17 Best Hunting Jackets 2023 [Duck, Deer, Bear, Elk & More]

A rack of men's and women's 2023 for duck, deer, and elk camo hunting jackets
Best Hunting Jackets 2023 for Duck, Deer, Bear, Elk & Other Wild Game

That wild game you’re after — whether it’s duck, elk, deer, or even bear — doesn’t care about 2023’s best hunting jackets. All they want to do is steer clear of your bullets and arrows.

But you care; because the best coats will keep you dry, warm, and practically invisible to the delicious creatures you’re after.

So what is it you’re looking for? A waterproof shell that’ll keep you dry in the rain and snow? An upland jacket that’ll block out briars and thorns? How about ramping up your visibility during rifle season with blaze orange coat or orange camo parka?

Come to think of it, wool also performs pretty darn well in the field. Maybe a wool top is the best option for you. We’ve also heard hanging out in the tree stand is way better in a heated jacket, too.

Decisions, decisions.

To help you out, we’ve recommended products from your favorite hunting name brands like KUIU, Drake, Sitka, Under Armour, Carhartt, or Columbia. These are well-reviewed jackets made from high-performance materials like GORE-TEX, Primeflex, fleece, and polyester.

Whether you’re shopping in the men’s or women’s section, you must stay warm in cold weather, sweat-free when it’s warm, and dry when it rains. Depending on your type of hunt, we sure hope one of the best hunting jackets of 2023 will keep you comfortable no matter what.

What else are you waiting for? It’s time to slip into your next hunting jacket.

Table of Contents

Best Hunting Jackets of 2023

Best Overall Hunting Jacket for Men
KUIU Guide All-Season

KUIU camo all-season deer, elk, and duck hunting jacket for men

In our eyes, the’s top men’s hunting jacket of 2023 is KUIU’s Guide All-Season. That’s because it’s incredibly versatile and checks off loads of boxes for all sorts of hunters. Plus, it sits at an attractive price point around $220, making it one of the best softshell hunting jackets for the money.

Duck, deer, and elk hunters can use this jacket for all but the most brutal cold-weather hunting situations. When paired with a base layer and a mid-layer, you can expect to stay warm well into the winter months, thanks in big part to its microfleece backer.

The Primeflex polyester outer material provides durability and flexibility while blocking wind and water with ease. You can attribute part of its weather-resistant qualities to KUIU’s K-DWR (KUIU- Durable Water Repellent) treatment. If you need further waterproofing, a rain jacket should fit over it well, so you won’t need to size up.

The KUIU Guide All-Season comes in seven different designs, including a few solid colors and some great camo options. If you’re in the market for an excellent jack-of-all-trades outer layer that can handle mid-to-late season duty, we think this bad boy is 2023’s best all-around men’s hunting jacket.

  • Pros: Looks great, breathable, KUIU’s craftsmanship really stands out, very quiet, comfortable, vented pit zippers keep you cool, dries quickly
  • Cons: None we can think of
  • Materials: Toray Primeflex, Micro-fleece backer


Best Women’s All-Around Coat
KUIU Super Down Ultra

KUIU Super Down Ultra women's camo down hunting parka

Our pick for the best overall women’s hunting jacket may surprise some of you. No, it isn’t an outer shell like the Guide All-Season jacket we just mentioned; instead, it’s a mid-layer puffy insulation parka.

Don’t let the whole ‘mid-layer’ bit fool you, though; this extremely lightweight coat packs surprising levels of warmth even when wet.

That’s because KUIU treated their QUIXDOWN down insulation system with a DWR finish that enables the fabric to keep you warm when it gets wet.

We think an excellent barometer for an all-in-one jacket is one that stays warm despite moisture, battles wind with grace, and provides exceptional breathability so your perspiration can evaporate before it builds up. You get all those features and more with the Super Down Ultra.

  • Pros: Extremely packable, light, very warm, comes in multiple colors, very comfortable
  • Cons: A tad expensive
  • Materials: QUIXDOWN insulation, stunner stretch fabric, K-DWR treatment, Polish goose down


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High-End Duck Hunting Jacket
Sitka Hudson

Sitka Hudson camo waterproof duck hunting hooded garment for men

You’ll need a head-turning jacket if you want to impress all the guys or gals at your duck club. Walk through the door with this hardshell coat, and you’ll give all your hunting buddies a reason to be jealous.

