9 Best Canvas Tents of 2023 [Wall, Bell, Cabin & Teepee Tents]

Last Updated on March 20, 2023

Canvas bell/teepee tent set up in the woods with a lantern

Our Favorite Canvas Tents of 2023 (Wall, Bell, Cabin & Teepee Models)


Heavy-duty canvas shelters are a fantastic option for camping outdoors, but finding the perfect one can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve covered all the best brands to bring you the best canvas tents for 2023.

Whether you’re looking for classic bell and teepee-style tents or prefer spacious wall or cabin-style havens, there’s something for everyone. Many of the products we recommend also have stove jack compatibility, turning them into four-season hot tents that are perfect for cold weather.

With so many options, you get versatile products that can be used for camping, hunting, outdoor events, and everything in between. To provide you with the best products, we scoured numerous models from quality brands like White Duck, Life in Tents, US Military Tents, Roofnest, and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper needing an upgrade or a first-time canvas shelter buyer, the tents on this list were picked to meet your needs and provide you with a comfortable and durable haven for all outdoor activities. So with that being said, let’s dive into our favorite canvas tents for 2023!

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Different Types of Canvas Shelters

Every person headed to the outdoors has different needs. Is ease of setup important to you, or do you want more space? What about size and weight? It’s vital to pick the right gear for your needs, so before we dive into our favorite shelters, let’s look at the various types you’ll find on this list.


Wall and cabin tents are designed to provide a more spacious and upright interior than other styles. This is done by designing the shelter with more vertical walls and sloping roofs. Wall/cabin options are generally rectangular and can even have multiple rooms separated by walls or partitions.

While wall/cabin shelters provide some of the most space and headroom, they weigh in on the heavier side. The bulk and weight make it harder to transport and move when packed. But, as long as you aren’t taking it too far from a vehicle, they are easily one of the most comfortable options.

Campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy car camping or camping at established campsites with vehicle access will love all the benefits that wall/cabin shelters offer. If you have large groups of people or simply want an area that you comfortably stand up in, these shelters have you covered.


Bell and teepee-style tents get their name from their unique shape, as teepees are cone-shaped, while bell tents typically have canvas walls in addition to the cone-shaped roof. These shelters utilize a central pole with a circular base and steeply sloping sides. Because of how similar they are, their names are often used interchangeably.

Bell and teepee-style tents benefit from the steep sides and pointed tops that allow them to shed rain and wind. This makes them great for camping in bad weather and helps save space and weight. On the other hand, they are often not as roomy overhead as cabin-style shelters.

A good bell/teepee tent is great for those who want a quick setup and takedown. Because they have fewer parts and utilize less material, they are usually much lighter in weight. A simple teepee or bell can also be a great choice if you are facing rough weather.

Four-Season Hot Tent With Stove

Both types of shelters you see above, bell-style and wall-style cabin tents, can work as “hot tents,” so long as they come with a stove jack. They are compatible with wood-burning camp stoves, which can keep the inside of your shelter warm, even during the chill of winter. In addition to keeping you warm, the stove can be used to cook or dry out your wet gear.

But hot tents can cost you a little more and, if you camp with one, you’ll now have to worry about packing or carrying a stove! You’ll also have to keep up with fuel to use the stove and follow all the safety guidelines so that you don’t accidentally burn your shelter down.

Hot tents are great for anyone who finds themselves camping in colder weather. You can also use the stoves to cook your meals or utilize the shelter without the stove if the weather warms up. But for those that don’t mind feeding the stove with fuel, hot tents are much more comfortable when the temperature drops.

Best Overall Bell/Teepee Style Tent
White Duck Regatta

White Duck Outdoors Regatta bell shelter

Style: Bell/teepee
Capacity: 2 – 8 people depending on tent size
Floor Dimensions: 8′, 10′, 13′, and 16′ diameter
Material: 8.5 oz army duck cotton canvas
Stove Jack: Yes
Weight: 31 lb, 51 lb, 71 lb, 90 lb

In our eyes, canvas tents don’t get better than the fine shelters produced by White Duck Outdoors. We recently took one of their Regatta bell teepee tents on a fall elk hunting trip and were blown away by how well it suited our needs. We spent nearly a month sleeping in it, using it to protect our gear, and escaping into it as a refuge during gnarly storms. We can’t recommend it enough.

During our September spent in the Regatta, we got to know it in and out. It was a breeze to set up; the three of us had it fully pitched in about 15 minutes. Its Army Duck cotton walls are burly but breathable and sheltered us from everything Mother Nature threw our way. Its zippers were smooth, its zipper vents worked well, and we had plenty of headspace to walk around as we prepped for the day.

