10 Best Hunting Hoodies 2023 [Camo for Duck, Deer & More]

Three 2023 model camo hunting hoodies from First Lite, KUIU, and Sitka against a forest background
The Best Camo Hunting Hoodies of 2023: Duck, Deer, Elk Hunting & More

Hoodies have become so common that most people don’t think about them twice. You just grab one, slip it on, and head out the door — but that’s not us. We’re big fans of finding the finest gear available. That’s why we put together this list of 2023’s best hunting hoodies.

That means we had to look at all the options on the market, for men and women alike. What we found were the usual suspects. KUIU, Sitka, First Lite, Under Armour, and Realtree all made the list; the real question is, what kind of hunting are you doing?

You’ll need breathable camo for early seasons and insulation for whitetail hunting in the dead of winter. For safety’s sake, we picked out a blaze orange hoodie too.

Whether you’re hunting in the early or late seasons, with a rifle or a bow, a basic understanding of materials goes a long way to keeping you warm. That’s why we examined fleece, wool, and even synthetic blends that help keep water out and sweat from lingering on your skin.

Now, what else are you waiting for? If you’re an outdoorsman (or woman) who needs a slick new camo top, look towards our hand-selected list of 2023’s best hunting hoodies for the upcoming season and beyond.

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Best Hunting Hoodies of 2023

Best Overall Hunting Hoodie of 2023
KUIU Peloton 97 Fleece Zip-T

Camo KUIU Peloton 97 Fleece Zip-T top

The KUIU Peloton 97 earns our pick as 2023’s best hunting hoodie thanks to its exceptional versatility in the field.

Weighing in at only five ounces, this ultralight pullover hoodie packs down extremely small, so you can bring it along for cold early-morning hikes and stash it away in your bag once it heats up.

Because it’s so lightweight, you might be concerned about warmth. Don’t be. It’s made with Toray’s unusually warm-for-its-weight Karuishi fleece, which traps heat on early-fall archery days and releases it as soon as you pull down the zipper from under your chin.

We have nothing but good things to say about this sweatshirt. If you’re searching for the best piece of early season hunting clothing money can buy, whether deer hunting or running errands, the KUIU Peloton 97 has you covered.

Pro Tip: Check out the Peloton 200 or 240 if you’re looking for a heavier, more substantial hooded sweatshirt to keep your warm in the later seasons.

  • Materials: Toray Karuishi Fleece
  • Pros: Comes in three camo patterns and five solid colors, wicks moisture well, Makspec odor control keeps you smelling like a daisy
  • Cons: No pockets

Cold-Weather Women’s Camo Hoodie
Sitka Fanatic

Sitka Fanatic women's pullover for cold-weather hunting

Not all hunters are men; that’s for sure. Thankfully, women can find the same world-class camo hunting clothing as men, except tailored to women.

Thanks to its drop-tail design, heavyweight stretch fleece, and flip-over hand mitts with integrated thumb holes, it’s the best cold-weather women’s hoodie available. And, though it’s extremely warm, it can be worn comfortably during all seasons.

Its whisper-quiet design makes it a great companion for early-season archery hunting, and when used as an insulating layer, it’ll keep women warm when they’re just chillin’ out in the treestand.

Ultimately, we can’t think of a better go-to hoodie than the Sitka Fanatic. And because it comes in both camo and a solid black color, you have a few options if you don’t feel like going out on the town in Optifade camo all day.

  • Materials: Stretch fleece
  • Pros: Built-in facemask keeps your cheeks toasty, low-profile hood preserves your peripheral vision, permanent polygiene odor control doesn’t give you away
  • Cons: A little pricey


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Best Hooded Sweatshirt for Duck Hunting
Sitka Gradient

Waterproof camo Sitka Gradient pullover top for outdoorsmen and women

For duck and waterfowl hunters who venture into the cold January muck, an extremely warm and well-insulated hoodie might make the difference between reaching your limit or heading home early.

The Gradient mid-layer sweatshirt can be used as an outer layer when it’s not yet bone-chilling or as an insulation layer when the weather turns downright nasty. And with a built-in facemask and a lower hand muff pocket, you’ll stay comfortable from your head to your pinkies.

Its high-loft fleece works efficiently to trap your body heat and keep you toasty without overheating. Thanks to its durable water repellent (DWR) finish, the fabric won’t wet out and leave you chilled to the bone.

We think this pullover half-zip is one of the best duck-hunting hoodies out there, and it’s plenty welcome on the mountain, too. 

