14 Best Bow Quivers of 2023 [Compound, Recurve & Hip]

Man holding a carbon hunting arrow and putting it into a compound bow quiver
Our Top Bow Quivers of 2023 (Compound, Recurve & Hip Versions)

Alright, Legolas, it’s time to nock your arrow and let one fly.

But first, let’s make sure you snatch that arrow from one of 2023’s best bow quivers. We’ve combed through all the expert (and some no-so-expert) advice that the internet offers, searching far and wide to bring you all the top products in the industry.

There’s no need to spend valuable time deciphering the sea of conflicting information on an otherwise straightforward gear purchase. This article is for those who want to skip the hours of poring through forums and watching boring YouTube videos about bow quivers.

We’ve sprinkled in all the elite names from the upper crust of archery like Tight Spot, Trophy Ridge, Elite Archery, TRUGLO, Easton, and more. From high-end quivers to well-reviewed budget options, you’ll find products for every type of archery shooter here.

Whether you’re looking for the best hip quiver for shooting your recurve/longbow at the range or some rock-solid compound bow attachments for elk hunting season, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get into it!

Table of Contents

Best Bow Quivers of 2023

Which Type of Bow Quiver Do You Need?

Not sure which type of bow quiver is best for your style of archery? Sort through the categories below to find your best match.

Compound Bow Quivers

This standard quiver attaches to the side of your compound bow. It typically consists of a bracket that screws into your bow and a cam-lock mechanism that can be released by hand to detach it when necessary.

You’ll want a compound bow quiver when hunting since it’ll keep your arrows easily accessible. Some prefer to shoot with their quiver attached, but I try to avoid this situation as my shot and follow-through are much better without pulling the weight to one side.

Recurve Quivers

If traditional archery is your thing, we’ve got you covered. Recurve shooters prefer to attach their quiver to their limb for the same reason compound bow shooters do: accessibility while hunting.

Since longbow shooting is more instinctual than perfect form, an attached quiver shouldn’t affect your shot as much, as long as you practice plenty beforehand. The bow-attached quiver I recommend in this buyer’s guide also has straps, so you use it however you prefer in the field.

I also included my favorite back quiver on this list for those that prefer to sling their holder over their shoulder and pull arrows from it instead of from their bow or hip. (You know, like in the movies.)

Hip Quivers

Target shooters typically use hip quivers. Yes, some hunters prefer a hip quiver, but in my opinion, they create way too much movement to be effective against game animals. Ultimately, I recommend using the hip quivers in this guide at the range.

Grab a quality range bag from this list if you’re getting into competition shooting and want to make a good impression on others. They’re comfortable and attach to your hip, so you can take plenty of practice shots without fumbling over your arrows.

Best Compound Bow Quivers

Best Overall
Tight Spot Rise 5

Tight Spot Quiver Rise 5 arrow quiver

Weight: 11 oz
Length: 16-1/2″
Capacity: 5 Arrows

Keep all your arrows at the ready with the lightweight, intelligently designed, and super-durable Tight Spot Rise 5. When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, Tight Spot is in a league of its own. This bad boy is the most well-built and functional arrow quiver on this list.

If you’re looking for a dead-silent option, the Tight Spot Rise 5 allows for effortless detachment of arrows from their grippers without making any noise. For hunters that must move through the forest without making a peep, this quiver can be installed and removed in complete silence.

Several quivers on this list will perform reasonably well for a lower price, but if you’re the type of archer that leaves nothing to chance and demands the best from their gear, grab the Tight Spot Rise 5.

  • Pros: Lightweight, dead silent, easy on/easy off, dual grippers keep arrows snug, mounts close to the center, which means less side torque, made with dependable materials
  • Cons: A little heavier than their other models, but that’s on account of the removable secondary gripper, pricey

Easy To Detach Six-Arrow Option
Elite Archery

Elite Archery six-arrow holder for compound bows

Weight: 14 oz
Length: 16″
Capacity: 6 arrows

Elite Archery is one company I’ve come to love because they stand behind their products. They offer a lifetime warranty for their gear, which indicates lasting value. Elite typically makes entry-level bows and accessories, but that doesn’t mean they lack quality.

