13 Best Binocular Harnesses of 2023 [Chest Cases for Binos]

Elk hunter wearing a Vortex chest pack to carry his glass while hunting elk
Best Binocular Harnesses of 2023: Top Chest Packs for Binos

The straps that come with most binoculars make traveling through the woods a pain in the neck. They offer no weight distribution, additional storage capacity, or protection for your precious glass. The best binocular harnesses of 2023 will give you all these benefits and more.

To help keep you organized and comfortable, we’ve written up the industry’s 13 best bino chest cases on the market. The products we recommend are durable, functional, and will keep everything you need at hand and ready to go.

Many of the best bino packs we recommend offer add-on pouches and accessories that give you the freedom to add rangefinder cases, pistol holsters, and more. These products aren’t just built to carry binos; they’re built to stash all of your high-use gear.

But, we understand that not everyone needs to carry a ton of gear in their chest rig. That’s why we also included some minimalist, no-frills bags to keep your hunting and birding binos well protected and accessible, no more, no less.

Here you’ll find rigs from the most trusted names in the business, including FHF, KUIU, Sitka, Leupold, Alaska Classic, and more. There’s no room for cheap knockoffs on this list.

There’s sure to be something for all of you hunters, birders, and wildlife enthusiasts out there. So, grab your glass, geek out over gear with us, and get ready to add one of 2023’s best binocular harnesses to your kit today.

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Best Binocular Harnesses of 2023

Best Overall Bino Harness of 2023

Camo KUIU Pro chest pack for binos

The KUIU Pro earns our pick for 2023’s best overall bino harness. It features a modular design, comfortable and quiet straps, and a moldable case opening that creates the best fit for your binoculars. Its patent-pending opening ensures your binos will fit securely and won’t bounce around inside the case.

KUIU’s excellent design and attention to detail make their Pro harness stand above the rest. Here are a few more reasons you should consider adding it to your arsenal:

  • Stackable inserts ensure your binos fit perfectly
  • Waterproof Torain material and enclosed lid keep gear dry
  • Compatible with hydration rig to carry multiple liters
  • Quiet, one-handed operation due in part to fleece-lined fabric
  • Optional rangefinder and accessory attachments for customization

When you consider the advanced materials, gear storage, and two different sizes to fit any binocular on the market, the KUIU Pro bino harness stands alone.

For a look at how to fit your KUIU Harness, click here.

  • Pros: Fits people better than KUIU’s previous harness, suitable for all-day wearing, modular design means you bring exactly what you need, keeps weight close to your body’s center
  • Cons: A little on the expensive side, but not outrageous
  • Best for: All types of hunting, carrying all your gear, long days glassing


Fully Loaded Gear Hauler
Sitka Mountain Optics Big Game

Brown Sitka Mountain Optics Big Game gear hauling pack

Big game hunters carry around a lot of gear. Thankfully, Sitka created the Mountain Optics Big Game bino chest pack to help them stay organized, quiet, and ready to fill their tag.

Let’s take a look at the key features that enable hunters to stay ready for action:

  • Internal lens cloth keeps glass clean
  • Brushed face fabric is quiet while on close-in stalks
  • Quiet, magnetic one-handed flap won’t spook game
  • Gore Optifade camo makes it hard for animals to see you
  • Modular side pockets for range finder, GPS, wind gauge, calls, etc.

The fully-loaded nature of this bino harness makes it one of the best you can buy to haul lots of gear. You won’t need to purchase additional pockets or attachments to ensure you can fit all of your essentials.

The Sitka Mountain Optics Big Game harness is ultra customizable and functional — it’s easy to load up precisely what you need to hit the hills in search of that next deer or elk.

  • Pros: Mesh side pockets make elk calls easy to grab, matches existing Sitka gear well, internal lens cloth keeps your glass clean
  • Cons: Expensive, but includes everything you need
  • Best for: Big game hunters who want quality gear with lots of storage space


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Inexpensive Option for Hunter’s on a Budget

Camo TIDEWE budget gear pouch

Hunting isn’t about using the most expensive gear; it’s about using products that work and help you have an easier, more productive time in the field. With the TIDEWE bino harness, you’re getting one of the best values on the market.