When pitched in direct sun, its walls can trap heat and turn up the internal temperature, so we recommend finding a shady spot to set it up if you’ll be camping in the dead of summer. And, if you’re camping in not-so-warm environments, you’re in luck. The same fabric that can work against you when it’s hot out does wonders to trap heat and keep you warm and toasty.

The Regatta comes in four sizes — 8′, 10′, 13′, and 16′ — and we opted for the 13-foot version. It worked perfectly for our fully-stocked three-man hunting group. Want to know more? Read our top-to-bottom review.

  • Pros: Extremely durable and comfortable, straightforward to set up, smooth zippers, ventilates well
  • Cons: Can get hot inside when pitched in direct sun
  • Best for: Comfortable camping, glamping, hunting, cold-weather trips, families who like to spread out

Best Overall Wall/Cabin Style Tent
White Duck Alpha

White Duck Outdoors Alpha wall/cabin refuge

Style: Wall/cabin
Capacity: 2 – 16 people depending on tent size
Floor Dimensions: 8′ x 10′, 10′ x 12′, 12′ x 14′, 14′ x 16′, 16′ x 20′, 16′ x 24′
Material: 10.10 oz army duck cotton canvas
Stove Jack: Yes
Weight: 153 lb, 199 lb, 205 lb, 276 lb, 379 lb, 471 lb

If a teepee-style bell tent isn’t quite your style, look no further than the White Duck Outdoors Alpha. It boasts all the same craftsmanship, quality materials, and useful features as the Regatta above but gives campers much more space to move around thanks to its vertical walls. Owning one of these is like having your own little portable cabin.

We love that this model has multiple windows that allow campers to let natural light in and admire the natural beauty surrounding them. It’s also made of a thicker and more durable fabric and has much wider doors for you and your fellow campers to come and go with ease. It will thrive in all four seasons, much like its bell-style cousin, the Regatta.

Because this is a roomier and more comfortable shelter, get ready to shell out a bit more cash than you would for the Regatta (or any other teepee-style bell tent, for that matter). The Alpha is also significantly heavier and a bit trickier to set up than the Regatta, but we think it’s worth every extra pound (and dollar), so long as you have space to haul it and some buddies to help you set it up.

  • Pros: Extremely spacious and livable, durable and reliable, during all four seasons, windows bring in light and offer a glimpse outside
  • Cons: Heavy, bulky, not as easy to set up as a bell tent
  • Best for: Glamping, families who like to camp in luxury, large groups of campers, climates with dicey weather


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Hot Tent With Stove Jack for Hunting

DANCHEL OUTDOOR brand outdoor four-season refuge

Style: Bell/teepee
Capacity: 2 – 8 people depending on tent size
Floor Dimensions: 9.8’, 13.2’, 16.4’, 20’ diameter
Material: Cotton canvas
Stove Jack: Yes
Weight: 44 lb, 60 lb, 83 lb, 106 lb

Returning to another teepee-style bell shelter, the Danchel Outdoor shelter is a versatile hunter’s paradise. There’s nothing better than getting back to camp after a tough day of hunting and having a comfortable place to relax and sleep, and this shelter provides just that and more.

This bad boy was designed with versatility in mind. Hunting in cold weather? You have two different stove jacks to use, depending on which style you own. What about warm weather? Open up the mesh windows, roof vents, and large doors to allow maximum airflow to stay cool. The oversized door is also excellent for going in and out when loaded down with all of your gear.

Our favorite part of the Danchel Outdoor shelter is just how well it seems to do when the wind kicks up. The overall design, coupled with multiple anchor points, ensures that it’s not going anywhere, even in the harshest weather conditions. If you and your hunting buddies want one of the most durable hot tents for this next season, this one deserves a hard look.

  • Pros: Two different stock jack options, multiple windows and vents for ventilation, relatively easy to setup and takedown, excels in windy conditions
  • Cons: Pretty heavy for a bell, has been known to leak around zippered areas
  • Best for: Hunting in cold conditions, groups of people who love plenty of space, hunters or campers who need quick setup and takedown


Ultra-Comfortable Bell for Families
Life in Tents Fernweh

Life in Tents Fernweh for families

Style: Bell/teepee
Capacity: 2 – 8 people
Floor Dimensions: 16’ diameter
Material: 11.5 oz army duck cotton canvas
Stove Jack: Yes
Weight: 110 lb

Are you looking to bring the entire family on your next outdoor adventure? Then you’ll need a comfortable shelter with plenty of space, and the Life in Tents Fernweh bell is a great option. The spacious 16 ft diameter is perfect for families or small groups, and the sewn-in groundsheet will keep out any pesky bugs or critters.