This quiver has one of the most straightforward detachment systems on the market, and much like the Tight Spot, it can be mounted and dismounted quietly with one hand. Its well-thought-out design keeps the quiver weight as close to the riser as possible, reducing side-torque.

For my style of hunting, its six-arrow carrying capacity is perfect. Some say it’s overkill, but what happens when you carry a bear, deer, and elk tag simultaneously? The ability to grab a different broadhead for each species will keep you ready for whichever comes at you first.

  • Pros: Lightweight, easy on/easy off, silent, large capacity, easy arrow removal
  • Cons: A little heavy

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Elite High-Capacity Quiver
Tight Spot 7

Tight Spot 7 high-capacity compound bow holder for seven arrows

Weight:  10 oz
Length: 19 3/4″
Capacity: Seven Arrows

I’ll likely have more than one big game tag in my pocket for the 2023 archery hunting season, and I’ll also carry a broadhead for small game and a field point. A quiver with a large carrying capacity like the Tight Spot 7 is ideal for hunters like me who bring along a wide variety of arrows and broadheads.

I prefer as little weight on my bow as possible when shooting, so I attach this quiver to my day pack when closing in on my prey. Seven-arrow quivers feel incredibly cumbersome to me, as the wind can push on the arrows during my shot and create a pivot, affecting accuracy.

But if you’re the type of shooter who prefers to keep your quiver attached during your shot, know that Tight Spot is the industry leader in minimizing side torque. Their quivers fit snugger than any option on this list, hence their brand name. Pro Tip: Practice frequently with your quiver attached (in varying conditions)  before going this route on your next hunt.

The Tight Spot 7 has a gorilla-like grip on your arrows, but they can still detach without making any noise. The gripper nearest the shooter faces them, creating a more seamless dismount. Little details like these set professional and expert shooters apart from the rest.

Pros: Durable, lightweight, iron-clad warranty, easy-on/easy-off, large capacity, fits tight to bow
Cons: A bit pricey, seven arrows may be overkill for some

Best for Hunting
Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5

Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5 hunting accessory for bow and arrow

Weight: 17 oz
Length: 16″
Capacity: Five Arrows

Th HexLite Trophy Ridge is a nifty gadget to have attached to your bow. The main feature that these have that others don’t is the built-in LED lights that light up your arrows in low-light conditions and can be used in lieu of a headlamp.

Because it’s made with durable materials, this is a premium choice for the rough-and-tumble mountain hunters among us. I had one of these on my PSE two years ago, and it took an absolute beating. I recently sold that bow, but I might another one of these for my backup bow for this fall.

The Hex Light 5 adjusts for both vertical and horizontal positioning and includes a bracket that moves the quiver closer to your bow. This is a pretty heavy bugger (on account of its electronics), so this feature is excellent at keeping the weight as close to your riser as possible.

  • Pros: Durable, LED lights, easily adjusted to your set up, easy-on/easy-off
  • Cons: A little bit heavy, some users complain that the hood isn’t quite big enough for five large broadheads (I never had this problem)


Minimalist and Ultralight 4 Arrow Quiver

TRUGLO Tuff Loc minimalist ultralight archery holder

Weight: 6.5 oz
Length: 12″
Capacity: Four Arrows

The TRUGLO Tuff Loc is typically used with crossbows but is also compatible with most modern compound bows. At a minuscule 6.5 ounces, it’s the lightest quiver on this list and will hold up to four sharp broadheads securely. Its minimalist design features a small cam lock for easy one-hand removal.

These features make the Tuff Loc perfect for hunters and shooters who want minimal weight on the side of their bow. Its petite design will come in handy if you need to make a spontaneous shot with your quiver attached but still want the versatility to remove it if needed.

I love TRUGLO, but this quiver doesn’t mesh well with my hunting style. Since I rock a heavier setup, I want something that has a larger carrying capacity. That said, I may grab one of these to put on my kids’ bow this year. My daughter is ten years old, so a simple and lightweight option like this sounds pretty choice for her small compound bow if you ask me.

