Three pairs of hunting socks hanging on a tree branch

The Best Hunting Socks For 2024 Tested & Reviewed

Is your big toe sticking through the end of your hunting socks? Well, buddy, it’s time to let that pair go and grab yourself a snug, breathable, and durable new pair from this guide to 2024’s best hunting socks. As an avid hunter and guide in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, I’ve spent much time researching and … Read more
a line of razor sharp broadheads being displayed at the 2024 ATA

3 Takeaways From ATA 2024 – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Archery Trade Association’s annual show is billed as a chance for industry buyers, sellers, and go-betweens to do business, network, and introduce new products.  A rookie ATA exhibitor said plainly: “You haven’t done squat in this industry until you get invited to exhibit at the ATA.” And he’s right. Eat Elk Meat’s staff was … Read more
Silky Pocketboy curved blade bone saw with an orange handle on the forest floor

10 Best Bone Saws for Hunting Deer, Elk & Big Game 2024

Would you look at that? A buyer’s guide to the best bone saws for hunting deer, elk, and big game in 2024. We’re sure you can’t believe some internet nerd would spend the time helping you find the perfect bone cutter for butchering your harvest. While it’s true we are hunting bloggers, we aren’t just … Read more
Hunter with a skinning knife reading "Josh Riley EAT ELK MEAT" field dressing a mule deer

Best Skinning Knives 2024: Tested and Reviewed By Guides

Wise hunters looking for 2024’s best skinning knife know that having the right tools once you harvest an animal is vital to successful meat care. A primary tool like a top-notch skinning blade can make all the difference in making your work safer and more efficient. In the fall, I can be found in the … Read more
View of an elk hunter's legs with his boots kicked up while resting in a field

Top Elk Hunting Boots According to Seasoned Hunters

It’s never too early to think about the best elk hunting boots for the upcoming season. Next to your weapon, it’s the most essential item on your checklist. Take it from me, a lifelong elk hunter and a backcountry hunting guide; your footwear is something you don’t want to skimp on. Whether you’re a hardcore … Read more

KUIU vs SITKA: Materials, Camo Patterns & Best for You

Decisions, decisions. If you’re looking to spend a pretty penny on hunting clothes, you’ve likely narrowed your search between two heavyweights in the market: KUIU vs SITKA. As you know, there’s a lot to consider when making your pick, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You might wonder, “Which brand is better for how I … Read more

AGM G2 Guardian Review: Cutting-Edge Thermal Imaging?

A mobile phone with versatile long-range thermal capabilities? That’s too good to be true, I thought, when AGM Mobile first reached out to us to review their new G2 Guardian thermal phone. But it turned out to be a real trailblazer of a device. As a lifelong hunter and self-confessed gear nerd, thermal devices have … Read more
Man wearing a fishing vest while fly angling in a river

13 Best Fishing Vests for Fly, Bass & Kayak Fishing [New 2024]

As the winter season ends, it’s almost time to hit the waters and upgrade your fishing gear. However, with so many different types of fishing vests available, it can be challenging to choose the best match for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a high-end or budget-friendly option, this list of the best fishing vests … Read more

12 Best Fly Fishing Chest Packs of 2023 [Hybrid & Sling]

Ready to pack your kit and spend time on the water in 2023? My advice: pack one of the best fly-fishing chest packs listed below and you’ll be off to a good start. The best anglers will tell you the same thing — catching your limit is all about patience, savvy and quick access to … Read more

Zamberlan 1214 Lynx Mid GTX RR WL Hunting Boots Review

Explicitly designed for early-season archery, the Zamberlan 1214 Lynx boots were right up my alley. My old Danners had served me well, but they were beginning to fall apart at the seams, and I was long overdue for new pair of boots. Because when your feet meet the earth, you’d better have a rock-solid boot … Read more

10 Best Ice Fishing Boots 2024 for Warmth in the Cold Winter

Another January, and that means ice fishing. Have I got everything I need? A pair of the world’s best ice fishing boots is 2024’s tip-top priority on my list. If I can’t keep my feet warm & dry all day long, the other gear hardly matters. And those boots also need strong, grippy tread for … Read more

11 Best Deer Feeders for Whitetail Hunting Success in 2023

It’s Hunting 101 — to attract deer, offer food. If you want a big buck to visit you during hunting season, first get him in the habit of showing up at one of these best deer feeders for 2023. I know firsthand how important it is to choose an effective deer feeder. But with so … Read more

Zamberlan 971 Guide LUX Boot Review [By a Hiking Hunter]

Some hunters like to walk. A lot. You know the type — guys and gals who just can’t sit still because they’re convinced a trophy bull and his girlfriends lie in wait over that next ridge. But it’s seldom as easy as walking over a ridgeline. Hunters must do a fair amount of bushwhacking and … Read more
Hunter wearing a camo t-shirt looking through a set of Maven hunting binos

17 Best Binoculars for Hunting 2023: Top Glass for the Money

Choose from our list of 2023’s best binoculars for hunting, below, and you’re sure to get a good look at elk, deer, turkey, or other game long before they can slip out of range. But choose carefully — the best binos for one hunter might not be a top choice for another. For example, hunters … Read more