So, what features make the TIDEWE a solid budget option for hunters?

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Reviewers love it on Amazon
  • Features breathable and comfortable straps
  • Single-handed operation makes it easy to use
  • It comes with included rangefinder pouch/rain cover

The one drawback we’re finding with this chest pack is that it tends to ride a bit low on shorter people. With some modification, it should fit well, but if you want to consider additional options that’ll require less effort, look at the Horn Hunter op-x above.

  • Pros: Quiet fabric won’t rustle or make noise in the field, lightweight, built well, effective minimalist design
  • Cons: Runs long on shorter people
  • Best for: Hunters who don’t mind making a few adjustments to save some hard-earned dough

Best Chest Pack for Leupold Binos
Leupold Pro Guide 2

Leupold Pro Guide 2 case for glass optics

High-end binos deserve a high-end harness. So if you use Leupold’s fantastic glass (we’re looking at you, Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD), coupling it with their Pro Guide 2 bino chest rig makes sense.

That’s not to say you should just buy whatever case your bino manufacturer makes; this one has its own merits worth discussing for Leupolds or any other high-end binos in the industry. These include:

  • An elastic front-zippered pocket
  • Mesh shoulder straps to keep you comfortable all day
  • Elastic side pockets for stuffing your sundries into
  • Fleece-lined interior that makes binocular removal silent
  • Single-handed operation with magnetic neodymium closure

This bino chest harness is non-modular, so make sure it’ll have enough room for all the accessories you want to bring for you pull the trigger. If you want a more adaptable solution, look towards KUIU’s Pro or Sitka’s Mountain Optics Big Game bino case.

  • Pros: Made in America, room for accessories, removable quick-connect tethers
  • Cons: Doesn’t fit 15 power Santiams, non-modular
  • Best for: Hunters who don’t need to bring the kitchen sink

Hydration Compatible Harness (Up to One Liter)
Badlands Mag

Camo Badlands Mag Case with padded shoulder straps

One of only two bino cases on this list compatible with a one-liter water reservoir, the Badlands Mag bino chest bag is designed to keep you hydrated in the field. Not to mention, it’s packed with many other noteworthy features, including:

  • Badlands backpack compatibility
  • Waterproof KXO-32 fabric
  • Spacious 270-cubic inches of storage
  • A completely zipperless system
  • An unconditional lifetime warranty

With features like these, you can trust the Badlands Mag Bino Case to protect your Vortex, Leupold, Swarovski, and other top-flight glass from rain, dust, and fumbly fingers. Its generous storage space will give you room to bring the extras you need to help you fill your tag.

  • Pros: Lifetime warranty, camo works well in changing conditions
  • Cons: A bit tight for rangefinder binos
  • Best for: Hunters who want a light scouting pack

Burly Harness with Built-in Rangefinder Pouch
Alaska Classic HBS

Tan Alaska Classic HBS gear carrying case for hunters

Nothing beats the original; at least, that’s what I’ve heard. With the Alaska Classic HBS, you’re not only getting a pioneer in the bino chest pack space, but you’re also buying well-made gear that hunters love. Let’s take a look at why this binocular harness endures into 2023.

Great features include:

  • Auto-locking buckles
  • The ability to holster a handgun
  • Adjustable strap helps fit rig to anyone
  • Tons of pockets, including rangefinder and basement
  • Durable material that keeps dust out and gear protected

Show your fellow hunters that the classics are classics for a reason. Pick up an Alaska Classic HBS and carry your glass in time-honored quality. And, in case you had any doubts about this rig, know that EatElkMeat.com’s owner, Josh Riley, uses it and swears by it.