  • Pros: Super lightweight, durable, minimal side torque, works well on kids’ bows and those running a small setup
  • Cons: Small capacity, broadhead holders wear out quickly

Best for the Money
Limbsaver Silent Quiver

Limbsaver Silent Quiver compound bow and arrow quiver

Weight: 14 oz
Length: 16″
Capacity: Five arrows

A quiver is a quiver. You can grab a used one for a few bucks, or you can dust off the old pocketbook and shell out a couple hundred. Your choice. How much you spend generally depends on which custom preferences you value as a hunter or shooter. But, to be honest, if a quiver holds your arrows, it’s doing its job.

As you add premium features, you’ll end up spending more money. Top-of-the-line materials aren’t cheap, either, and some cheap bow quivers are as simple as a plastic hood and a foam insert. On the other hand, some of the most expensive options will have features like “silent technology” and high-tech cam releases and dampeners.

This Limbsaver quiver lands somewhere in the middle of the range. It comes with a solid set of features, and, true to its name, it won’t make noise when in the field. It’s quiet, made from premium materials, and you won’t need to sacrifice an arm and a leg for it. What more could you ask for?

  • Pros: Quiet hood that never rattles, tight dual grippers, easy cam lock release
  • Cons: A bit bulky & heavy, unable to be adjusted,

Best Budget Compound Bow Quiver
Trophy Ridge 5 Spot

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot cheap arrow holder for hunting

Weight: 9.1 oz
Length: 16″
Capacity: Five arrows

With over 1,000 5-star reviews, the Trophy Ridge 5 Spot is one of the highest-rated bow quivers on Amazon. It boasts many of the same features of a Tight Spot Rise at nearly 1/5th of the price. It’s quiet, lightweight, and has iron-tight grippers.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious newbie or a seasoned archer, you can’t go wrong with this quiver. The soft-touch hood won’t deploy your expandable arrows prematurely, and it’ll keep nice and quiet if anything rattles against it.

Simply put, this versatile arrow holder will mount to pretty much any bow on the market. No, it’s not the flashiest piece of equipment but if you want something functional that won’t let you down, give the Trophy Ridge 5 Spot a try. You’ll save yourself a few bucks, and trust me, you’ll need all the help you can get to fill that gas tank this fall.

  • Pros: Lightweight, holds tight to any arrow .223″ and larger, soft and quiet hood, easy-on/easy-off
  • Cons: Sits a little bit out from your bow, this can be an issue for those that don’t want any side torque

Best Recurve Quivers

Best Mounted Quiver for Recurve Bows
Selway 6 Arrow Mounted Longbow

Selway 6 Arrow Mounted Longbow for sale

Selway is the gold standard for traditional archers seeking mounted quivers for longbows. They’re handcrafted from leather and will securely hold four to six arrows on the side of your longbow limbs. It’s as much a work of art as it is an arrow holder.

This quiver is super quiet, making it a perfect option for recurve hunters. The grippers are positioned uniquely to keep your feathers from touching, keeping them safe and reducing noise during your shot.

The Selway 6-arrow mounted quiver comes in three models: slide-on, quick detach, and strap-on. I prefer the strap-on model since it can be strapped and unstrapped without restringing my bow. The quick detach version can also be used without taking off your string, but I don’t trust that its screw-on mechanism will stand the test of time.

  • Pros: Stylish and aesthetically-pleasing leather, fits almost all longbows with limbs 1-2″, quiet, well built, and will last a lifetime.
  • Cons: A bit heavy, they take some getting used to if you plan on shooting it attached.

Best Back Quiver
TopArchery Leather

TopArchery Leather bag for holding and transporting arrows

If you’re an ultra-traditional shooter who wants to keep their arrows in a quiver on their back, this option from TopArchery is for you. This durable holder has a massive carrying capacity and is a solid option for hunters and target shooters.

It utilizes a black tarpaulin layer, surrounded by a soft and pliable layer of cow leather to keep your arrows safe while minimizing noise. To top it all off, it has an outer layer of a much thicker and more durable leather hide that will take a beating for years.

Some back quivers are made exclusively for right or left-handed shooters, but this one can be adjusted either way. It also features a handy leather pocket to hold extra broadheads, strings, or tools.