Explicitly designed for duck and waterfowl hunters, this outer layer gives you the flexibility and range to move freely. Its shoulders feature an extremely lightweight and waterproof GORE-TEX material that prevents your shoulders from binding up when you lift your shotgun to fill ducks full of lead.

But the things you can’t see make this jacket the best of the bunch. Sitka designed the garment to withstand bitter-cold temperatures using body-mapped Primaloft insulation material. Primaloft delivers excellent heat retention even when wet, making it a perfect material for usage in a waterfowl jacket.

Sitka even went as far as including water-sealing cuffs so you can dunk your hand while placing a decoy without worry of water filling up your sleeve. If you’re looking for the best duck-hunting jacket for men or women, the Hudson from Sitka sits atop its class.

  • Pros: Excellent in rain, warm, breathable, comfortable, pockets fit two boxes of shells, best-in-class coat
  • Cons: A bit pricey, but worth it if you hunt ducks in cold, wet conditions
  • Materials: GORE-TEX with Stretch, GORE-TEX-3 Laminate, Primaloft Gold

Duck-Hunting Coat Made for Waders
Drake LST Guardian Flex Double Down Eqwader

Drake Waterfowl camo and brown top that pairs with waders

The Sitka Hudson we just mentioned has the potential to set your wallet back big time. That’s why we wanted to include a warm and lightweight duck hunting jacket that won’t obliterate your bank account. We wound up landing on Drake’s LST Guardian Flex. Here’s why.

Many hunters are thrilled with how lightweight yet warm this softshell jacket is in the field. Like them, you can expect to enjoy comfort when chasing ducks and waterfowl since Drake made this coat out of waterproof, windproof, and breathable Guardian Flex fabric.

You’ll find plenty of breathable Double Down polyester insulation towards the bottom to help keep you dry and well ventilated underneath your chest waders. Its primary purpose is to keep you equally warm across your upper and lower body. Make no mistake; Drake made this jacket to use with waders.

Stocked with stellar features like a built-in facemask and call and whistle pockets, we think this jacket just may become your go-to for waterfowl season. Give it a spin on your next duck hunt, and pair it with its companion waders if you’re feeling extra ambitious.

  • Pros: Great for cold weather, very comfortable, affordable price range, in men’s and women’s sizing
  • Cons: Made specifically for waders, which may impair its warmth if you’re wearing regular pants
  • Materials: Guardian Flex, synthetic polyester double down, polyester, neoprene cuffs


Cold-Weather Coat for a Freezing Tree Stand
Sitka Incinerator AeroLite

Sitka Incinerator waterproof hoodie for men

Hanging out in tree stands is all fun and games until your teeth start chattering and you can’t feel your torso. When searching for whitetail deer in the late seasons, you’ll need an ultra-warm jacket to keep you quiet and camouflaged.

The best way to achieve these ends is to get your hands on a high-quality jacked made with cutting-edge materials. Enter the Sitka Incinerator AeroLite. Recently updated with a new high-tech insulating material called Aerolite, a silica aerogel composed of 95% air, this coat will stay warm and toasty while remaining lightweight and packable.

The outer GORE-TEX water-resistant fabric and DWR treatment will keep hunters dry even in the wettest environments. Further, this fabric utilizes GORE’s Optifade camo system, which will render you invisible to the eyes of ungulates like deer.

For backcountry bowhunters in saddles and climber tree stands, it’s a match made in heaven.

Of course, not everything’s perfect. Some hunters say this jacket isn’t quite as warm as its predecessor. We think if you use it as part of a layering system, you won’t have a problem sitting in the stand in below-freezing temperatures at all.