  • Materials: Polyester knit face, high-loft fleece backer
  • Pros: Comes in two camo patterns and three solid colors, high-quality build, thumbholes help layering system trap heat
  • Cons: Like with all Sitka gear, it runs a bit snug, no waist cinch-cord


Intriguing Newcomer
Hiden Reaper

Mossy and Sitka, KUIU and SKRE, oh my! One of the joys of unadulterated capitalism is having lots of competition, which drives innovation and gives you, the hunter, endless choices when picking your hunting gear.

Here is a case study of a newer camo company I’m super stoked about called Hiden. I met them at Pope and Young Club’s annual convention in Reno this year, and after hearing the owner’s own excitement about their product, I just had to learn more.

This hoodie stood out to me because of its early-season versatility and lightweight and quiet fabric. The lightweight fabric is genuinely silent a can provide warmth when needed and wick away moisture when not.

If you seeking a camo pattern that breaks up your outline and reliably confuses game when in close proximity, Hiden may be precisely what you’re looking for. So, if you like to get in close to take your shot, grab yourself the Reaper hoodie, which, pound for pound, is one of the best patterns we’ve come across.

  • Materials: 100% breathable polyester
  • Pros: Lightweight, breathable, excellent breakup camp pattern
  • Cons: Not the best for later seasons; consider adding a baselayer or puffy


Warmest Wool Camo Hoodie
First Lite Kiln

First Lite Kiln camo pullover hooded sweater

Wool does it all. Not only is it quiet when you move, but it’ll trap your body heat, stay warm when wet, and wick moisture away from your body so you don’t stink up the joint.

Like the wool it’s made of, the First Lite Kiln sweatshirt does a little bit of everything. You can use it as a hooded base layer for late-season cold weather or an outer layer during the early season’s warmer days. Used properly, it should get run from archery season well into rifle season.

First Lite offers the Kiln in three different camo patterns designed to help you blend seamlessly into your surroundings. Or, if you wish to use it as an extremely warm baselayer or everyday wear, First Lite also offers four different solid color options.

With all the high-tech materials today, wool will always have a place on our list. Why? Because it just works (and it comes in women’s sizing too).

  • Materials: Merino-X wool
  • Pros: Thumb loops help trap heat in, a little stretchy, extremely functional, hood covers areas prone to cold like neck and throat, bowhunters love it
  • Cons: Pills a bit

Our Favorite Full-Zip Sweatshirt
KUIU Strongfleece Hybrid 280

KUIU Strongfleece Hybrid 280 full-zip garment

All of the hunting hoodies we’ve written about so far have been pullovers. But some of us hunters want to put our sweatshirt on one arm at a time and utilize a full-length zipper to control our body heat. Thankfully, the KUIU Strongfleece Hybrid 280 exists.

This quiet, durable, and water-resistant hooded sweatshirt should check all the boxes hunters crave when hunting hoodies. It layers exceptionally well in the winter, stays warm as an outer layer in chilly environments, and is durable enough to withstand all the sticks and snags you’ll encounter in the field.

So, if you’re after the warmest cold-weather full-zip hoodie for big game hunting in the frozen tundra, or just something heavy-duty to keep you toasty in the late fall, the Strongfleece Hybrid 280 won’t do ya dirty.

  • Materials: Toray Kurashi Fleece
  • Pros: Very comfortable, soft fleece feels great, K-DWR does a great job keeping you dry
  • Cons: Runs a tad small


Blaze Orange “Don’t Shoot Me” Top
Under Armour Storm Kangzip

Under Armour Storm Kangzip blaze orange hunting parka

Just because you need to wear blaze orange doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel comfortable. The eye-catching Under Armour Storm Kangzip will not only help keep you warm, but it’s breathable, stretchy, and quiet to boot.

Though it’s not rated as waterproof, UA’s Storm tech material repels enough water to keep you dry in light precipitation, which will give you an advantage if you’re prone to trudging through the morning dew.

Our favorite feature sits inside the hoodie’s kangaroo pouch: a secure hidden pocket where you can tuck away some of your smaller hunting accessories without worry of them spilling out in the woods.

When you combine its bright finish, UA Storm Tech, and the zippered kangaroo pocket, we think the Storm Kangzip is 2023’s very best blaze orange hunting hoody available.

  • Materials: Armour Fleece
  • Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, warm, fits well, blaze orange
  • Cons: Not much


Coolest Vintage Hooded Sweatshirt
Mossy Oak Camo

Vintage Mossy Oak camo jacketIf you want to run back the hottest hunting camo of yesteryear, look no further than this Mossy Oak vintage camo hoodie. This baby screams 1980s high hunting fashion, making it one of our favorite hunting hoodies in 2023.

