70+ Best Gifts for Hunters 2023: Unique Hunting Gift Ideas

Rangefinder, elk pee, hunting watch, skinning knives, camo gloves, binoculars, Rocky Talkie, and a multi-tool laid out across a log
Best Gifts for Hunters in 2023: Unique Hunting Gifts for Men & Women

If you’re having a hard time picking out gifts for hunters and fishermen this 2023 holiday season, I understand. We’re a picky group of oddballs who aren’t exactly easy to buy for. Just ask my wife.

There are loads of obvious choices that might spring to mind when considering the best gift ideas for hunters. Many of them are straightforward, like knives, boots, or game bags. But, what about more unique choices like cool hunting gadgets, mouthwatering elk meat, or gag gifts for the hunter that likes to laugh?

That’s why I’ve created this buying guide that’s full of unique ideas for the hunters and fishermen who have everything. Because, even if the outdoorsman in your life already has all of 2023’s best gear, I bet you can still find a great gift for them on this list.

Let’s dive in.

Josh’s Top Picks for Hunting Gifts

Custom-engraved personalized Buck brand hunting knife

Custom-Engraved Buck Hunting Knife

A trusty blade means everything in the world of hunting, and the Buck 110 is one of the most widely-used knives in the field. Not only is it razor-sharp, durable, and versatile, but it can even be personalized for your hunter with custom laser engraving. Buck Knives have been trusted by hunters for over a century; I’d bet your old grand pappy even used one.

Rocky Talkie brand two-way radio

Rocky Talkie Two-Way Radios

We hunters like to wander off deep into the wilderness as we search for our prey; it’s what we do. My crew and I always bring along two-way radios to ensure we stay safe and never lose contact. This rock-solid little set from Rocky Talkie, a Colorado-born company, is what we’ll be using for the 2023 season.

Camo electric bike for hunting and fishing

Quietkat Ranger eBike for Hunting

If you’re looking to give that hunter in your life the most badass gift they’ve ever received, look no further than the Quietkat Ranger electric hunting bike. It’ll help hunters get deeper into the wilderness and closer to their prey with minimal effort. And, because it doesn’t have a gas motor, it’s legal to ride where ATVs aren’t, doesn’t create stinky exhaust, and is dead quiet in the field.

Darn Tough hunting sock

Darn Tough Hunting Socks

This isn’t your average getting-boring-socks-as-a-gift pair of socks. No, these Darn Toughs are hands down the most comfortable, durable, and manliest sock you can gift your hunter. They’re quality-made, cozy, and perform in any weather. Plus, they’re made in the USA and unconditionally guaranteed for life.

White Duck canvas hunting tent

White Duck Canvas Hunting Tent

If you know a hunter who freezes their butt off every season, scoop them up a White Duck Regatta Tent to keep them warm and toasty at camp. This bad boy is compatible with wood-burning camp stoves, so they’ll be able to crank up the heat inside their tent while the outside world turns to ice. Click here for our full review!

Rolling scent elimination bag for hunting

ScentCrusher Roller Bag

You may love the sweet aroma of the hunter you’re shopping for, but I assure you, the elk and deer don’t! This roller bag fits all the gear they need in the field and removes any scent from their clothing. It works by killing bacteria-causing odor with a high-tech battery-powered ozone generator. It’s a must-bring piece of hunting gear that I can’t recommend enough.

Silvery multi-tool spread out and opened up

Gerber Center Drive Multi-Tool

You don’t know when you’ll need one, but you definitely will. A multi-tool, that is. Screw it, cut it, snip it, and wrench it with this solid hardware from Gerber. I own the 14-tool Center Drive, and boy is it useful during a hunt, while out camping, or when I need to do a quick repair around the house.

Maven brand compact hunting binoculars

Maven C.2 Ultra-Compact Binoculars

Because of the C.2’s ultra-compact size, these binos will fit into places 8×42 and larger pairs simply cannot. So if your hunter finds him or herself hunting tight spaces, enjoying sporting events, traveling, birding, or hiking, the C.2 is sure to hit the mark.

LEM Products meat grinder for hunters

Meat Grinder

If your loved one doesn’t have a meat grinder for their deer or elk harvest, they’re doing it wrong. Check out our list of 2023’s best meat grinders to find which model best suits their upcoming hunt. As a thank you, they’ll likely reward you with sausage, hamburgers, or bratwurst from their bounty.