  • Pros: Quiet, durable, large capacity for carbon or wooden arrows
  • Cons: A little heavy compared to more minimalist back quivers


Best Budget Option for Recurves
Kwikee Kwiver

Kwikee Kwiver budget recurve bow and arrow quiver attachment

Kwikee Kwiver has been around since your mom was wiping your butt, and it’ll be around for many years to come. It’s a simple and affordable option that’ll hold your recurve arrows snug as a bug. There’s no need to look further if you’re a beginner target shooter looking for a mountable longbow quiver.

The Kwikee isn’t great at holding micro-diameter arrows, and it certainly isn’t much of a looker. (It’s a bit ugly, to be honest, but it does its job well.) This little kit will help archers shoot with arrows attached to their bow, all while keeping all their feathers from touching.

This isn’t the ideal selection for hunters as it has a plastic hood that will rattle if it bumps into anything. If you can deal with its shortcomings, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick the Kwikee up. It rings in at an affordable price point and is virtually indestructible.

  • Pros: Easy to install, affordable, keeps feathers safe, excellent for target shooters.
  • Cons: Not the best for micro-diameter carbon arrows, too loud for hunting applications

Best Hip Quivers for the Range

Best Overall
Easton Elite

Easton Elite hip holder for arrows and archery

Easton has produced quality archery accessories for over 100 years, and their consistency and attention to detail are the reason for such longevity. Archery is an expensive sport, so purchasing a reliable hip quiver for the range is a wise long-term investment.

Their Elite quiver is made for the 3D range or competition shooter who is unwilling to skimp on their setup. I shoot straight from my compound bow quiver, even while at the range, but I may just give one of these a spin next time I go target shooting.

I’m always jealous of shooters who don’t have to awkwardly lug their arrows around in their hands, as they can hold more arrows and don’t have to worry about wearing down their grippers from overuse. They certainly look a lot cooler too!

  • Pros: Top-notch materials, large carrying capacity, easy retrieval, comfortable hip belt and tons of pockets to hold your release, extra tips, and gear
  • Cons: A little pricey

Best Mid-Range
Legend XP420

Legend XP420 for recurve and longbows

Much like the Easton Elite, the Legend XP420 is an attractive option for carrying your arrows at the range. It comes with many of the same bells and whistles as the Easton but rings in at about half the price.

The XP420 will hold all your sticks comfortably at your side, making them ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. It features a comfortable waist belt, is relatively quiet, and doesn’t create too much racket when jostled around.

Legend is a newer company trying to carve out its place in the archery world, so I’m not sure I can put it in the same ballpark as Easton. But, as I said, this is a much more affordable option that’ll do just what you ask of it.

  • Pros: Lots of storage capacity and room for all of your trinkets, durable, comfortable
  • Cons: If there is a downside to purchasing this affordable bag, I’m unaware of it.


Best Budget
SUNYA Archery Field Quiver

SUNYA Archery field bag with arrow tubes

If you’re newer to the sport and unsure if you want to grab all the best stuff right away, don’t go dropping all your coin willy-nilly on the latest and greatest gear. Instead, opt for a budget hip-quiver like this one that won’t break the bank.

Have you ever heard of the SUNYA brand? Me neither. But, after doing a bit of research, I’m pretty confident that this well-reviewed off-brand won’t let you down. It gets high marks among verified buyers on Amazon, so I wouldn’t lose any sleep after this purchase if I were on a budget.

It sports some practical pockets and three plastic tubes to hold all your target arrows. I’m not too fond of plastic tubes, as the arrows rattle around annoyingly in them, but I think this is a solid purchase nonetheless.

  • Pros: Well reviewed, good carrying capacity, lots of pockets
  • Cons: No customer support on account of it being an “Amazon brand”


Minimalist Pocket Quiver for Practice
NEET Fred Bear Pocket Quiver

NEET Fred Bear leather pocket protector for holding arrows

The NEET Fred Bear Pocket Quiver is a great no-nonsense solution for those who don’t give a hoot about having a fancy contraption attached to their bow, hip, or back. A simple pocket quiver like this will do the trick if you’re the casual shooter who wants a no-nonsense place to set their arrows while slinging a couple downrange.

With this minimalist quiver, you can hold a half-dozen field point arrows in your back pocket without risking puncturing your jeans. Just pop this bad boy in your archery kit for a simple, no-frills solution at the range.