If you’ve ever seen old photos of your dad, uncle, or grandpappy next to a trophy buck, they’re probably rocking something similar to this Mossy Oak vintage hunting sweatshirt.

And with Bottomland, Treestand, Obsession, and Greenleaf camo patterns to choose from, you can pick a design that’ll match the specific surroundings on your upcoming hunt.

Whether you’re hunting duck, turkey, deer, or elk, Mossy Oak has you covered with a sweet vintage camo pattern that’ll turn back the clock. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and functional to boot, so you’ll probably want to wear it all the time.

  • Materials: 52/48 cotton/polyester blend, jersey fleece liner
  • Pros: Inexpensive, cool as heck, dull finish helps you blend in better
  • Cons: Runs a bit big


Frequently On-Sale Option
King’s Classic

King’s Classic budget hunting top

This regularly on-sale King’s Classic hoodie often lands at a great price point for the entry-level hunters among us. It’s also available in five different camo patterns, allowing you to blend in with just about any environment you hunt.

That makes it perfect for spring turkey hunts, early-season archery, and whatever other brisk weather conditions you plan on hunting. And when the temperature drops in later seasons, this should work well as a layering piece underneath a shell.

At just 8.5 ounces, it’s a lightweight and versatile piece of hunting clothing. Should you need to stash it away at any point, it’ll pack down small into your bag.

Give the King’s Classic camo pullover sweatshirt a look today. Might it be on sale for you as it was for us?

  • Materials: 60/40 cotton/polyester blend
  • Pros: Two different Realtree patterns, pullover design good for layering, comfortable
  • Cons: Sizing an issue for some


Warmest Cold-Weather Sweatshirt
Sitka Traverse

Insulated Sitka Traverse camo garment

If you’re searching for the best late-season hoodie to bring along on those frosty winter days, look no further than the Sitka Traverse. With a DWR finish, high-loft Berber fleece backer, and a built-in mask, this insulating mid-layer will keep you warm in wet, frosty, and challenging conditions.

You shouldn’t expect this hoodie to pack down as small as the KUIU Peloton 97, but it will fight off harsh cold and unforgiving weather in the backcountry better than anything else on this list.

We love its pocket system: A zippered chest pouch secures smaller gear and its dual insulated hand pockets will warm up those paws on a snowy day. Thanks to its generous warmth and complete set of features, we think the Sitka Traverse is 2023’s best cold weather hunting hoodie out there.

  • Materials: High-gauge knit face, polyester spandex blend, Berber fleece
  • Pros: Very warm, great value, heavy-duty construction
  • Cons: Some find the fit a little off


Best Budget Option
Mossy Oak Standard Camo

Mossy Oak Standard Camo sweatshirt

Early-season turkey hunts can leave you with a chill, especially during cold mornings. If you want to stay warm and comfortable for under 50 bucks, take a look at our favorite budget option: the Mossy Oak Men’s Standard Camo hoodie.

This pullover hooded sweatshirt, available in five camo patterns, will help you conceal your profile from even the wiliest of prey. And thanks to its thin but durable construction, you’ll find comfort and breathability whether you’re wearing it in the field or around the house.

Though it’s probably a given, due to the price difference, don’t go on expecting Mossy Oak to offer the same heat and insulation as the Sitka Traverse. It’s a lighter hoodie meant for milder spring and summer hunts.

Overall, this hoodie stands as our best budget option for 2023 — and it’s particularly great for early season and turkey hunting.

  • Materials: 92% Polyester/8% spandex
  • Pros: Inexpensive, great camo pattern, great for spring and early fall
  • Cons: A bit thin


Common Materials Found in Hunting Hoodies

Up-close view of KUIU's Primaflex camo pattern
A hoodie’s material can make or break the garment; choose wisely

The materials used in hoodies aren’t as complex as the high-tech materials you’ll find in hunting jackets and pants, but a few stand out to us as the best of the best. Let’s look at some of the materials you’ll find in this post.


Fleece is made up of tiny fibers, either natural or polyester, that create air pockets to trap body heat and help you stay warm.

Toray Karushi Fleece

This incredibly lightweight material keeps you warm, yet it doesn’t weigh much. It makes for a near-perfect mid-layer because it packs away well yet keeps insulated well enough to keep you warm. You can find it on the KUIU Peloton 97.