9 Best Night Vision Scopes of 2023 [Digital, Gen 2+ & 3]

The best night vision rifle scopes for 2023 guarantee you’ll see coyotes, hogs, raccoons, and varmints well before they damage your property. These critters think they own the night, but with a trusty digital or traditional night vision scope on your AR-15 or .308, you can turn the tables and show them who’s boss. Read … Read more

11 Best Drop-Away Arrow Rests 2023 [QAD, Vapor Trail & More]

When that big bull fills your sights and you take the shot, your arrow rest will make a small but essential contribution to the results. Maybe that’s why I’m hearing more archers talking about upgrading their drop-away arrow rests. Perhaps there’s one in your future. If so, let me walk you through our buyer’s guide … Read more
Hunter wearing KUIU camo pants and Danner hunting boots

16 Best Hunting Boots 2023 [Cold-Weather, Rubber + Upland]

We’re here to give you the downright truth on 2023’s best hunting boots. Few pieces of gear are as critical as your boots to your overall hunting success, so we wrote this post to help point you in the right direction. Different boots are suited to perform in wildly different applications, which can be exhausting … Read more

9 Best Crossbow Scopes 2023 [Garmin, Vortex, Burris & More]

There’s no denying it — crossbows are so in right now. And why not? They’re absurdly accurate and can strike downrange every bit as well as compound bows. Pair your crossbow with one of our best crossbow scopes for 2023 and get the stewpot ready. Taking down game animals — from elk and deer to … Read more

Zamberlan 980 Outfitter Review (By a Colorado Hunting Guide)

After countless seasons and many fond memories, my tired old hunting boots simply weren’t going to cut it for another year. It was time to put them out to pasture. (So long, trusty steeds, and farewell.) It was time to move on to some new kicks, so I decided to snatch up a pair of … Read more

Newpowa 60W Lightweight Foldable Solar Panel Review

Today I’m going to review the Newpowa 60-Watt Foldable Solar Panel, which I tested out thoroughly during a fall spent cruising around Colorado in my camper van. At the time of writing this review, I’ve used my Newpowa solar panel to charge my Bluetti power bank on roughly 20-30 occasions while hunting, camping, and traveling … Read more
Rangefinder, elk pee, hunting watch, skinning knives, camo gloves, binoculars, Rocky Talkie, and a multi-tool laid out across a log

70+ Best Gifts for Hunters 2023: Unique Hunting Gift Ideas

If you’re having a hard time picking out gifts for hunters and fishermen this 2023 holiday season, I understand. We’re a picky group of oddballs who aren’t exactly easy to buy for. Just ask my wife. There are loads of obvious choices that might spring to mind when considering the best gift ideas for hunters. … Read more

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Review (After 30 Days in the Elk Woods)

I needed a new meat hauler pack, and fast. My 2022 archery and rifle hunts were coming up, and I’d somehow lost track of my old one — my Dad’s weathered 1980s frame pack that I’d used to handle everything from packing in a spike camp to hauling out elk quarters. That faithful family heirloom … Read more
Hunter in a short sleeve camo shirt wearing a KUIU hunting backpack and looking towards the mountains

12 Best Hunting Backpacks for Deer, Elk & Big Game in 2023

Easy there, pal; before you go and buy all that fancy new hunting gear, you’ll need somewhere to put it all. That’s why we created this top-to-bottom list of the best hunting backpacks in 2023. I’ve been wandering around the mountains searching for deer and elk since I was a child. I’ve spent countless time … Read more

10 Best Gun Cabinets & Lockers 2023 [Wood, Metal & Hidden]

No two gun owners are exactly alike. You see that in their choice of firearms, but also in what they do with them on the home front. How will they store them, and what are their needs in doing so? It often comes down to choosing between gun storage safes, cabinets, or lockers. This post … Read more
Bowhunter wearing camo on a Quietkat Apex ebike for hunting

10 Electric Hunting Bikes: 2023’s Best Off-Road eBikes

The off-road path to your next trophy elk or deer isn’t always a straight one, but with one of 2023’s best electric bikes for hunting, it’ll be a lot more fun. Powered by 750w, 1000w, and even 1200w motors and large-capacity batteries, hunting eBikes drastically reduce the time it takes to get from point A … Read more

10 Best Rubber Hunting Boots for Men & Women in 2023

If you plan on getting into wet, muddy terrain while hunting for deer, elk, duck, and other tasty critters, you’re going to need a set of 2023’s best rubber hunting boots. Because we know that frozen, waterlogged toes on a bitter December afternoon could ruin an otherwise perfect hunting trip. If you’ve experienced frosty feet … Read more

Bakcou Mule Review 2023: An Elite eBike for Elk Hunting?