  • Pros: Very warm, less bulky than ever, Primaloft maintains heat even when wet or compressed
  • Cons: Some hunters find it less warm than the previous model
  • Materials: Brushed poyester, GORE-TEX, Primaloft insulation


Inexpensive and Warm Deer Hunting Coat
Gamehide Flatland Deer Parka

Budget camo insulated hoodie for duck hunting and outdoors

Are you not looking to spend $500+ on a coat? I can’t blame you. But no matter your budget, you’ll still need an insulated hunting jacket to battle the elements and keep you warm. This inexpensive soft shell will work great for hunting deer in freezing temperatures from a tree stand or blind.

The fabric Gamehide used is pretty dang quiet, so stalking-style hunters should be able to do their thing undetected. One issue you may run into is this jacket’s noisy velcro. Some people complain that the velcro lets out its famous bellow if they need to flip the hood over their head.

That said, the material the Gamehide used features famous Realtree camo patterns and substantial waterproof performance, so you’ll stay dry even when it’s snowing or raining. Plus, its 4.5 oz of insulation will maintain your body heat well.

If you’re in the market for an affordable, reliable option for hunting out of your tree stand or even doing moderate stalking, Gamehide delivers with their Flatland Deer Parka.

Side note: This jacket is made to pair with the Flatland bib found here.

  • Pros: Affordable, quiet, warm, easy to layer
  • Cons: Chest pockets are not all that big, velcro could be a dealbreaker for some
  • Materials: Hush Hide fabric, HeatTech insulation


Warmest Insulated Winter Top for Big Game
KUIU Katana Gale Force

KUIU Kutana Gale Force garment

For bitter, cold-weather elk hunts, you need a hunting jacket that protects you from the elements but also protects you from yourself. Let me explain.

The Gale Force’s insulation materials will keep your sweat from evaporating thanks to some of the warmest late-season insulated technology. No longer will you stalk an animal, sweat, stop moving, and get cold while you wait to start moving again. Don’t worry, KUIU’s got you covered — no sweat.

For this, you can thank an insulation material called 3DeFX+ by Toray, which wicks your sweat away from your body where it can evaporate, instead of trapping it against your body. And while you’re stalking that monster elk, the fabric on the Gale Force will remain whisper quiet in the field. It’s constructed of 100% waterproof materials to keep you dry and warm even in the coldest of rain and snowstorms.

For all of you fashionistas who want to color coordinate, KUIU made this jacket available in three camo patterns and a solid color. If you’re in the market for one heck of an elk and other big game hunting jacket, here she is.

  • Pros: Lightweight, very warm, comfortable, built well, looks great, handles brush well, windproof
  • Cons: Top-notch tech is rarely cheap
  • Materials: Primaflex, stretch nylon, waterproof membrane, 3DEFX+ synthetic insulation


Quiet and Lightweight Early-Season Top
Mossy Oak Sherpa 2.0

Mossy Oak camo zip up insulated hoodie

How about a nice, quiet early-season hunting jacket? Looking for something that’s rain resistant and able to handle the light precipitation of unpredictable fall storms? Or perhaps just a nice layer underneath your cold-weather shell? Well, here it is.

For all you early-season bowhunters out there, the Mossy Oak Sherpa 2.0 micro-fleece has just about everything you’d need to stay quiet and warm in cool weather. And with a whole bunch of zippered pockets, multiple sizing options, and an attractive price tag, this lightweight jacket offers a lot.

Of course, you can’t have everything, though. Just know that for some hunters, the coat fits tight in the arms. (It doesn’t have a hood either.) Other than that, we can’t find much at fault with the Mossy Oak Sherpa 2.0.

  • Pros: Stretchy material moves when you do, Mossy Oak camo, durable, in the field, affordable, suitable down to about 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cons: Not great in extreme cold, some say it’s thin and runs small
  • Materials: Fleece


See-Me-Now Blaze Orange Parka
Arctic Shield Classic Elite

Blaze Orange hunting parka

Some guys don’t want to strap a thin blaze orange vest on before going out on a hunt. They figure, shoot, I’d rather wear a blaze orange jacket. If they’re out hunting in the heart of winter rifle season, they better find a warm one.

With the Arctic Shield Classic Elite Parka, you’ll not only be easily spotted and stay legal, but you’ll stay toasty and warm, too. That’s because Arctic Shield used their patented Retain technology to trap heat inside the jacket to keep you warm even in the cold.

