16 Hunting Shirts for Men & Women [Duck, Funny & More]

Hunter wearing a camo hunting shirt on a 2023 elk hunting trip
Our Favorite Hunting Shirts for Men & Women of 2023

If you were to look back through the history of all your favorite hunting shirts, we bet you’d remember a few that you wish you could rock for at least one more season.

Like a well-fitting pair of jeans, some shirts are just better than others.

So, to give you that good feeling again, we took a look at the best hunting tops for men and women. And we did so with all types of wild game in mind.

Maybe you need a nice base layer for a whitetail deer hunt. Or, if you’re more of a bird hunter — duck, dove, or upland — you’ll find an option on our list to keep you comfortable on the pond, in the brush, and in hot or cold weather.

Because this is a best-of list, all the usual suspects are here, including KUIU, Sitka, Under Armour, Mossy Oak, Realtree, and a few other big names. Most tops come in an array of camo and solid colors, but we also threw in a funny deer hunting shirt to keep it light.

Now tuck your shirt in and prepare for a thrilling journey through the best hunting t-shirts, long sleeves, and general hunting clothing of 2023.

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Best Hunting Shirts of 2023

Best Men’s Overall Hunting Shirt
KUIU Peloton 118 SS Crew-T

KUIU Peloton 118 SS Crew-T camo top

Materials: Toray Primeflex
Pros: Extremely breathable, wicks moisture well, UPF 50+ sun protection, resists abrasions
Cons: A little expensive
Best for: Top layer in warm weather/early-season hunts, layering piece in cold weather

For the best short sleeve men’s hunting shirt of 2023, look no further than KUIU’s Peloton 118.

Made with Toray Primeflex, this extremely lightweight and durable shirt dries quickly, blocks odors, and handles the outdoors with ease.

Because of how comfortable and versatile it wears, you’ll find it wrapped around you all the time — whether bowhunting in the mountains, lifting at the gym, or painting the town red with some old chums.

And with three camo patterns and six solid colors to choose from, you’ll find something to fit in with the hunting clothes you’ve already got.

Check it out today and see why it’s our pick of the litter.


Women’s Top Choice
KUIU Ultra Merino 145 Racerback Tank

KUIU Ultra Merino 145 Racerback Women's Tank Top

Materials: 90% Nuyarn Merino Wool and 10% Nylon
Pros: Resists odors naturally, dries fast, breathes well, weighs virtually nothing
Cons: Expensive, but cutting-edge materials often are
Best for: Sunnin’ the guns, layering underneath when it’s frigid

Women’s hunting shirts often leave a lot to be desired. A lack of options regularly forces ladies to shop in the boy’s section or hope a top from the men’s rack fits well enough.

Luckily, KUIU took notice and dropped their fantastic new Ultra Merino Racerback Tank for 2023.

With the option to select three different camo styles, hunters will blend into the backcountry in a shirt that actually fits. It’s the perfect tank to tackle the warmth of an early-season hunt, and it’ll look great when you’re running around town.

In all, we can’t think of a better option for women’s hunting tops — and our significant others agree.


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Duck Blaster Shirt
Sitka Core Lightweight Core LS

Sitka Core Lightweight Core LS duck hunting long-sleeve shirt

Materials: 100% Polyester
Pros: Very warm, fits well, sleeves stay put
Cons: Runs small
Best for: Collecting jewelry

Duck hunting shirts have come a long way. You may remember when your Grandpappy headed out to the marsh in a simple brown shirt back in the day, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But with today’s new tech, you’ll find excellent camo patterns and enhanced breathability that the older materials don’t provide.

Plus, these new styles look cool as heck. Case in point: Sitka’s Core LS long-sleeve lightweight crew shirt. This hunting apparel can serve as a standalone shirt in warmer weather and layers exceptionally well for the second split.

If you need one of the absolute best waterfowl shirts money can buy, Sitka offers these in both men’s and women’s sizing.