  • Pros: Made in the USA, available in nine different colors and camo patterns, good fit keeps gear feeling light
  • Cons: Zippered pockets could create unwanted noise
  • Best for: Those who want to bring all their toys along


Well-Reviewed Hunter’s Favorite Rig
FHF Gear Pro-M

FHF Gear Pro-M rig for carrying hunting gear

FHF is one of the most trusted names in the hunting community regarding bino rigs. Their products are secure, well-engineered, and full of easy-to-reach pockets to stash gear.

So, what else can hunters expect with this entry into 2023’s best binocular holders?

  • Single-hand use
  • Pockets on front, back, and top lid
  • Protective tension-free shock cord
  • Lightweight, quiet, durable Cordura construction
  • A MOLLE panel for quick gun/accessory attachment

When you boil it all down, this low-profile binocular harness keeps snug to your body, resists bouncing, and is compatible with Razco and Alaska Guide Creations pistol holsters. It’s an all-around great bag that’ll work great for fast-moving hunters who crave efficiency.

If these qualities suit your needs, give the Gear Pro-M serious consideration.

  • Pros: Made in the USA, multiple color options
  • Cons: Doesn’t fit Porro-prism binoculars
  • Best for: Bowhunters who want full range of movement


Super-Customizable Pack

Camo Marsupial brand hunting pack

Like a few other bino chest harnesses on this list, the Marsupial Gear pack is proudly made in the USA. Aside from its American roots, a few other aspects of this harness make it a great option to help keep you and your optical gear organized.

Some key features include:

  • A sleek and compact non-bulky build
  • Quick-disconnect removable safety straps
  • Quiet bino access via fleece-lined pouch
  • Strong neodymium magnets to keep the top secure
  • Easy attachment of add-on rangefinder and gear pouches

For a well-made, single-hand-use binocular chest pack for birding or hunting alike, Marsupial’s product line delivers excellent build quality and easy operation in the field. There are loads of different colors, patterns, sizes, and add-ons available online, so grab one today and keep your gear safe and at hand.

  • Pros: Available in multiple sizes, colors, and camo patterns
  • Cons: Strap length could be too short for larger people
  • Best for: Wildlife enthusiasts who want quality gear


Durable No-Nonsense Bag
Mystery Ranch Quick Draw

Mystery Ranch Quick Draw binocular harness for hunters and birders

Mystery Ranch makes some of the best backpacks in the hunting industry, and their no-frills bino chest packs meet the same standards. Available in two sizes, hunters will love how well this low-profile binocular harness works in conjunction with a hunting backpack.

What else is there to love?

  • It fits large and medium binos well
  • Compatible with most pistol holders
  • A quiet magnetic buckle keeps sound down
  • Stretchy side pockets hold wind-checker, GPS, and more
  • Durable Cordura fabric stands up to the elements

In terms of some downsides, we’ve read that sizing issues have bothered a lot of hunters. To avoid these potential sizing snags, we recommend the KUIU Pro, Badlands, or Alaska Classic binocular chest carry cases.

  • Pros: Durable, detachable security strap, close-fitting design
  • Cons: A little small for some
  • Best for: Bowhunters who don’t want anything to get in their way


Rock-Solid Mid-Range Buy
Horn Hunter op-x

Horn Hunter op-x pack with straps

Outdoorsmen love Horn Hunter gear, and it’s earned its place as of the industry’s most popular brands. If you scour the internet for 2023’s best hunting binocular harnesses, the Horn Hunter’s op-x pops up often. Heck, it made our list too.

So, what makes it so popular?

  • Fits most non-Porro prism binos
  • It’s comfortable and evenly distributes weight
  • Magnetic drop-down lid makes bino retrieval easy
  • Lightweight yet rock-solid for holding all your gear
  • Handy side loops hold rangefinders and walkie-talkies well

One potential issue is that the magnetic drop-down can shut abruptly when you least expect it to, making a loud snapping sound. So, if you’re stalking an animal, this case could potentially blow your cover. For the price, though, you can do a lot worse than this ultra-popular case.