The Retain technology is pretty simple; it’s an aluminized polypropylene layer that sends back up to 90% of your heat back to your body. On top of its stellar warmth, this jacket is both water and windproof, to boot.

Even in the bitter cold of a deer or elk hunt, the jacket’s interior will help maintain warmth, while the exterior materials will block out harsh elements that might send a chill. Consider this blaze orange hunting jacket if you need to stay warm, dry, and avoid friendly fire.

  • Pros: Warm, reasonable price, orange really stands out, lightweight, fits all different body types
  • Cons: Velcro on the cuffs isn’t the quietest
  • Materials: Polyester body lining, nylon sleeves, aluminized polypropylene core, polyester tricot outer shell, velcro cuffs


Popular Orange Camo Parka
Gamehide Deerhunter

Insulaated men's orange camo parka

If orange camo is a legal substitute for regular blaze in your area during rifle season, we think the best jacket for you is the Gamehide Deerhunter Parka.

Insulation is critical when hunting deer and elk if you want to keep warm and comfortable in later seasons when it’s frosty outside. Thankfully, this Deerhunter parka utilizes HeatTech insulation to keep you from freezing your tail off in the blind.

Plus, the exterior Hunter Hide fabric discards snow and light precipitation to keep you comfortable and dry in moderately wet conditions. One of the features we like best, though, is the removable hood so you can pack it away when you don’t need it to maintain your peripheral vision.

Gamehide also included clever built-in hand-warmer pockets inside the Deerhunter’s exterior cargo pockets. So, your precious mitts should stay warm and dry even in the ice-cold of late-season hunting.

  • Pros: Orange camo looks great, very warm, quiet, deep pockets
  • Cons: Zipper not perfect, runs big
  • Materials: Hush Hide fabric, HeatTech insulation


Our Favorite Wool Full-Zip Top
Columbia Monarch Pass

Camouflage wool hooded top for men

With all this talk of space-age GORE-TEX and synthetic insulation materials, some hunters just want a reliable, quality wool option. Wool’s still cool, you know? That’s what my Grandpappy tells me, anyway.

The Columbia Monarch Pass is made of 60% recycled wool, meaning you’ll stay warm in cold weather without getting itchy. Thanks to its material composition, it’s an incredibly quiet and wind-resistant jacket. Hunters can stalk their prey without worrying about their coat swishing, rustling, or making any other unwanted noise as they walk.

The Monarch Pass has two sizeable external cargo pockets for stuffing quick-access items into, hand-warmer pockets for comfortable digits, and a cozy hood to warm frosty heads and ears. Pretty much every hunter who reviewed this jacket remarked about how warm and comfortable it is.

Ultimately, if you need a quality wool jacket that’ll keep you toasty and won’t make much of a fuss, check this baby out.

  • Pros: Warm, inexpensive, well-made, quiet, not too heavy
  • Cons: Runs big for some
  • Materials: 60% recycled wool, 40% reclaimed fibers, cotton taffeta lining


Top-End Upland Hunting Jacket
Filson Three-Layer Field Jacket

Brown waterproof coat for upland hunting

Upland hunters have an entirely different set of problems than tree stand deer hunters and backcountry elk hunters. Their hunting style requires durable gear that withstands the beating that sticks, thorns, and briars can dish out.

Filson’s Three-Layer Field Jacket checks all these boxes and many more. Made with a tough nylon shell, you won’t get snagged up by thick brush while getting your fill of turkey, grouse, and pheasant. And you’ll be able to do it in all sorts of weather, including driving rain, sleet, and snow.

That’s because this jacket is fully waterproof, windproof, and can handle all the cold weather you can throw at it. But, just because it’s rugged and warm doesn’t mean you’ll get wet and clammy inside while wearing it. Filson laminated a breathable membrane to its sturdy nylon shell so you’ll remain comfortable even when your body heat gets turned way up.

Filson didn’t design this jacket solely for hunting in the field. No, they expect you to get maximum usage out of this versatile coat; you can wear it on the job while shoveling snow or wherever else cold and wet weather seeks to ruin your day.