Dove Hunter’s Selection
Lightweight Long-Sleeve

Lightweight Long-Sleeve camo duck hunting clothing

Materials: 100% Polyester
Pros: Dries fast, stays cool, looks great
Cons: Not much
Best for: Warm early-season weather, down south

Dove hunting can get hot in the plains of Texas or other parts of the south. That’s why you need a shirt that’ll breathe well and keep you from steaming yourself in your sweat.

It might help if you had the Drake EST Camo Flyweight button-up.

With SPF 50+ protection, it’ll keep the sun off your arms and keep you from burning up. And with back heat vents and a full mesh back, your shirt will release built-up heat to keep you comfortable.

Think of this shirt like you would a nice, lightweight fishing shirt — except it’s made for early-season bird hunting.

Those birds will never stand a chance.


Upland Bird-Buster Top
Gamehide Upland Hunting/Shooting Shirt

Gamehide Upland button up top

Materials: SuppleTUFF (blend of woven Polyester)
Pros: Durable, doesn’t require break-in time, wicks moisture away from your body
Cons: Some think it runs small
Best for: Combatting brush and thorns

Pheasants, quail, and grouse sure aren’t going to shoot themselves, so if you’re the one who has to do it, you’ll probably want to wear a shirt.

Briars and thorns are no picnic, especially when you’re forced to pull them out of your belly — ask me how I know.

To avoid a night of painful tweezer pulls and antiseptic, check out our pick for the best upland hunting shirt for men we could find. Made by Gamehide, this brown and orange field shirt is easy to see, and its padded shoulder cushions shotgun blasts.

This inexpensive option fits the bill for the upland hunter looking to expand their line of gear and clothing.


Turkey Shootin’ Top
Realtree Camo Long Sleeve

Realtree Camo Long Sleeve turkey hunting shirt

Materials: 100% Polyester
Pros: Lightweight, fits well, inexpensive, very comfortable
Cons: A little thin
Best for: Early season turkey hunting

For an excellent turkey hunting top, check out the men’s Realtree camo long-sleeved shirt.

Because you’ll hunt turkey in the spring, you won’t need the warmest shirt around — you’ll more than likely keep yourself warm just trying to catch one of these wily birds.

Thankfully, the tried and true Realtree camo pattern has helped hunters evade the excellent eyesight of turkeys for a good long while. And if you want to conceal yourself further, pair this top with a balaclava to become a true turkey mercenary.


The Top-Rated Pick for Whitetail Deer
Sitka Zip-T Long-Sleeve

Sitka Zip-T Long-Sleeve quarter zip base top

Materials: Comfort Fleece (96% Polyester and 4% Elastane)
Pros: Dries fast, very comfortable, zipper helps trapped heat escape, fits well
Cons: Runs small
Best for: An early-season base layer, mid-layer for colder days

Hanging around in a tree stand waiting for whitetail in late fall rarely gets old, but it sure can get cold up there.

The best way to keep warm is with a long-sleeve deer hunting shirt layered underneath a fine jacket. We looked long and far to find the best option, turned over many stones, and unearthed Sitka’s line of Zip-T hunting shirts for men.

What makes this particular top so great? First, its Elevated II camo will keep deer from spotting you from below. Next, its odor-blocking Polygiene tech will help to conceal your stench. Finally, it fits very well and traps heat.

These hunting shirts aren’t constructed purely for the late season, so don’t hesitate to pull one over your head for an early-season hunt, as well.

Also, check out the Core Midweight Crew for a great women’s option.


Hot-Weather Bowhunting Top
Gila LS Crew

KUIU Men's Gila LS Crew breathable lightweight long-sleeve

Materials: Cool-Touch Fabric (92% Polyester and 8 % Spandex)
Pros: Very light, fits loose to enable airflow, long cuff and thumb holes to cover your wrists, odor treated
Cons: Runs small for some
Best for: Turkey and early-season hunting, hot weather

When we consider insulated base layers, we think about trapping warmth and cold winter days. But, the truth is, early-season hunts can pack a lot of heat.