Zamberlan Sawtooth boot


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Rechargeable hand warmers

OCOOPA Hand Warmers

If you’ve ever used disposable hand warmers, you know that they range from not-hot-enough to scalding. Give them the boot and give the hunter in your life a rechargeable hand warmer set that lets them choose their exact level of warmth. And in a pinch, this nifty gadget can even charge their phone.

2023 Gift box for hunters with perfectly cooked steak laid across a cutting board

Epic Griller Chef’s Box

Hunting season doesn’t run year-round, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop eating delicious meat in the meantime. Stocked with nearly ten pounds of high-quality bison meat, elk meat, and venison, the Epic Griller Chef’s Box is a unique gift idea for anyone who loves the feast as much as the hunt.

Mini camo hunting stove

Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System

This mini version of the JetBoil is one of my favorite gadgets to recommend to other hunters because of its small footprint and lightweight design. Don’t be fooled by its size, though, as it boils liquids in just minutes. This stove is perfect for a hunter on the go who needs a hot meal at the end of the day.

Best Hunting Gifts Under $50

Skinning knife with guthook

Skinning Knife

That hunter you’re shopping for could probably use a new skinning knife. Of course, that is if they’re any good at hunting. A good quality skinning knife is an essential item in every hunter’s pack. Check out our definitive guide of best skinning knives here; you’re sure to find a suitable blade!

Yeti drink coozy

Yeti Rambler Drink Colster

An ice-cold beer is more or less essential after a long day of hunting, which is why the Yeti Rambler Colster exists. Its burly double-wall vacuum insulation works to keep beverages cool for hours. Make sure your favorite hunter never chokes down a lukewarm brew ever again.

Jase Robertson Tigerwood Duck Call

Gift that duck hunter of yours one of the finest calls on the market. Made by the trusted Duck Commander brand, this high-quality double reed tigerwood call is engraved with famous duck hunter Jase Robertson’s initials. These beautifully crafted works of art are so stellar, they’ve become the #1 best selling duck call on Amazon.

The Meateater fish and game cookbook by Steven Rinella

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook

Stephen Rinella’s name is synonymous with the world of hunting, and his show MeatEater is the number one hunting show in the world. He makes the most out of his harvests and has shared that insight in this wild game recipe book. If you’re looking for a killer hunting gift idea under $50, this is a great value.

Camo binocular harness

Sitka Binocular Harness

Hunting binoculars can get really expensive! This truth is especially problematic if you ever leave your binoculars on a tree stump and forget them. (Ask me how I know.) This binocular harness from Sitka will keep your hunter’s binoculars secure, accessible, and never lost in the middle of the wilderness.

Duck hunting necklace with lanyards for hunters who have everything

Avery DIY Lanyard for Duck Calls

If you’ve been around a duck hunter for five minutes, you’re aware of how much they like to practice their duck calls. Quack, quack! Help them in your life keep all of their calls organized and accessible around their neck while hunting with this lanyard. Coming in under $25, this is an affordable hunting gift idea.

Jerky Gent subscription box

Jerky Gent Jerky Subscription

I sure do love chewing on jerky in the tree blind, and Jerky Gent makes for a damn tasty snack. Four unique, and responsibly sourced bags of jerky come in each box and are delivered monthly with the option to sign up for three, six, nine and 12-month subscriptions. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Leather hunting notebook

Rustico Leather Hunting Log

Designed by hunters, this 96-page leather-bound logbook will help that special someone keep track of the important details of their hunt. It can help track dates, times, temperatures, moon phases, observations, and other data seasoned hunters need to succeed. Get it for that detail-oriented hunter in your life.

Unique Gift Ideas for Hunters Who Have Everything

Portable espresso maker gift for hunters who have everything

Portable Espresso Maker

Hunting can and will exhaust you, which is why having caffeine at the ready is really important. Get your fix in just a couple of minutes with this portable espresso pump that weighs under a pound and fits easily in your jacket pocket. Just add boiling water, pump, and — BOOM — restaurant-quality espresso.

Exploding rifle target in a can

Sonic Boom Exploding Rifle Targets

Deep down inside every hunter, there is a big ol’ kid. Let that kid have a little fun now and again, and give them the gift of gnarly explosions and loud booms. These exploding targets will make for a not-so-ordinary day at the range and will put a smile on that big ol’ kid as they practice their shot.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

This tiny 3-ounce water filter has made countless ultralight backpacking gear lists and would work great for long-distance hunting as well. It eliminates an incredible 99.9% of harmful microbes that cause Giardia or Cryptosporidium. Give safe hydration (and peace of mind) to a parched hunter dear to you.