  • Pros: Very warm, battles brush with ease, looks excellent, windproof, built to last, pit zips keep you cool, rear-zippered game bag is a nice touch
  • Cons: Some sizing issues for those with in-between sizes, no hunting license holder on back, no women’s sizes
  • Materials: Nylon shell with waterproof membrane and polyester backing


Bombproof Coat for Bear Hunting & Nasty Weather
KUIU Kutana Storm Shell

Camouflage KUIU Kutana Storm shell

Bear hunting requires a jacket that can withstand the harsh elements. It must stand up to the unpredictable nature of early-season rainstorms, but it also must not rip in brush-choked environments. Enter the KUIU Kutana Storm Shell.

This jacket is perfect for bear hunting because it thrives in the conditions where bears live; in harsh terrain that’s prone to the mood swings of Mother Nature. This lightweight jacket will allow you to climb, scramble, and dash around the mountains looking for those bad beasts without bunching up.

And because it’s made from stretchy nylon, you’ll have complete freedom of movement in your arms and torso. And thanks to KUIU’s K-DWR finish, this jacket remains breathable even when you’re pouring sweat underneath.

As long as you pair this rain shell with a suitable layering system, you’ll stay warm and dry when Mother Nature swings from mild-mannered to wretched.

  • Pros: Looks great, handles downpours, pit zips keep you cool on a hike, extremely durable
  • Cons: Fit is not the best for everyone, some people report issues with the zipper
  • Materials: Torain 3-layer fabric, stretch nylon, entrant waterproof membrane


High-End Heated Hunting Jacket
Volt Heat 7V Insulated

Electric heated camo garment

Most heated jackets offer little in the way of camo, but Volt Heat flips the script with their 7-volt insulated hunting coat. By constructing an excellent Mossy Oak Country camo fabric over the top of four battery-powered warmers, Volt heat ensures you’ll stay warm and stealthy while out in the woods, no matter the weather.

This heated jacket rocks four different heating levels to help hunters battle mildly chilly weather, a frigid ice-storm, and everything in between. And when its battery runs low, hunters can quickly swap its 7-volt rechargeable battery with three separate add-ons found on the Volt Heat’s website.

All in all, we think this jacket provides an excellent option for hunters in all seasons. When it’s early-season hunting time, the quiet four-way stretch material helps hunters keep warm without overheating. In extreme cold, it can be used as a heated layering piece that’ll help you glass all day or stay warm in the tree stand while you wait for that trophy buck to make a long-awaited appearance.

  • Pros: Relatively inexpensive, gets very warm, swappable batteries increase runtime
  • Cons: Not much
  • Materials: Four-way stretch poly shell


Best Hunting/Everyday Jacket
Carhartt Hunt Duck Insulated Active

Full-zip insulated Carhartt camo duck hoodie for men

Some hunters don’t need all these fancy new materials, nor do they want them. They know what they want, and that’s a classic camo Carhartt jacket.

Carhartt has outfitted hunters of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels in this jacket, and they never disappoint. With a quilted flannel body lining and 3M Thinsulate insulation, wearing this jacket will keep you warm in cold weather, plain and simple.

But it wouldn’t matter how warm the thing was if it only lasted a season or two. Luckily, thanks to Carhartt’s time-tested duck canvas, you’re getting a jacket that’ll stand up to years of abuse — and always come back for more.

  • Pros: Lasts forever, loose fit makes for easy movement, warm enough for big game hunts
  • Cons: Could shrink in the wash — follow washing instructions
  • Materials: 3M Thinsulate insulation, duck canvas, quilted flannel lining, quilted nylon sleeve lining


Best Rain Shell for Wet Climates
KUIU Chugach TR

KUIU camo rain shell for wet climates

If you’re anything like me, you deal with rain often and need a durable, stretchy, and waterproof shell. Thankfully, KUIU’s got hunters like us covered with their Chugach TR rain jacket. This outer shell is built to take on wet, harsh terrain, season after season.

Made up of Toray’s Torain material, the Chugach TR weighs in at a meager 5.4 oz, equating to a nearly 20% reduction in weight compared to previous models. But that doesn’t mean it’s a big softy.