After a month of rugged big game hunting in Colorado’s unforgiving and unpredictable Rocky Mountains, we’re excited to give you a top-to-bottom review of the Bakcou Mule Elite eBike for hunting. Walking just a short distance up steep mountainsides above 10,000 feet with a heavy pack is no easy task, and can bring the toughest … Read more

Rocky Talkie Review 2023: Field Tested in the Rugged Outdoors

While searching for a new set of two-way radios for the 2023 hunting season, I came across Rocky Talkie, a small but growing Colorado company making an intriguing FRS radio specifically for outdoorsmen. And since we at EatElkMeat are also a small but growing Colorado company, I showed my support by outfitting myself and my … Read more

White Duck Regatta 13’ Canvas Tent Review: 30 Days in the Woods

Okay, I’ll admit it: I was a bit overwhelmed this summer when I started to search for my perfect canvas basecamp tent. My month-long Colorado archery elk hunting trip was looming, but my head was spinning all the tent brands and choices I found online. I knew I had to make the right choice, something … Read more
Hunter scouting before the season with a set of hunting sticks strung to the outside of his backpack

8 Best Climbing Sticks 2023 [Lone Wolf, Hawk, XOP & More]

Why don’t you go climb up a tree, pal? If you’re a mobile hunter who picks off deer, elk, and other big game from a saddle, you’re going to need a quality set of tree sticks to help you safely scale to your throne. Or maybe you’re a bow and hunter who chills in stands … Read more

15 Best Thermal Scopes for Hunting & Shooting in 2023

Picture this: you’ve mounted one of 2023’s best thermal scopes to your rifle, and you’re about to head out on a nighttime coyote or hog hunt. Well, buckle up, cowboys and cowgirls, because I’m here to give you the info you need to pull the trigger on a cutting-edge scope that’ll help you stop that … Read more

9 Best Muzzleloader Scopes of 2023 for Every Hunter’s Budget

I’d bet the farm that the smoke poles Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett used never had a muzzleloader scope attached to them. Not to say the legendary outdoorsmen and hunters didn’t make the best use of what tools they had at the time. On the contrary, their traditional woodsmanship set the stage for future armies … Read more
Hunter dressed in camo looking through binoculars with all of his elk hunting gear on his back

Best Elk Hunting Gear 2023 [51 Must-Haves + DIY Checklist]

The truth is, having the best elk hunting gear of 2023 isn’t going to guarantee you success. The stats are in, and they aren’t exactly in your favor. On average, Colorado elk hunters are only victorious about 12% of the time. We’d imagine the numbers look similar in other states. But success rate stats don’t … Read more
Hunter wearing camo talking into a compact, rugged two-way radio

13 Best Long-Range Walkie-Talkies (Two-Way Radios) of 2024

We tested and reviewed all the best long-range radios. It’s time to tune in and check out this guide to the best long-range walkie-talkie two-way radios of 2024. When it comes to these high-tech gadgets, it can get downright confusing, considering all the specs and information you need to absorb. If you need to communicate … Read more

11 Best Hunting Fanny Packs for Hunters of All Types in 2023

Buying the best hunting fanny pack doesn’t have to make you feel like any less of a hunter. Maybe it’s best to get over the words ‘fanny pack’ and call it something more rugged — like a lumbar pack, waist pack, or hip pack. Or, if you want to go the other way, calling it … Read more
Compound bow on the forest floor with stabilizers attached

12 Best Compound Bow Stabilizers to Boost Accuracy in 2023

Look at you, smart feller, searching for the next piece of the archery puzzle. Savvy hunters like you need the skinny on 2023’s best compound bow stabilizers for your hunting rig, and, by George, you’ve come to the right place. With hunting season fast approaching, get your bow dialed in now and not the week … Read more
Man holding a carbon hunting arrow and putting it into a compound bow quiver

14 Best Bow Quivers of 2023 [Compound, Recurve & Hip]

Alright, Legolas, it’s time to nock your arrow and let one fly. But first, let’s make sure you snatch that arrow from one of 2023’s best bow quivers. We’ve combed through all the expert (and some no-so-expert) advice that the internet offers, searching far and wide to bring you all the top products in the … Read more

7 Best Rangefinder Binoculars of 2023 [Vortex, Leica & More]

You’ve heard the phrase, “a jack of all trades is a master of none.” What if I told you that’s not the complete saying? It’s actually, “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Hunters say the same thing about the best rangefinder binoculars of … Read more
Hunter wearing KUIU camo setting a cellular trail camera on a tree in the woods

8 Best Cellular Trail Cameras 2023 for Deer & Big Game Hunters

Trail cameras of old helped hunters put eyes in the trees. This gift of stealth surveillance has proven invaluable, but it also has its limitations. Hunters with standard cams often pressure deer, elk, or whatever game they’re after when they enter the woods to retrieve SD cards. Thankfully, with the best cellular trail cameras of … Read more
Three deer broadheads laid across a tree stump on a 2022 elk and deer hunt

14 Best Broadheads for Deer Hunting 2023 [Fixed & Mechanical]

So, you’re looking for the best broadheads for deer hunting in 2023? Well, fellow hunter, good on you. It’s never too early or late to tinker with your gear and get your archery setup completely dialed in. Whether you’re a whitetail hunter sitting in a frozen tree stand in the plains of Wisconsin or a … Read more