Crap Taxidermy book by Kat Su

Crap Taxidermy Book

Kat Su made a book of taxidermies gone wrong, and it’s so funny that I nearly spit my drink out every time I open it. This conversation starter is sure to entertain the hunter in your life and whatever company comes walking through their door. If you like to give the gift of laughter, this book will deliver.

Cool Hunting Gadgets & Tech Items

Brown cellular trail camera

Moultrie Edge Trail Camera

Does that hunter in your life moan and groan when it comes time to go deep into the woods to check their old-fashioned trail cameras? Well, grab them a cellular trail camera then; it’ll transmit the photos it takes straight to your hunter’s smartphone (and stop their bellyachin’ instantly).

Blood tracking flashlight by Primos

Primos Bloodhunter Blood Tracking Light

This is one gadget I have never owned but really wish I had. It’s a flashlight that helps you find a blood trail at night. In the world of big-game hunting, a useful tool like this could be invaluable. There are many options on the market, but the Primos brand is the highest-rated and most dependable.

Bushnell night vision monocular for hunting

Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Monocular

God didn’t give us the ability to see in the dark, but this monocular will. Gift your hunter the ability of 20-20 night vision, which will give them an advantage against their nocturnal prey. So, grab this trusty pair if the hunter in your life needs a leg up in their upcoming deer, hog, coyote, rabbit, or raccoon hunt.

Garmin inReach Explorer+ GPS for hunting and fishing

Garmin inReach Explorer+

Do you ever get worried about your hunter when they’re out in the field? Of course you do. This super-rugged, waterproof GPS will allow the carrier the ability to message you no matter where they are in the world. In the event of an emergency, the GPS can alert rescuers to their exact location.

Hunting trail camera SD card viewer gift under $50

Trail Camera SD Card Viewer for Cell Phone

Hunters can check their SD cards from their trail cameras with ease on this Boneview SD Reader. Just plug the card into this little device, and connect it to a cell phone (iPhone or Android). Utilizing an app designed for hunters, this unique gift allows them to view, save, and share photos straight from their smartphones.

RGB headlamp for hunters and fishermen

Petzl Tactikka Stealth Headlamp W/ RGB

Many hunting blogs and reviewers highly recommend this headlamp and so do I; the optical quality of Petzl headlamps is unmatched, in my opinion. Additionally, the Tactikka Stealth allows your hunter to see at night by utilizing red, green, and blue lights. This gadget sure beats a boring pair of socks or a tie!

Rangefinder for elk and deer hunters

Vortex Optics Laser Rangefinder

If you’re looking to impress that hunter in your life you might want to consider a quality rangefinder. The Vortex Optics rangefinder is my absolute favorite, and a go-to among hunting guides I know. The reason? It accurately ranges animals up to a ridiculous 1,800 yards with unmatched precision.

Best Gift Ideas for Elk & Deer Hunters

Spotting scope for elk hunters

Spotting Scope

Own your Christmas morning gift-giving and buy the deer or elk hunter in your life a spotting scope. A quality scope can mean the difference between a successful hunt and going home empty-handed. They’re also great for scouting and viewing wildlife in the off-season, making them handy all year round.

OnX Maps Elite Membership card

OnX Maps Elite Membership

OnX maps are invaluable in the hunting world. An OnX Elite Digital Map membership includes 24,000 topographical and land ownership maps. With OnX, your favorite hunter can save maps on any device prior to their hunts, allowing them to meticulously plan their hunts and avoid getting lost or trespassing.

Gerber Randy Newberg Hunting Knife

Randy Newberg is a household name in the sport of big game hunting, and Gerber is an established and well-respected knife among hunting enthusiasts. Put the two together and you have the perfect hunting knife to give as a gift to any elk, deer, or big game hunter.

Cow elk decoy display

Cow Elk Decoy

A cow elk decoy can give a hunter a little bit of extra time while setting up for a shot or can help to lure in that trophy bull. In recent years, these decoys are increasing in popularity among hunters. Why? Because they work. These decoys make for a worthwhile present that’ll enhance any elk hunter’s gear game.

Game bags for deer and elk meat

BlackOvis Lightweight Game Bags

These are some of the highest-rated game bags on the market. They’re super-lightweight and barely take up any room in a hunter’s pack, saving room for more important things (like beef jerky). These bags help the game meat cool off, and protect it from bugs, dirt, bacteria, and debris.

