps hands ready
  • Cons: Might be a little short in length
  • Best for: Cold weather, hunters who don’t like gloves, ready hands


Different Hunts Call for Different Gloves

A bowhunter dressed in camo carrying his bow across a field
Early-season bow hunters will require a vastly different glove than waterfowl or upland hunters.

Not all gloves are going to work in all situations. Some leather gloves cannot get soaking wet, or they’ll dry out and crack. You also wouldn’t want to be out on an early-season hunt with a pair of heated gloves, either.

It all comes down to choosing the right glove for the job — or not choosing a glove at all and springing for a muff instead.

Deer, Elk & Big Game Hunting

For big game hunting, you’re looking for warm gloves that can withstand cold weather. As you know, elk, deer, and other big game thrive in rugged environments.

For this type of alpine hunting or any other cold conditions, you’re going to need a product that’s built for the cold. You need insulation.

For this type of job, you’re looking at a glove like the Sitka Stormfront GTX or maybe even a heated pair like our recommendation from Volt Heat.

To be clear, we understand that not all big game hunts will be in the dead of winter, but these gloves give you an excellent place to start.

Upland Hunting

When hunting upland and doing some bird or turkey hunting, you likely won’t need gloves made to withstand water.

You need some tough leather gloves that won’t get snagged on thorns or briars.

The Orvis Uplander Shooting Gloves stand up to this test phenomenally.

Duck Hunting & Other Waterfowl

Birds that live in or near water for most of their lives require different capabilities than an upland glove. They require full waterproofing.

You’re going to expose your hands to lots of wet conditions when you’re out placing decoys, so material that can repel water and keep your hands warm is a must.

We think the best glove on the market for duck and waterfowl hunting is the Sitka Pantanal GTX. If price is a concern, the Sealskinz All Weather will keep your hands from getting waterlogged for under half the price.

Factors We Consider When Reviewing Gloves

Duck hunter with camo hunting gloves holding his shotgun across his torso
There’s a lot to consider when researching which glove best suits your style of hunting

Gloves may seem like a simple piece of gear, but picking the right pair makes the difference between having a great day in the field and wishing you were home by the fireplace.

Comfort & Fit

Gloves that don’t fit well or are made of uncomfortable materials won’t get used. That’s why we carefully considered the fabric of each glove, mitten, or muff before making our recommendations. We want to ensure they’re comfortable, and you’ll want to wear them.

Further, most manufacturers provide detailed fit instructions, so you can measure at home and find the right size for your hand.


The materials pretty much determine the situational use of the glove.

If it’s got Gore-Tex, it’s likely made for extreme cold or waterproofing. If it’s made of wool, it’s likely for the early seasons. Or, let’s say it’s made of leather, it might just be an upland glove. You get the point.

That said, we made sure that each glove on this list is constructed from quality materials that are best suited for their particular type of hunt.


When you enter the mid and late seasons, warmth is probably the most crucial feature of your gloves. If you can’t keep your hands warm, your performance will suffer.

If it’s warm outside, you’ll want to look towards a lighter and more breathable pair not to overheat your hands.

We’ve ensured this list includes products with a level of warmth that suits every hunting condition, from sweltering to bone-chilling.


Keeping the water out means your hands stay warm and dry. Waterproofing is a vital feature for any waterfowl or wet-weather hunting you might be doing.

Cold, wet hands can derail a hunt, so we included gloves that’ll keep you comfortable, dry, and ready to shoot.


If your glove can’t stop the wind, your warmth will suffer. Cold wind is no joke and can cut through to your hands and make you miserable in the process.

Many of the products on this list are made with materials like GORE-TEX, which blocks wind and maintains heat during especially cold and gusty hunting conditions.


Waterproofing is great and all, but if you’ve ever used a raincoat that doesn’t breathe, you know how hot and clammy it can get underneath. The same can be true for your hands.

Considering the breathability of your glove is important because clammy and sweaty hands can lead to uncomfortable hunters who take poor shots.


If you can’t use your fingers, you can’t take down an elk.

That’s why we’ve considered the bulkiness and range of movement of the products on this list and whether or not they’ll inhibit your ability to move your fingers freely and shoot.

Color Composition

Color coordination goes beyond just matching your clothing.

Different colors or types of camouflage work better in different hunting environments, so we’ve carefully highlighted which gloves blend in best with their specific hunting conditions.

Which Gloves Will You Sport This Hunting Season?

A man wearing camo with black gloves loading=
Which pair will keep your hands warm and protected this upcoming season?

You just read about the 12 best hunting gloves for 2024. How does it feel? Hopefully, you’ll leave here with a wealth of new knowledge in regard to the wide world of hunting gloves. Maybe you even grabbed a well-reviewed pair to try for yourself. Either way, we hope you enjoyed focusing on the best of the best 2024 has to offer.

That includes everything from heated gloves, which will keep you warm in the coldest late-season weather, to waterproof options that’ll excel when you want to get your duck hunt on.

Or maybe you’ve got your eyes on some fingerless merino wool gloves that’ll kick serious ass for bow hunting. Perhaps you’re a grouse hunter looking for classic leather upland shooting gloves.

No matter your hunting style, we hope you had a good time with this guide and learned a thing or two along the way.

Well, that’s it for our best hunting gloves of 2024. If you think we missed a pair, drop a comment below, and we’ll consider adding them to this list.

We’re dedicated to getting you all the gear you need to make your future hunts bountiful. But, in case you come up empty-handed, visit our Elk Meat for Sale page and buy yourself a mouthwatering cut or two.

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