In early September, the sun tends to hang around and remind you that it can and will burn you like the idiot you are for not applying any sunscreen.

So, for those dry, early-season elk hunts where you know the sun will be a factor, check out KUIU’s Gila LS Crew. These lightweight long-sleeve hunting shirts will keep the sun at bay thanks to their UPF 50+ sun protection.

Plus, you can choose from three solid colors and three camo patterns to ensure you’ll always have a comfortable and airy shirt for any occasion.


Choicest Long-Sleeve Camo
Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak long sleeve camo

Materials: 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex
Pros: Stays cool when it gets hot, won’t bind up on you, 40+ UPF
Cons: Some don’t like Mossy Oak reflectors on sleeve
Best for: Saving some dough, using as a work shirt, early-season hunts, layering

Mossy Oak is one of those brands every hunter has worn and will likely wear in the future. If it’s good enough for Uncle Leroy’s deer hunt, it’s good enough for me.

Featuring a highly flexible blend of polyester and spandex, this camo-clad long sleeve hunting shirt for men will keep you comfortable in a multitude of hunting situations.

You’ll love how it keeps you cool during those warmer days as a standalone layer during turkey hunts.

And when it comes time to layer underneath a jacket for cold weather situations, it’ll slide underneath the tag like a base-stealing leadoff man.

Check one out today; they’re relatively cheap and come in various patterns — seven to be exact. And they even come in some cool vintage designs that Uncle Leroy thinks are pretty choice, brother.


Under Armour ABC Camo

Under Armour ABC Camo tee

Materials: 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester
Pros: Looks great, feels better
Cons: Can fit a bit snug
Best for: Sporting a nice camo shirt, casual hunting days

Under Armour makes one of the best camo shirts around. If you don’t believe me, ask why I haven’t taken mine off in three years. Just kidding — that’s gross.

But if I did wear this shirt for 1,095 days, at least I’d be comfortable.

Made with a cotton/polyester blend, I’d be getting the best of both worlds. Cotton makes the shirt highly breathable, while polyester increases durability and decreases unsightly wrinkles. Plus, it’s soft as a Michael Bolton song.

These qualities make it an excellent t-shirt to wear at the grocery store, on a quick jog, or during a big game deer or elk hunt underneath a mid-layer.

For an excellent short-sleeved camo shirt with the unmistakable UA logo, peep this top on Amazon.


Orange Tee
Carhartt Men’s High Vis

Carhartt Men's High Vis blaze orange hunting tee

Materials: 100% Polyester
Pros: Breathes well, dries fast, shirt pocket holds your stuff
Cons: Beware sticker residue
Best for: Workin’ and some light hunting

No article about hunting shirts is complete without at least one Carhartt product. And while you had to scroll a long way to get here, we think you’ll like this quality blaze orange shirt that can double as a job site top.

Made with 100% polyester, you won’t find many shirts as durable as this one. And while it’s not quite as rugged as the regular cotton Carhartt shirts you might be accustomed to, this baby breathes and wicks sweat to help keep you cool.

During those hot summer months, you’ll feel comfortable whether you’re out on the hunt or setting concrete forms.

For a reliable, inexpensive, high-quality product, this Carhartt pocket tee checks all the boxes.


For Bird Dog Lovers
Bird Dog Profile

Bird Dog blaze orange t-shirt

Materials: 100% Cotton
Pros: True blaze orange color
Cons: Cats may get jealous
Best for: Casual wear

Bird dog hunting shirts are a great way to let your four-legged buddy know that you care — even if he doesn’t understand the concept of clothing.

In blaze orange, this excellent bird dog silhouette tee doubles as high-vis wear if you’re working in the field or shooting at birds upland on a casual fall day.

If you’re looking for a fun t-shirt to add to your hunting apparel collection, head over to Etsy. They offer these inexpensive shirts in various colors and dog breeds, so you’re sure to find one that’ll fit you and flatter your dog.