Setting up the Fernweh is a breeze, even for first-time campers that are complete beginners. Its color-coded system and included guy ropes and stakes make it easy to set up and take down with plenty of adjustment in between. And when it comes to keeping cool in warmer months, the Fernweh has you covered with plenty of ventilation options.

Bringing the family out camping means you need a shelter that won’t let you down. Not only does it look good, but it will last you for years. It’s the perfect choice for a quiet weekend in the woods, a week at a crazy music festival, or a late-season hunting trip. Trust us, you and your family will love the Fernweh!

  • Pros: 212 square feet of space, fully enclosed floor, easy to set up with the color-coded system, multiple ventilation options
  • Cons: Extremely heavy, large footprint, bigger price tag
  • Best for: Families and large groups of people, luxury camping


Army Shelter With Military-Grade Toughness
US Military Tents

US Military Tents rugged army shelter

Style: Wall/cabin
Capacity: 2 – 20 people, depending on model
Floor Dimensions: 14’ x 15’ to 18’ x 54’
Material: Cotton canvas
Stove Jack: Yes/no, depending on model
Weight: 175 lb – 1,122 lb

The military knows a thing or two about tough and rugged shelters, but not many know that you can get your hands on these durable tents for yourself. This is where U.S. Military Tents comes in with their wide selection of military-grade shelters. They are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions, provide plenty of space, and are constructed of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use.

There are plenty of different military shelters to choose from, depending on the size and configuration that you need. From smaller havens ideal for two people to gigantic fortresses that can fit entire vehicles inside, there are plenty to choose from depending on your budget and needs.

Military-grade gear is known to be tough, but be prepared for a product that might not have all of the same bells and whistles that other options on this list feature. Still, a military tent can be an excellent choice if you want a bombproof shelter at an approachable price. Just make sure you have a buddy or two to help you set it up, as they can be bulky and weigh a fair amount!

  • Pros: Plenty of options to choose from, great pricing for the size, nearly indestructible, affordable
  • Cons: Many models don’t feature stove jacks, the larger options are extremely heavy
  • Best for: Parties, events, temporary work stations, campers who need large amounts of space, warmer climates


Convenient Truck Top Pop-Up
Roofnest Condor XL

Roofnest Condor XL pop-up for truck tops

Style: Rooftop
Capacity: 2 – 4 people
Floor Dimensions: 93″ x 74″
Material: Coated polycotton
Stove Jack: No
Weight: 160 lb

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed how popular rooftop tents are quickly becoming. It’s easy to see why, as they give you versatility and are always with you on your travels. If you want to experience a rooftop tent for yourself, the Roofnest Condor XL is the one you need to look into.

One of our favorite aspects of rooftop shelters is that they fold away neatly when you are done with them and stay out of the way until you need them. The Condor takes this to a new level by only taking 90 seconds to set up. So no matter where you find yourself at the end of the day, you can quickly have a luxurious haven ready in a minute and a half.

The Roofnest Condor XL is one of the largest rooftop tents on the market and even comes with plenty of extras to make your camping even more comfortable. Included with it comes a foam mattress, ladder, mounting kit, ground mat, and interior lights. Just don’t forget to pack it all up before leaving!

  • Pros: Saves space by mounting to the rooftop of vehicle, spacious, plenty of accessories, excellent customer service from the company
  • Cons: Struggles with condensation, fairly expensive
  • Best for: On-the-go camping or hunting, small families or groups, people looking to save space for other gear in their vehicle


Luxury With a View for Ultimate Glamping
Life in Tents Stella Stargazer

Life in Tents Stella Stargazer for glamping and family camping

Style: Bell/teepee
Capacity: 2 – 8 people
Floor Dimensions: 16’ diameter
Material: 11.5 oz army duck cotton canvas
Stove Jack: Yes
Weight: 110 lb

The Life in Tents Stella Stargazer is almost identical to the Fernweh but with one significant difference: a 360-degree transparent clear top roof for viewing the stars. If you have ever laid in bed while camping and wished to see the stars, this is the shelter for you.

Apart from the transparent roof panels, the rest of the Stargazer is nearly identical to the Fernweh model. You get the same great features, such as the ventilation options for those warmer months but still have a dedicated stove jack for winter camping. Don’t forget about the color-coded guy ropes to ensure a quick and easy setup.

While the skylight roof is meant for gazing at the stars, it also gives you plenty of natural light during the day. Just be prepared to open some ventilation ports to let the breeze come in, as it can get a little toasty on a warm sunny day.