  • Pros: Reviewers love this product, the back pocket fits licenses well
  • Cons: Magnetic closure isn’t for everyone
  • Best for: Hanging in the stand or the blind

Built-for-Comfort Birding Harness
S4 Gear Lockdown

S4 Gear Lockdown chest pack for birding

If you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable harness suitable for long hiking days in warm environments, the S4 Gear Lockdown checks all the boxes. When compared to everything else on this list, there’s actually nothing like it.

Why else should you consider the S4 Gear Lockdown?

  • Anti-bounce technology keeps you comfortable
  • Designed for absolute comfort and breathability
  • Bright coloring makes it stand apart as a birding rig
  • Tension-free glassing keeps your mind on birds, not strings
  • Shock cord instead of magnets keep sound to a minimum

If you’re a birder looking for a unique, non-camo option, the S4 Gear Lockdown offers you one of the best choices on the market today. Just know that, with the Lockdown, what you see is what you get. Expansion isn’t the name of the game, and you won’t be able to stash anything aside from your binos.

  • Pros: Fits 5.75” to 7.5” binoculars
  • Cons: Not compatible with extra accessories
  • Best for: Birders or even hunters who want a lightweight and minimalist option


Affordable, Lightweight & No-Frills Harness
Vortex Glasspak

Black and tan Vortex Glasspak chest rig

Comfort’s the name of the game with the lightweight, minimalist Glasspak from Vortex. Featuring an easy-to-adjust strap system, you’ll always have your binos right where you need them and ready for glassing.

Even though you could classify this bino harness as barebones, it has everything you’d need for success in the field, including:

  • Binocular tethers to prevent accidental drops
  • Water-resistant materials to help keep lenses dry
  • A rear-zippered pocket to keep your phone secure
  • Mesh side pockets to hold small items and keep them ready

In all, if you need a simple binocular bag to help keep your glass protected and available at a moment’s notice, consider the Vortex Glasspak for hunting, birding, and more.

  • Pros: Protects binos well, fits many different sizes, rear zippered pocket holds phone well
  • Cons: No dedicated space for a rangefinder, mesh tears on some people
  • Best for: Hunters and birders who carry the bare essentials


Best Bino Straps of 2023

Vortex brand binocular straps for optics

Binocular straps offer a minimalist alternative to chest packs for hunters who want to travel light or those who know they won’t be experiencing lots of dust or harsh weather. These simple, comfortable, and effective straps have another advantage: They’re completely silent.

What else can you expect when choosing Vortex’s bino straps?

  • Durable nylon straps keep your binoculars safe for days
  • Extreme packability that offers a lot of utility for little space
  • Comfortable all-day wearing due to harnesses weight distribution
  • A hands-free hunting experience that keeps your bow or rifle at hand

Because these simple straps don’t include an actual pouch, you won’t have the ability to store additional accessories. So if you require extra storage space and want to spend about the same amount of money, look towards the Vortex Glasspak.

  • Pros: Absolute must-have for early-season bowhunters, Vortex provides excellent customer service, saves your neck from pain
  • Cons: Connectors can be tricky
  • Best for: Lightweight-focused minimalist hunters who don’t need to carry much

Bino-Harness-Compatible Pistol Holster
Alaska Guide Creations

Camo Alaska Guide Creations handgun holster

Keeping your firearm nearby is as easy as pairing it with the best pistol holder built specifically for bino harnesses. This Alaska Guide Creations Holster gives hunters the peace of mind to know that their gun is as easy to grab as their binoculars.

What additional benefits do hunters get when choosing this pistol holder from AGC?

  • A durable yet lightweight design
  • Safe and simple access to your pistol
  • Ambidextrous design works for both righties and lefties
  • Nine different colors and camo patterns to match your gear

If you’re looking for a convenient way to stash your weapon with your favorite bino harness case, give this Alaska Guide Creations holster a good look. Just know that some handguns will fit better than others, so get a good measure of your gun before you pull the trigger.