Funny Deer Hunting Shirt
Fast Food

Blue shirt with a deer that says "Fast Food"

Materials: 100% Cotton
Pros: Looks great and fits well
Cons: It’s a mere consolation prize for a missed buck
Best for: Having a laugh

Deer hop fast. One minute they’re close enough to shoot, and the next, they’ve bounced their way up a hill. Shucks.

Thanks to this funny hunting shirt for men, you’ll always get that trophy buck in the end, even if it’s just a printed design on your top.

Because it’s soft, lightweight, and cheap, it’ll make an excellent gift for him, her, or just about any hunter on your list — including yourself.


100% Merino Wool Crew Neck
Icebreaker 260 Tech

Materials: 100% Merino wool
Pros: Warm, naturally blocks odor, regulates temperature well
Cons: Just two colors
Best for: Base layer in cold temperatures

Merino wool doesn’t come cheap; that much is for sure. But, if you value staying warm when you’re cold and wet, it’ll pay for itself again and again.

One of my favorite long-sleeve wool layers comes from Icebreaker, an American-based company founded in Oregon. Their base layers won’t make you itch like lesser wool shirts and will help you keep your head in the game without needing to scratch your way around the woods all day.

Because it’s specifically designed to be a next-to-skin base layer, it’s only available in two colors. I hope you like black or grey because you won’t find any camo patterns here.

For an excellent addition to your hunting clothes ensemble, check out this long sleeve top from Icebreaker.


Cold-Weather Men’s Base Layer
KUIU Ultra Merino 145 Zip-T

KUIU Ultra Merino 145 Zip-T merino wool

Materials: 90% Nuyarn Merino Wool and 10% Nylon
Pros: Extremely comfortable, zipper helps trap or release heat, excels in a variety of temperatures
Cons: A touch costly
Best for: Everything from early-season bow hunts to late-season whitetail

Men’s hunting clothing has come a long way, especially when it comes to shirts. Remember those old ratty tops that you used to wear? I’ve got a few too, and I turned them into rags.

But you won’t slice up KUIU’s Ultra Merino 145 Zip-T to soak up spilled milk anytime soon. That’s because it’s made with exceptionally resilient ultra merino wool that handles abuse while keeping you dry and warm.

For early-season hunts, it might be the only layer you need. And when it gets colder, the ability to layer it underneath an additional top or two will keep you warm through fall and well into the harsh winter.

So pick your style, camo or solid color, and get out there and fill your tag already.


Cold-Weather Women’s Base Layer
KUIU Ultra Merino 145 LS Crew

KUIU Ultra Merino 145 LS Crew women's base layer top

Materials: 90% Nuyarn Merino Wool and 10% Nylon
Pros: Long sleeves and UPF 50+ prevent sunburns, material isn’t itchy like other wool, resists odor
Cons: A bit pricy
Best for: All-around use and comfort

If you liked the KUIU Women’s Racerback Tank we reviewed up top, think of this as her long-sleeved older sister.

Made with the same Nuyarn Ultra Merino, this long sleeve women’s hunting shirt features anatomically correct shaping.

So, women get a top that’ll fit well and keep them cool on warmer days while providing the versatility to act as a base layer during those cold weather months.

And thanks to its three excellent camo patterns, you’ll have a great option for hunting deer, turkey, elk, or whatever else everywhere you’re after.

It’s about time the ladies got hunting apparel that works for them, and we’re here for it.


Hunting Shirts Materials Analysis

Three hunting tops against a dark forest backdrop
What are these materials all about? Let us fill you in

Your shirt is the next-to-skin layering piece that should feel comfortable and keep you dry.

When shopping for tops, choosing something that looks and feels good is easy. But hunters overlook the materials they’re about to slide over their bodies.

Knowing your materials is half the battle when it comes to gearing up for hunting season, so we’ll take a quick look at the pros and cons of each. We want you to help you make the most educated buying decision.


