Elk Meat for Sale: Buy Online by Brand, Cut, Region & in Bulk

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Elk Meat for Sale: Buy Online by Brand, Cut, Region & in Bulk

Here at Eat Elk Meat, we’re here to help you find delicious elk meat for sale. Maybe you’re curious about how elk tastes or you’ve heard that elk meat is more nutritious than beef. No matter what your reasoning, you can get elk meat delivered right to your doorstep, and we’ll help you find it. 

Below you’ll find our trusted sources for where to buy your pasture-raised elk online, different cuts of meat, where to buy elk meat in bulk, and elk meat by region. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of eating elk meat before you buy, click here

Elk Meat for Sale by Brand

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Elk Meat for Sale by Brand

These are the top brands that we recommend to everyone in search of great elk meat. Meat from these sources is consistently fresh, delicious, and high-quality, and these particular brands raise their elk humanely — which we think is important — because happy animals taste better.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a gourmet meat shop, you can expect high resale costs and you’ll never know exactly what’s available in store. By ordering online you can pick out exactly what you want without ever leaving your house.

The Honest Bison

The Honest Bison stands on one principle: You should be able to trust where your meat comes from. They let their animals eat as nature intended — and for elk that means a wild diet of berries, bark, grasses, weeds, and the stuff they’d come across in nature. It doesn’t get much better than The Honest Bison.


Steaks and Game

Steaks and Game is a great example of a quality elk and game meat supplier online. Their elk comes from family-run farms in New Zealand that live on free-range farms and never eat genetically modified feed. You can’t go wrong when you shop with Steaks and Game.


Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms sources their elk meat from a “never-ever” program in Canada. That means these elk are never given antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. And just like elk in the wild, these animals eat grasses, bark, leaves, and plants. For a taste of natural, healthy elk meat Fossil Farms will not disappoint.


Gourmet Food Store

The Gourmet Food Store offers New Zealand-raised elk meat that is raised on free-range farms where these animals eat grasses like they would in nature. Plus, these animals are never given hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs. The Gourmet Food Store cares about the meat they sell, and it shows in the quality of the product.


Elk Meat for Sale by Cut

Each section of an elk gives you a different taste, texture, and use. Look through the different cuts and decide for yourself what fits the meal you’re currently dreaming up.



  • Taste: Beefy, rich
  • Texture: Tender
  • Best used for: Stir fry, braising, fajitas, steaks, smoking (very versatile)
  • Online suppliers: Steaks and Game



Bone-in Tomahawk

  • Taste: Beefy, rich
  • Texture: Tender and juicy
  • Best Used for: Grilling
  • Suppliers: The Honest Bison


  • Taste: Rich, lean
  • Texture: Melt in your mouth
  • Best Used for: Slow cooking, braising, smoking
  • Suppliers: The Honest Bison


Stew Meat


  • Taste: Big, beefy, sweet
  • Texture: Grained but not tough
  • Best Used for: Grilling, roasting, stir-fries, ground
  • Suppliers: Steaks and Game, Fossil Farms



Elk Meat for Sale by Region

Farm-raised elk sitting in the snow in front of a sign that says "TROPHY BULLS, ELK MEAT. FALL AND WINTER ELK HARVESTS."
Elk Meat for Sale by Region

Elk tastes different depending on where it is raised, and what it means among other factors. For your convenience, we’ve separated elk into the best regions around the US and elsewhere in the world.

🇺🇸 United States Raised Elk 🇺🇸

Pasture-raised elk from the Rocky Mountain region is next to none. But, that’s probably because we’re from Colorado. Natural grass diets produce a taste close to wild elk but consistent feeding staves off some of the gaminess.


🇨🇦 Canada Raised Elk 🇨🇦

Here is why we love to source elk meat from Canada: They have rigorous processes and techniques that are required by law to give you lean, healthy, and sustainable products. Canadian farmers have raised elk for human consumption for decades and have the experience to deliver the highest quality products. Further, all-natural diets produce some of the healthiest meat in the world.


🇳🇿 New Zealand Raised Elk 🇳🇿

The Cervena Elk Meat sourced from New Zealand stands out in our minds for one major reason: taste. Chefs around the world love to source their elk meat from New Zealand because the elk are specially bred and raised for their magnificent savory flavor.


Best Meat Subscription Services

Man holding a box that says 'MEALPRO'
Best Meat Subscription Services

Let’s say you’re a meat-lover and want a ‘set it and forget it’ service that delivers the freshest and best cuts to your door.

Look no further.

These subscription services don’t only sell elk meat. Assuming you’re a meat-lover like us, we highly recommend checking out some of the meat subscription services below. The variety of meat to choose from is endless — elk, beef, bison, alligator, you name it.

Skip the lines at the crowded supermarket; they’re a thing of the past.

The Honest Bison

The Honest Bison stands at the forefront of the sustainable meat industry. Their all-natural meats are minimally processed and consistently perform well for the taste buds. This isn’t a meat subscription service but you can check out their specially crafted chef’s boxes right here.


Butcher Box

Convenience. Quality. Value. An unboxing experience to make your mouth water. They have a variety of meat subscriptions and plans to cater to your tastes. Some as low as $6.00 per serving.


Carnivore Club

Meat snackers unite! Carnivore Club sends curated boxes of cured meat straight to your door monthly. Get a box for yourself or send it off for a great birthday or holiday gift for the meat lover in your life. We recommend the wild game meats sampler.


Jerky Subscription

Jerky Subscription is a true-to-form meat subscription service. Choose jerky by flavor and spiciness level and let them do the rest. Make a monthly trip to flavortown for as little as $20.00. Guy Fieri would be so proud of you.


Bulk Elk Meat for Sale

We get it. Some people want to cut their own meats and get the best value per pound when sourcing their elk meat. Our best recommendation is to head over to ElkUsa.com. They offer whole or half elk meat bundles. This is definitely the most bang for your buck if you are looking for elk meat in bulk.

Why Buying Elk Meat Online is the Way to Go

Elk meat for sale online? Why should I trust it?

If you are anything like us, you like to get a good feel for your steak before you buy it. 

Well take it from us, you can skip the deep freezer at the supermarket and source your elk meat from a trusted online retailer. Each of our trusted sources follows industry best practices to bring some of the healthiest meat you’ll ever eat straight to your doorstep.

It’s almost certainly better than the industrial-farmed meat at your local supermarket.

Elk Meat for Sale: The Final Word

No matter what cut of elk you choose or how you prepare it, we think you’ve made a great choice both for yourself and the world. Sustainable, healthy, and humane farming practices ensure that you include the best meat in your diet while contributing to the safety and welfare of the animals we consume.