Wool has been around for thousands of years, and it’ll continue to help hunters stay warm and smell-free for the next thousand. It can stay warm even when wet, meaning you’ll have no problems getting through morning dew or even light precipitation without losing heat. First Lite’s Kiln hoodie for both men and women provides an excellent example of a quality wool hoodie.


Polyester is a hydrophobic synthetic material. It repels water well, so it’ll take longer to wet out when you’re out in moderate precipitation. It’s typically less breathable than cotton, meaning you’ll get clammier quicker when you start dripping sweat.


Cotton is very much the opposite of polyester. It tends to breathe very well, but it’s also quite absorbent, meaning it’s not an excellent material for the rain. It should keep you comfortable if you don’t expect rain in the forecast.


Another synthetic fiber, spandex, can repeatedly stretch without damage. You’ve likely seen it in athletic apparel designed to help you move with freedom. Spandex is good for hunters who need a wide range of motion.


Many synthetic and natural fibers get woven together to gain the benefits of both materials. Blends like cotton/polyester exist to enhance breathability. Polyester/spandex blends help increase the flexibility of polyester. Cotton, of course, is often blended with synthetics because it allows them to breathe better.

Other Factors We Considered When Reviewing Products

Materials go a long way in determining a hoodie’s usefulness, but finding the perfect product for your exact circumstances comes down to a few other important factors, as well. We’ll highlight those here.


You can buy a hoodie with the most high-end materials, but if it doesn’t fit well and feel good against your skin, you might as well leave it behind. That’s why we’ve chosen to include products rated highly for their fir and comfort by fellow hunters.


The goal of a hoodie is to keep you nice and toasty as an integral part of a layering system as temperatures drop. The hoodies we’ve chosen vary in terms of insulation, meaning different models will keep you warm in the early seasons, while others are meant for the bitter chill of winter.


We hunt elk, which requires a lot of walking, hiking, and trudging through the backcountry. Doing so generates a lot of body heat, making us hot, clammy, and uncomfortable if our clothing isn’t breathable. As such, the products we chose for this article are rated high in terms of ventilation and breathability.


Scouting locations and hunting for months on end is tough on your clothing and your gear. As we scoured through products to add to this article, we made sure our recommendations were made of tough, tear-resistant materials that won’t rip or let you down in the field.


Moving through the wilderness silently is essential for hunters, as noisy clothing will blow your cover and spook animals. That’s why every hoodie you find on this will stay quiet and undetectable as you move about in search of your prey.

Odor Control

If you’ve spent any amount of time hunting, you know that keeping your scent under control is a huge piece of the puzzle. If you stink up the joint, the animals you’re after will take notice and head for the hills. To prevent this, we recommend products that are known for their anti-microbial that keep odor from clinging to your clothing.

Types of Prey & Time of Year

Depending on what you’re hunting and the time of year, you’ll want clothing made for those environments. For extreme cold, you’ll need a hoodie that’s built to trap heat like the Sitka Traverse. For warmer days, you’ll want a more breathable top like the KUIU Peloton 97.

Purchase a hoodie designed for the conditions you’ll expect.

A Quick Note on Layering

The garments you’ll find here are generally considered mid-layers. When the weather gets cold, they’ll fit underneath your shell and on top of a base layer.

Of course, when the weather is mild, you’ll be able to wear any of these hunting hoodies as your primary outer layer. Where these garments fit into your layering system simply depends on the temperature, wind, and precipitation outside.

Which Camo Hoodie Best Suits Your 2023 Hunt?

Hunter wearing a hooded sweatshirt holding a rifle in one hand and walking through a field
Hoodies aren’t just for lounging around the house anymore

Hunters of all shapes and sizes, men and women alike, need one of 2023’s best hunting hoodies to keep them warm and comfortable for the hunt ahead. That’s why we picked out a wide variety of hoodies designed for all four seasons.

To do so, we researched dozens of camo sweatshirts made of wool, fleece, polyester, and all types of different blends. Because staying warm, dry, and cozy will help you take down that whitetail deer, elk, or duck and fill up your freezer.

We recommended products from KUIU, Sitka, Under Armour, First Lite, Mossy Oak, and Realtree, as they’re some of the best brands in the business. From lightweight hoodies for bow and archery enthusiasts to heavier options built for the dead of winter, we’ve got all types of hunters covered.

So, no matter what you hunt or where you are, we hope you found something on this list of 2023’s best hunting hoodies that’ll keep you warm for the seasons ahead.

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