Accessories for Your Archery Setup

Gold Tip arrow tube for archery and target practice

Arrow Storage
Gold Tip Arrow Tube

The Gold Tip arrow tube is an excellent long-term solution to store your arrows when you’re not using them frequently. It’ll keep your expensive sticks safe, dry, and out of harm’s way, plain and simple. I own two of these tubes, and they each hold 12 arrows perfectly.

Total Peep hip attachment

Hip Attachment for Compound Bow Quivers
Total Peep Hip Quiver Attachment

If you constantly need to detach your quiver from your bow while hunting or don’t like traveling with it attached, check out this nifty hip bracket from Total Peep. Your cam lock will slide right into place to keep all of your arrows on your hip.

Factors We Analyzed When Rating Bow Quivers

Three compound bow quivers against a backdrop of a foggy forest
There’s a lot to keep in mind when considering your next bow quiver

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a bow quiver, even if it seems that there’s not much difference between one product and the next. Becoming an expert at anything depends on how many small variables you can control, and archery is no different. The best bowhunters and archers hone their craft because they’re perfectionists and pay close attention to detail.

Here are some essential factors to consider when picking out a new quiver:


It goes without saying that the heavier your attached quiver is, the more it’ll affect your shot. If you keep your quiver on your bow when hunting or shooting, it’s always wise to opt for the lightest option that’ll securely hold your arrows. Heavier quivers will almost always influence the movement of your bow moreso than lightweight options.


From super short 10-inch quivers to long 16 or 17-inch options, the length of products on this list varies widely. Which length you choose is up to you and your specific setup. Shooters with shorter axle-to-axle lengths and those with short draw lengths may have a tough time getting their quiver to sit right if it’s too long.

Distance from Riser to Bracket

Tight Spot is the leader in terms of distance from riser to bracket. They design their quivers to ensure their weight sits as close to the riser as possible. A couple of millimeters may seem negligible, but it could make all the difference in fine-tuning your shot without having side torque or pivot.

We did our best only to recommend products that keep that weight as close to your bow as possible and minimize that ever-so-slight pull to the side from the weight of your arrows.


Some hunters may wonder why we left their favorite quiver off this list. Well, if it has a plastic hood that rattles against your bow when you move around (or is noisy in general), it never had a chance at making this list.

We only recommended quivers that are easy to take on and off and don’t make noise when taking out an arrow. We hunters work so hard to get into position to take a shot at an elk or deer, so we can’t afford to be undermined by a slight rattle from our quivers.

Carrying Capacity

How many arrows will you need at your immediate disposal? If you’re a tree stand hunter who is likely only to get off one or two shots, a quiver with a six or seven arrow capacity is overkill. On the other hand, if you’re the type who goes deep in the backcountry chasing multiple species, you’ll need an option that can hold more arrows.


Before buying anything, make sure your quiver will hold the specific arrows in your setup. Not all grippers are made the same, so do your research if you run smaller arrows to ensure they fit correctly.

Which Bow Quiver Will You Use in 2023?

Hunter looking through his binoculars with a compound bow slung over his shoulder
Finding the right quiver will elevate your bow and arrow game

Well, folks, I hope you found something you love on our list of 2023’s best bow quivers. I did my best to make the most comprehensive and research-backed buyer guide on the internet. Did I hit the mark? I hope so.

With a variety of well-reviewed products from names like Tight Spot, Easton, Trophy Ridge, and Limbsaver, I created this buyers’ guide for hunters and shooters who want to make a confident purchase. If you’re still unsure about which quiver to choose, grab a couple of different styles, test them out at home, and find out which model suits you best.

Whether you’re the last-of-the-Mohicans traditional recurve shooter, or an expert looking for a quiver for his flagship bow, I hope you were able to find a solution that works for you. Leave a comment down below with any helpful feedback you have and we’ll consider it as we edit and update this post in the future.

Now that you have one of the best bow quivers of 2023, check out our other gear reviews and buyer guides below. We strive to share our passion for all things hunting with like-minded folks who put the work in to become better every season.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for a chance to win free hunting gear!

Y’all come back now, ya hear!

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