  • Pros: Massive amount of interior space, transparent roof panels for stargazing and lighting, plenty of ventilation and configuration options
  • Cons: Can get pretty warm when the sun is out
  • Best for: Glamping, families who want a comfortable shelter, those who want a unique tent


Large Canvas Shelter for Groups, Parties & Events
White Duck Alpha Pro

White Duck Alpha Pro

Style: Cabin/wall
Capacity: 2 – 16 people depending on size
Floor Dimensions: 12′ x 14′, 14′ x 16′, 16′ x 20′, 16′ x 24′
Material: Cotton-polyester canvas
Stove Jack: Yes
Weight: 199 – 205 lb

One of the most important features of any shelter is its ability to protect you from the elements, and the White Duck Alpha Pro does so and more. Made from a heavy-duty cotton-polyester canvas, this beast is treated for water, mildew, and UV resistance to give you years of use no matter what conditions you put it in.

The big brother of White Duck’s Alpha, the Pro model is giant and can accommodate almost any size of group, party, or event. Hunters and cold-weather campers get additional features like a stove jack to keep warm and a free-floating ground sheet to help keep you dry. Whether camping, glamping, hunting, or simply throwing a big event, the Alpha Pro will provide the space and protection you need.

Because of its larger size and added features, expect to pay a little more for this tent than others on our list. But if you want a cabin/wall tent that won’t just last for years but most likely decades, the Alpha Pro is up to the challenge. Just make sure you have somebody around to help you move and set it up, as the weight and bulk are no joke.

  • Pros: Extremely durable and weather resistant, spacious, added supports and guylines for strength
  • Cons: Hard to transport, will be too big for some camping locations
  • Best for: Large groups, parties, events, year-round use, extreme weather


Small 2-Person Teepee for Couples
White Duck Mini Regatta

White Duck Outdoors Mini Regatta

Style: Bell/teepee
Capacity: 2 people
Floor Dimensions: 8′ diameter
Material: 8.5 oz. Army Duck Cotton Canvas
Stove Jack: No
Weight: Not listed

While the White Duck Outdoors Regatta is our best overall pick, the Mini Regatta is the 8’ version and takes our pick for the best 2-person teepee on the market. This bell tent is perfect if you are trying to travel light and need to save space and weight. It’s the ideal size for two people while still having plenty of room for you and your gear.

The Mini Regatta gives you many of the same benefits as the regular Regatta: its durability, smooth zippers, and plenty of ventilation options. However, the only thing it doesn’t have is a stove jack. This means you probably won’t want to use it for a cold weather trip where you intend to enjoy a nice wood stove to keep warm.

Despite its small size, the Mini Regatta holds up against options that are double its size and triple its cost. We love shelters that can be versatile enough to use in various situations while holding up against the usual wear and tear.

  • Pros: Lightweight, good ventilation, easy to set up by yourself, high-quality construction, affordable
  • Cons: No stove jack, heats up quickly in sunlight
  • Best for: Couples, hunting buddies, backcountry camping and hunting


Add-Ons & Accessories

Kni-Co Alaskan camp stove

Wood Stove: Kni-Co Alaskan

No canvas tent would feel complete with a wood stove. Our favorite is the Kni-Co Alaskan Camp Stove. Not only is it super affordable, but its large size allows it to handle bigger logs and produce more heat.

Rug for camping

Rug: Life in Tents

Some canvas shelters don’t have a floor, which isn’t very fun when the ground is muddy or covered in snow. A simple rug like those offered by Life in Tents gives you a functional and durable floor to keep the elements out while you camp.

Coleman cot, side table, and mattress

Cot, Mattress & Side Tables: Coleman

No more sleeping on the ground when you own a canvas tent! Their large size and headspace give you space for larger cots and tables to create a comfortable home away from home. We like the cots produced by Coleman, and they have yet to let us down.

Bluetti EB55

Power Supply: Bluetti EB55

To really round out any ideal shelter, a power supply will keep all of your devices charged and working. The Bluetti EB55 is one of our favorites and holds plenty of power to charge just about anything. It’s even compatible with your solar panels.

LED light for camping

Lighting: Canvas Camp

Tents can get dark, especially if they don’t have many windows. To combat this, load up on some lights like those Canvas Camp. These LED lights are specifically designed to light up canvas shelters and can clamp directly onto the poles.

FAQs About Canvas Tents

Looking out the doors of a shelter on a wooden platform

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Keep reading…


When looking at canvas tents, you might have some questions. To help you out, here are some of the most common questions people have when looking into a new shelter.