Trucker hat with an elk logo

LINDO Elk Trucker Hat

I don’t have much to say about this hat except that I find it to be quite stylish, comfortable, and perfect for showing the world you’re focused on one thing: the upcoming elk hunting season. This is a perfect no-fuss Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day gift for any elk hunter and is about as can’t-miss as they come.

Best Clothing for Hunters

Camo hunting boots for gift season

Hunting Boots

Hunting trips can get derailed by blistered, and soggy feet, so give our list of 2023’s best hunting boots a close look. There’s a style for every hunter — cold weather, warm-weather, waterproof, upland, and mountain boots — so choosing a pair for your loved one should be easy and straightforward.

Camo hoodie by Sitka

Sitka Heavyweight Hoody

This hoody will instantly excite your favorite hunter. The reason? Sitka is the top name in hunting apparel and many hunters make the claim that this is their favorite piece of hunting clothing. 5-star reviews are a commonplace for Sitka, and this heavyweight hoody is one of their most popular products.

Camo gloves for cold-weather hunting

Sitka Stormfront GTX Gloves

Sitka Stormfront GTX gloves are not bulky in the slightest and allow for a lot of dexterity, which is very important to me when I am hunting. Even though they’re fairly lightweight and breathable, users of these gloves report they keep your hands nice and toasty even in the chilliest of conditions.

Rechargeable heated insoles for cold-weather hunting

Action Heat Rechargeable Heated Insoles

These rechargeable insoles provide evenly distributed heat for up to 8 hours at a time. So, next time your beloved hunter is in a mid-winter tree stand, or frigid duck blind, they will thank you. These insoles come in all standard shoe sizes, and their settings are easily controlled from a keychain remote.

Camo silicone wedding ring

Kryptek Silicone Wedding Ring

For many reasons, it’s a bad idea to bring your actual wedding ring out into the field. Leave the pricy ring at home keep your forever bond with this camo wedding ring from Groove Life. Speaking of forever bonds, these rings come with a lifetime warranty. Break it, scratch it, or lose it? They’ll replace it for free.

Teva camp shoes for hunting and fishing trips

Teva Moc Ember Camp Shoes

These extremely comfortable camp shoes are perfect for any hunter after a long day in the woods. Help them rest those sore feet in style with these moccasin-style slip-on shoes from Teva. They’re perfect for sitting around the campfire or a drowsy middle-of-the-night pee in the bushes.

Personalized Hunting Gift Ideas

Laser-engraved Fenix hunting flashlight

Custom-Engraved Flashlight

The Fenix PD36, our top-rated hunting flashlight of 2023, can be laser-engraved with your loved one’s name and a cool design (like the American flag or a bald eagle) for free. It’s USB-C rechargeable, cranks out 1,600 lumens, and is as durable as heck. It would make a great addition to any hunter’s gear list.

Camo pesonalized hunting flask with "Chris" written on it below a deer silhouette

Personalized Hunting Flask

Sometimes hunters need a little nip of grandpa’s cough medicine to stay warm when night falls and temperatures drop. Give them a sturdy personalized vessel to hold their favorite adult beverage to sip around the campfire as they recount their busy day spent stalking their prey in the great outdoors.

Deer antler wall art that says "The Thompsons Cabin"

Deer Antlers Personalized Wall Art

This custom deer antler themed wall art is the perfect idea for hunters who need a centerpiece for their cabin, man cave, she-shed, or trophy room. This Amazon seller allows buyers to create custom designs and inscriptions making this a unique and quality present that a hunter will cherish forever.

A black hunting rambler with a deer silhouette and the name "Caleb" engraved

Custom Hunting Themed Tumbler

This custom, laser-engraved Yeti tumbler is sure to impress. Its antler-themed wrap can be custom engraved with the hunter’s name, which makes it the perfect cup to bring hunting. This Amazon vendor, Lifetime Creations, has tons of other personalized gifts in their store, so check them out!

Leather wallet with antlers and the initials "H"

Personalized Leather Wallet

This high-quality leather wallet will remind that hunter of you every time they take their wallet out to buy more hunting gear. It features a whitetail buck on the front and a custom inscription of your hunter’s initials inside or on the face of the wallet. 5-star reviews come in bulk from this trusted vendor.

Ammo canister with an American flag and the name "J. Miller" engraved on it

Personalized Ammo Can

These ammo cans are nifty. They have a real-life look to them and come with rugged imperfections such as rust and scratches. They display an American Flag with the option to custom engrave for your hunter. Create your own inscription to show that hunter in your life that you love them (and their ammo).