  • Pros: Very well made, holds most guns well
  • Cons: Not truly one-size-fits-all, some don’t like the latching mechanism
  • Best for: Hunters who want quick access to their pistol


Factors We Considered: Bino Harnesses, Straps & Cases

Close up of a bino chest back on a hunter wearing camo and holding a compound bow
There a lot of considerations to ponder when choosing your next bino harness

We considered several important factors when choosing products for this list to help you make the best bino harness purchase for your needs. There’s much more to a case’s usefulness than its ability to hold binoculars.

Here are the nine other factors we analyzed when putting together this extensive list:


The standard neck straps that came with your binos simply aren’t comfortable. Bino harnesses and strap systems, on the other hand, distribute the weight of your binoculars across your back and shoulders to make carrying your glass far more comfortable.

All the options here, including the KUIU Pro harness and the Sitka Mountain Optics Big Game harness, are known for their comfort and will help you carry your gear effortlessly.

Carrying Capacity

Most of the options here, including Vortex’s Glasspak and the Horn Hunter op-x, include elastic pockets to help stash smaller items like wind checkers and cell phones.

But many other options on this list, including the Alaska Classic HBS and the KUIU Pro, allow you to expand your storage capacity with extra pockets, pistol holsters, and add-on pouches.

Protection & Weather Resistance

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a bino harness is to protect your glass, so you should seek out durable materials like Cordura fabric (like used in the FHF Gear Pro-M) to keep dust and debris from infiltrating your case and damaging your investment.

Plus, features like built-in bino tethers will help keep your binos safe from fumbles, slips, and drops to protect your glass against human error.

Anti-Bounce Features

Walking through the forest with your binocular harness bouncing up and down with each step is maddening.

That means we made sure to choose products known to have a snug fit against your chest and use materials that don’t stretch out while under a full load. The S4 Gear Lockdown is a great example of a case with excellent anti-bounce features.


The ability to remain quiet in the field is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a bountiful harvest or birdwatching session. Features like neodymium magnets, shock cords, and fleece-lined pockets exist to help keep your bino harness quiet as can be.

A good example of a bino bag with noise-preventing features is the Marsupial.


Saving weight keeps you light on your feet and alleviates strain off your neck. For those seeking the most lightweight options, bino straps like Vortex’s are highly packable and make it easy to carry your binos.

A couple of the lightest and most comfortable harnesses on this list are the KUIU Pro and the S4 Gear Lockdown.


Time-proven durability comes from the materials chosen to construct the bag. We want your pack to last and stand up to the rugged outdoors, so we highlighted products with materials that can withstand sticks, snags, brush, rain, dust, and more.

One of the most durable materials on this list is the KXO-32 fabric that you’ll find on the Badlands Mag Bino Case.


When it comes to colors and patterns, birders and hunters have different needs out in the field. Hunters usually seek camo patterns to make them hard to see, while birders typically opt for solid colors instead.

Birders would love the S4 Gear Lockdown, which uses a bright blue color, as opposed to a camouflaged option designed for hunters, like the TIDEWE bino pack.


In terms of what matters most to you, price is likely one of the deciding factors. So, we made sure to include options across the spectrum. From high-end options that cost upwards of 150 dollars to minimalist bino straps that cost 20 bucks, we’ve got you covered.

Which Bino Pack Will Protect Your Glass in 2023?

Hunter dressed in camo wearing a binocular harness and holding a bow on a 2023 trip
A proper harness will keep your glass clean, safe, and within reach

There you have it, the best binocular harnesses for 2023 and beyond. We hope you found a wide array of comfortable, functional, and quiet options to keep your binos safe, sound, and within reach.

If you were searching for a case with modular capabilities and add-ons like rangefinder cases, pistol holders, and accessory pouches, we provided a bevy of top-notch customizable rigs to help you out.

But if you don’t need all that extra capacity, we also included a few no-nonsense minimalist bino cases to keep your hunting gear well protected and close to the chest.

With options from widely trusted brands like KUIU, Sitka, Horn Hunter, Alaska Guide Creations, Vortex, and more, we did our best to provide you with well-reviewed packs widely used by hunters and birders worldwide.

So, no matter which setup you have your eye on, remember that the best bino harness of 2023 is ultimately the one that protects your glass and suits your style.

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