Do Canvas Tents Keep You Warm?

Because canvas tents are made of thick and durable material, they tend to do a much better job of keeping you warm when compared to traditional polyester shelters. Many are also made to accommodate a stove that will also help keep the inside of the living space warm in cold weather.

Are Canvas Tents Waterproof?

Most canvas is made of cotton materials that are breathable and water-resistant. That being said, many shelters aren’t entirely waterproof until you treat them yourself with a waterproofing product. This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but even shelters that come waterproof straight out of the box will eventually need treatment sometime down the road.

Do Canvas Tents Get Condensation?

While canvas is very breathable, certain conditions can still lead to condensation. Luckily, most products on the market come with many ventilation ports that can help reduce condensation when camping.

How Long Do Canvas Tents Last?

A canvas shelter will last as long as you want if you take good care of it. It all depends on the quality of the product you are using and how frequently you put it to use. A well-built shelter can last anywhere from a few years to several decades if properly cared for.

How Do I Keep My Canvas Tent Cool in the Summer?

Take advantage of all of the ventilation options. Open the door and windows to allow a breeze to come through, and try to set up your shelter in a shady area whenever possible.

How Do I Keep My Canvas Tent Warm in the Winter?

To keep a shelter warmer in the winter, try to set it up in a protected area out of the wind. Keep plenty of fuel on hand and run the stove as much as needed to warm the shelter’s interior. Don’t forget to ventilate properly and use ground insulation if possible.

Factors We Analyzed When Rating & Reviewing Products

Wall/bell style canvas tent on a wooden platform

Shelters come in all shapes and sizes; consider these factors when making your purchase


Canvas tents aren’t one of those items that people plan on buying very often. Because they are on the pricier side and will last for years, you want to ensure you make the right decision when investing in one. We carefully considered the following nine factors when deciding whether or not a product makes the cut:


Not all shelters are designed to perform the same job. Some do better in rugged conditions on a late-season hunt, while others are best for glamping with the whole family. We wanted a mix of options when it comes to function to help cover all of your bases.


Some campers might not worry about the style of their new shelter, but others will. Either way, it’s always nice to have pleasing aesthetics and an appealing design. We did our best to select the most attractive shelters on the market today.


The capacity of a tent is the number of people that can comfortably sleep in it. The key word here is comfortably. Knowing the exact capacity of a shelter will help dictate how many people (and their gear) you can fit inside.


The products on this list are made of canvas, but not all canvas is the same. It comes in various thicknesses, blends, and styles. It can also be treated to be waterproof or fire resistant. Knowing the material of the shelter will help you make a more educated decision.

Weather Resistance

While most canvas tents are considered to be very weather resistant, some do better than others. We selected products for our list that will endure any weather you can throw at them and still perform as intended.


There’s nothing more frustrating than paying good money for a piece of gear and having it break soon afterward. The shelters you’ll find on this list are all durable and will last for many years, all without the worry of anything breaking.

Stove Compatibility

One of the most significant benefits of a canvas shelter is the ability to run a stove inside during colder weather. Polyester car camping tents aren’t usually safe to handle stoves, so we took a good look at the canvas tents that are compatible with stoves to help keep them warm.


It’s no secret that the products on this list are pretty heavy, but weight is still a good thing to consider. You don’t want to invest in a shelter that’s too lightweight and made out of substandard materials, but on the other hand, it shouldn’t be so heavy that you can’t even move it.


Last but not least, the price tag of a tent is undoubtedly an important consideration. We believe you shouldn’t have to overpay for quality equipment, so all of these products on this list have been selected to give you the best bang for your buck.

Which Canvas Tent Will Help You Camp Comfortably in 2023?

Teepee shelter at night glowing from glamping

So many shelters to choose from and so much camping to do…


As we move further into the 2023 camping season, these are the very best canvas tents money can buy. With a wide variety of styles, including bell, teepee, wall, and cabin-style shelters with features such as stove jack compatibility for four-season hot tents, there’s an option out there for everyone.

We considered design, durability, functionality, and overall value to bring you the best shelters on the market so that you aren’t left hanging on your next outdoor adventure. Such durable and well-insulated shelters can cost a little more than a traditional polyester tent, but they are an excellent investment that will serve you for years to come.

From camping, hunting, and glamping to outdoor events, these shelters can do it all and everything else in between. So, which will you pick? A bombproof shelter from White Duck, Roofnest, Life in Tents, US Military Tents, or some other quality brand?

With our top picks, you’re sure to find the perfect option to fit your needs. Now, get to planning your next trip, and be sure to bring one of the best canvas tents for 2023 along with you.

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