Ideas for the Food-Obsessed Hunters

Buck, Buck, Moose cookbook by Hank Shaw for meateaters

Buck, Buck, Moose Big Game Cookbook

From Amazon: “This is not your father’s venison cookbook. Buck, Buck, Moose is the first comprehensive, lushly photographed, full-color guide to working with and cooking all forms of venison, including deer, elk, moose, antelope, and caribou.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

LEM Products 5 tray Big Bite Dehydtrator

LEM Mighty Bite 5-Tray Dehydrator

Do I own this dehydrator? No, but I wish I did. Those who do own one say it creates the most consistent, high-quality dehydrated meat out there and, because of its performance, most hunters would love to open one up on Christmas morning. If my wife is reading this, *wink, nudge*, you know what to do.

Two hands holding an elk burger

Honest Bison Game Time Chefs Box

It’s game time, and this chef’s box from The Honest Bison is sure to turn heads during the playoffs. It ships from their facility with a mix of elk and bison meat and weighs in at over 15 lbs! You’ll find hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, brats, and more in the box. It ships for free and always arrives fresh.

Elk tomahawk steak across a cutting board

Elk Tomahawk Steak

Your hunter is bound to love this show-stopping cut of elk, especially if they weren’t able to harvest one last season. Help them put their skunking in the rearview with this beautiful elk tomahawk steak. As one of our trusted suppliers, The Honest Bison provides top-notch meat shipped straight to your doorstep.

Elk tenderloin cooked perfectly across a white plate over a bed of greens

Cervena Elk Tenderloin

Did that special elk hunter in your life swing and miss this year when hunting elk? Or, are you simply looking to impress them? Here’s your shot. Get them the most tender piece of red meat known to mankind with a flawless Cervena elk tenderloin from Steaks and Game. These steaks are simply mouthwatering.

A package by The Honest Bison that says "GROUND ELK"

Responsibly-Sourced Ground Elk Meat

The ground elk from The Honest Bison is among the best elk meat in the world. They source their meat from US farms that are part of a never-ever program, which ensures your meat arrives with zero added hormones or additives. This meat is versatile enough to use in chili, burgers, meatloaf, you name it.

Gift card by The Honest Bison

Gift Card for The Honest Bison

Don’t know quite what to buy the hunter who has everything? Get them a The Honest Bison gift card so they can get elk, bison, and other delicious meat shipped straight to their doorstep. The Honest Bison is a sustainably-sourced meat supplier that we trust, and we’ve never been let down by their meat.

Funny Gag & Novelty Gifts

T-shirt saying "If it flies it dies, if it hooks it cooks, if it hops it drops"

“If it Flies it Dies” T-Shirt

This hilarious t-shirt on Amazon is perfect for that hunter with a little bit of an ego and a big sense of humor. Let those men boast of their hunting plans and bring a smile out of those around them with this gag-style novelty gift, that says “If It Flies, It Dies. If It Hops, It Drops. If It Hooks, It Cooks.”

Rocks glass with a rifle bullet in the side of it

BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

Behold, one of the cooler novelty gift ideas for that dad, brother, or boyfriend who loves to have a nice stiff drink after a long hunting adventure. Made with a real .308 bullet, these mind-bending BenShot bullet whiskey glasses are made here in the USA and are sure to please this holiday season.

Husband and wife hunting mug, a great Christmas gift

“I Love My Wife” Hunting Mug

Couples that hunt together stay together (or something like that). Send your husband the message that you’re an incredible partner every time you let him disappear into the wilderness on a hunt. Each time he sips him coffee in the morning, he’ll remind the entire household who is the real cool parent is.

Novelty hunting mug with Donald Trump saying "You're a very good hunter..."

Donald Trump “Very Good Hunter” Mug

Love or hate Donald Trump, this mug will brighten your special hunters day. One thing you can say about the former president is that his soundbites make for funny memes, t-shirts, and killer hunting coffee mugs. So, add a little levity to your hunter’s morning brew by giving the gift of this hilarious mug.

Blaze orange toilet paper for hunters

Blaze Orange Toilet Paper Roll

Does the hunter you know rock their blaze orange even when it’s the offseason? If so, get them another bit of flair, so they can practice hunter safety even when they’re in the bathroom. This Blazing Orange Bun Rub may be a novelty/gag gift, but it actually has a real world use and surely won’t go to waste.

Hunter Fart Logbook

Hunters Logbook Farting Journal

No need to raise a big stink! Get that favorite gassy hunter of yours this fart journal instead. With this fart logbook, sitting in the duck blind and journaling has never been so honest, especially the day after eating Jim’s 5-alarm chili. This is one of the best novelty gag gifts for hunters on Christmas or Father’s Day.