While ultralight and highly packable, this new material delivers a 400% increase in abrasion resistance and 20% greater tear resistance than its predecessor.

Durability is critical, but it sometimes comes at the expense of freedom of movement. That’s not the case here. Thanks to its 4-way stretch Primeflex, the Chugach TR lets you move with ease and do whatever you need to to get your goat.

KUIU’s streamlined design eliminates weight while creating more water resistance. The result is a jacket with fewer taped seams and a highly breathable Dermizax HDM microporous hydrophobic membrane that keeps rain where it’s supposed to be — out of your mid and base layers.

  • Pros: Supremely packable for backpacking hunters, dries incredibly fast, fits over lower layers easily, breathes exceptionally well to keep you comfortable, no shoulder seams eliminate failure points, pit zips keep you cool
  • Cons: Not much
  • Materials: Torain waterproof system including Dermizax HDM membrane, 4-way stretch Primeflex Nylon, taped seams


Ultra-Popular Camo Puffer Parka
Under Armour Ridge Reaper Alpine Ops

Under Armour camo puffy zip-up coat

You might be surprised that it took this long to find an Under Armour hunting jacket on this list, but we didn’t want to force anything with so many excellent options on the market today.

Luckily for Under Armour fans, their puffy parka ranks as one of today’s top softshell options. At a highly approachable price point, this puffy coat will keep you warm into frigid temperatures thanks to its 800-fill power goose down. And because it’s made with UA Storm technology, it repels water without giving up any breathability.

Another thing we love is how packable and lightweight this UA jacket is. You can hike into your hunting spot in your midlayer, build up some heat, stop, and pop this sucker on to maintain your warmth while going into stealth mode.

In short, we think this jacket hits the mark in more ways than one. And, especially if you’re an Under Armour fan, we believe this parka will fit into your arsenal nicely.

  • Pros: Great for glassing and long sits, excellent for big game like deer and elk, very well-reviewed, durable, quiet
  • Cons: Runs a bit big, will let some of wind in
  • Materials: UA Storm Tech, woven nylon shell, 800-fill goose down


A Few Notes on Layering

Hunting base layer, mid-layer, and outer shell against a camo background
Layering properly is essential to stay comfortable in the field

With any warmth system, whether it’s a hunting jacket or not, you’ll need to consider layering. No matter how warm it is, using a heavy-duty coat won’t keep you comfortable in cold weather conditions if all you’ve got on is a t-shirt underneath.

With that in mind, be sure to consider these three layers as you put together your clothing system for the upcoming season.

Base Layer

Your first layer, your base layer, is next to your skin. It’s typically constructed of synthetic materials or wool that wick moisture away from your body, so your sweat won’t make you cold underneath your clothes.

It’s important to note that cotton makes for a terrible base layer because it traps your moisture against you, cools down, and zaps your body heat.


Think of the mid-layer as an insulation layer. It stands between your base layer and your outer shell. These are generally fleece jackets, puffy coats, or wool pullovers.

A mid-layer’s job is to act as a buffer between the outside world and your base layer. It traps heat and keeps you warm.

Examples of mid-layers this list include the Mossy Oak Sherpa 2.0, KUIU’s Women’s Super Down Jacket, and the Volt Heat 7-Volt Heated Jacket.

Outer Shell

The outer shell is what separates whatever harsh conditions mother nature throws at you and your insulation layers below.

Depending on your hunting type, you’ll need rugged hardshell jackets like the Sitka Hudson or KUIU’s waterproof Chugach TR.

Think of the outer shell as your defense against an unrelenting world of nasty weather.

Common Materials Found in Hunting Jackets

A close up of the camo pattern on a lightweight hunting garment from KUIU
Materials for hunting garments have gotten more and more advanced in recent years

A garment is only as good as its fabrics, so we wanted to highlight some of the common materials you’ll find in the jackets on this list.

Some materials listed here are likely familiar, like wool and polyester, but others, mainly in the technical side of hunting gear, might not be so recognizable. Let me give you a rundown of the most commonly used fabrics.


Wool is generally an animal fiber. It’s sometimes recycled and other times a virgin material. It’s provided warmth to humans for thousands of years.