Probably the most common material you’ll find in any hunter’s closet is cotton. It’s highly breathable, comfortable, strong, and affordable.

That’s why it’s the primary fabric in the funny deer hunting shirt you found here.

But, cotton doesn’t dry very fast. So, if you sweat a lot, you might find your shirt sticking to your skin and making you uncomfortable.


This synthetic material has several benefits. It’s durable, lightweight, flexible, and dries quickly. But, one problem with polyester is that it doesn’t breathe as well as cotton. That’s why manufacturers often blend cotton and polyester to get the best of both worlds.

Carhartt’s high vis work/hunting shirt is a great example of a polyester top.


Another synthetic material, nylon’s main claim to fame is its elasticity. It can stretch up to 33% of its length and snap back into its original form. It’s also tough, abrasion-resistant, and durable.

That’s why it’s an essential component within the KUIU Racerback Tank.

But, nylon doesn’t absorb water very well, and it won’t wick moisture away from your body unless blended with a more absorbent material.

Toray Primeflex

You’ll find Toray material exclusively in KUIU’s line of ultralight hunting clothing. It’s as breathable, extremely lightweight, and as durable as synthetic materials come.

Toray has few disadvantages due to its chemical process, so it’s a real standout material in the hunting world.

It’s made of nylon polymers that feature different performance characteristics. When paired together, you get a premier fabric material.

For more info, check out Toray.


Elastane, as you can probably tell, doesn’t grow from a tree. When used in hunting clothing, however, it provides some significant benefits.

For example, it’s exceptionally comfortable, stretches well, and is, of course, very elastic.

But, that’s not to say it’s not without its disadvantages. It doesn’t breathe well, and it’ll cling to your body. You’ll find elastane in lower concentrations blended with cotton and other materials like in Sitka’s Zip-T.


Spandex is a pretty standard material that most people have worn or used in the past. It’s highly stretchy and comfortable.

But it also doesn’t breathe exceptionally well. So, with a pure spandex hunting shirt, your sweat will have nowhere to escape, making you miserable.

Like other synthetics, manufacturers blend spandex with more breathable materials to increase its comfort. With KUIU’s Gila LS, you’ll find an excellent blend of spandex and polyester.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is an all-natural fiber that comes from sheep. Companies prize its odor resistance, breathability, and thermoregulation properties.

When it comes to hunting clothing, these features make it incredibly valuable, and a great example is Icebreaker’s long sleeve wool shirt.

But, all is not perfect in the merino wool world. The fabric can be a bit scratchy and doesn’t dry as quickly as other materials.

Nuyarn Merino Wool

You’ll find this material in KUIU’s Ultra Merino line. Nuyarn has all the features of traditional merino wool and improves on them to increase durability while retaining the positives we listed above.

Ultimately, because this material improves on merino wool’s already versatile nature, we can’t find much fault other than it’s a bit pricey.

Which of 2023’s Hunting Shirts Will You Pick?

Bow hunter walking towards the camera, bow in hand, wearing a camo shirt, hat, pants, and binocular harness
Look good, feel good, hunt good

Now, we know getting through 16 hunting shirts is no small feat of reading. And honestly, if you made it this far, we’re proud of your endurance and commitment to finding the best hunting clothing of 2023. We try to cater to all types, including bow and rifle hunters who are after all types of game.

We welcome hunters of all stripes to check out our recommendations, including duck, dove, deer, elk, upland, and even coyote hunters. Because we’re all hunting for a reason, we’ll need the best gear to get the job done. So even if you’re only looking at hunting t-shirts and long-sleeve options, there are plenty of factors to consider for both men and women.

You might need a cold or hot-weather top. And maybe you have a brand preference like KUIU, Under Armour, Mossy Oak, Realtree, or any other big name. That’s why we made sure to look at all the most popular apparel and tried to include everyone. We want our favorite hobby to continue to spread and be loved.

Thanks for reading, and come back around for the best hunting clothing and gear reviews on the web.

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