It stays warm when it gets wet, and it’s quiet, making it very useful in the world of hunting apparel.


Fleece can be made of polyester or cotton, but sometimes it’s made of both. It’s a warm, comfortable, quiet material that insulates reasonably well. Fleece works best as a mid-layer.


This synthetic fiber is used everywhere. It’s made from plastics, which react to heat, so companies can form this material in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs.

Plus, polyester also has many beneficial properties related to hunting. One such benefit is that it’s hydrophobic, meaning it breathes well, wicks moisture away from your body, and dries quickly.


GORE-TEX is another synthetic material. This stuff is valuable thanks to its ability to block water yet allow your sweat to ventilate from underneath. Gore, the maker of GORE-TEX, has continued to create new-and-improved versions for many different applications.

GORE-TEX is lightweight, flexible, durable, and featured heavily in Sitka’s top-notch hunting gear.


Made by Toray out of Japan, Torain is yet another synthetic material — and it’s an effective one at that. It is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and you’ll find it in many KUIU products.

Toray Primeflex

Toray Primeflex is a highly flexible material that’s exceptionally durable and lightweight. It, too, is a synthetic product, and as you might’ve guessed, KUIU uses it heavily in their hunting garments.


A material made of either polyester, wool, or a combination, PrimaLoft is featured heavily in many of the products on this list, thanks to its ability to maintain warmth even when wet.

Different Jackets for Different Seasons

A camo hunting shell against the backdrop of a backcountry forest at sunset
Which type of hunter are you? Which jacket is built for the conditions you’ll endure?

Depending on the season and what you’re hunting, you’ll need a unique style of jacket to keep comfortable. Let’s do a quick walkthrough of the different types of hunting and which kinds of jackets you should seek out for them.

Duck & Waterfowl Hunting

For duck and waterfowls season, you need outdoor apparel that can stand up to wet and cold environments without freezing you out.

We featured a couple of jackets — the Sitka Hudson and the Drake Eqwader — that work incredibly well for duck hunting. They can block water while their insulation retains its warmth, even if it gets wet.

Elk Hunting

Elk are typically hunted in cold, high-alpine conditions like Colorado and Montana, meaning you’ll want rugged jackets that can endure the harsh elements.

These will include waterproofing, durable fabrics, and insulation that can handle wetness without losing its ability to retain heat. For cold weather, we love the KUIU Kutana Gale Force.

But early-season archery hunters won’t need these extreme materials, and a light fleece jacket or wool zip-up hoodie will often be enough.

Deer Hunting

If you’re hunting deer, you know that you need hunting clothing that can breathe well and keep you warm when you’re stationary. That way, trudging to the stand or blind won’t leave you soaked in your sweat and frozen in the blind.

Our favorite deer hunting jackets are the Sitka Incinerator AeroLiteGamehide Flatland Deer Parka, and the blaze orange Arctic Shield Classic Elite.

Bear Hunting

Hunting bears is often an exercise in battling the elements, so you’ll need products that can withstand rain, thick brush, snow, and more. Get tough stuff if you want to hunt tough stuff.

Our top jacket for bear hunting in nasty weather is the KUIU Kutana Storm Shell.

Which Hunting Jacket Has Your Back 2023 & Beyond?

Male duck hunter wearing a camo jacket with a shotgun pointing towards the sky
The best hunting jacket should keep you warm, comfortable, and shielded from the elements

Our list of the best hunting jackets of 2023 has a little bit of something for everybody. We offered up the best duck, deer, blaze orange, heated, and upland jackets for men and women at various sizes and price points. Much like the products we recommended, we’ve got you covered.

And because the coats you’ll find on this list are made best companies in the business like KUIU, Sitka, Drake, UA, Carhartt, Columbia, and Gamehide, you can rest assured you won’t be let down. We stand behind our recommendations just like these trusted companies stand behind their products.

We think these 17 breathable, durable, warm, and stealthy camo coats are all built to stand up to cold weather, warm weather, rain, snow, and everything in between. But if you think we whiffed on a selection or left a killer coat off the list, let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading. We’d be honored if one of our selections from 2023’s best hunting jackets makes its way with you on your next great adventure into the backcountry.

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