Mug that says "WORLD'S OKAYEST HUNTER" in big black font

World’s Okayest Hunter Mug

Poke some fun at that mediocre hunter you love so much and remind them of all the ones that got away with this not-so-subtle mug. Because if all of us hunters were successful, there’d be nothing left to kill! This mug will make even the most middling hunter chuckle as they sip their morning brew.

Black Beard brand gunpowder scented candle

Gunpowder Scented Candle

A review of this candle on Amazon says it all:  “First off, the paint can is a brilliant idea. The scent, though I had my doubts before the candle was lit, smells amazing. And it lasts. I had it going for about half an hour this morning, left the house for an hour and when I came back the scent was still lingering in the air!”

Best Gift Ideas for Fishermen

Orvis ‘Carry-It-All’ Fly Fishing Bag

If you’re close with a fly fisherman, you know how many bits and pieces there are to their setup. Rods, reels, flies, line, leaders, forceps, jackets, sunglasses… you get the point. Help them keep their complex kit organized with this top-notch bag from Orvis, which includes a separate padded compartment for their precious rods.

Fishemens gift vest by Simms brand

Simms Freestone Fishing Vest

Simms is synonymous with quality in the fishing world, and doesn’t that fisherman you love so much deserve the best? This fishing vest has it all including a rod holder and built-in retractors for their fishing tools. Plus, Simms comes with a lifetime warranty. This is the last fishing vest they will ever own!

Fishing pliers set

ZACX Fishing Pliers

These lightweight and agile pliers are a great addition to any fisherman’s bag of tricks and will make a perfect gift for that angler in your life. With thousands of glowing Amazon reviews, you can rest assured knowing you’re giving a quality product that’ll be of great use in the field.

Costa del Tuna sunglasses for fishermen

Costa Del Tuna Alley Polarized Sunglasses

These are among the highest-rated and best sunglasses for fishermen. How do I know? I own a pair. How did I get them? I received them as a gift. Boom! Science. In all seriousness though, a good quality pair of sunglasses can make all the difference to a skilled fisherman and this pair from Costa fits the bill.

Black wading drink coozy for fishermen

Simms Wading Drink Jacket

How cool is this little drink koozie? Well, it’s made by Simms, so you know that it’ll be a long-lasting and quality gift. It’s made from neoprene and attaches right to any fishing wader belt. It will help that special fisherman in your life keep their special little beverage nice and cold while out in the water.

Waterproof wader pouch for fishing

Simms Waterproof Wader Pouch

The Simms waterproof pouch was designed to keep phones and other valuables like wallets and keys dry. It also stores neatly into any Simms Tippet Tender system and fits perfectly in a fishermen’s vest or waders. Give this gift, and your fisherman will have no excuse to ignore your phone call while out on the river.

Blue trucker hat with a fish logo

Simms Payoff Trucker Hat

Get your hands on a stylish Simms Payoff Trucker Hat, and give a gift that your fisherman can feel good in every day. Made of a 100% cotton chino twill front, and a 100% polyester mesh back, this hat is durable, breathable, and easy on the eyes. Its snapback finish allows for the perfect fit.

Tips for Shopping for a Hunter

Hunting supplies — gun, binoculars, knives, bullets, walkie talkies — laid out across a wooden table
Picking the right gift ain’t easy

Gift-giving is a science, so don’t enter the process unprepared. Here are a few pointers that should help you get your hands on the perfect gift for the outdoorsman in your life.

Know Your Hunter

If you’re shopping for a hunter or fisherman, but know next to nothing about their craft, do a little research first.

What animals are they after, exactly? Big or small game? What time of year do they hunt? What’s the weather like during that time of gear? What piece of gear won’t they shut up about?

Poke around their gear shed, ask them a few questions, or reach out to one of their hunting buddies for advice. The more you get to know your hunter, the better off you’ll be when searching for their perfect present.

Read the Reviews!

Let’s say you’ve decided to buy your hunter a new set of binoculars for elk season, but you’re completely overwhelmed with choices and can’t make a decision. Worry not, as a quick dive into reviews will reveal important details about a product.

What do reviewers have to say about magnification and objective lens? What do serious hunters have to say about roof prisms vs Porro prisms? Which field of view is best for elk hunting?

Spend quality time reading reviews to ensure you’re buying the right present for your recipient.

Buy Products That are Built to Last

Nobody wants to give a gift that will fall apart during its first season of use, so be sure to buy products that are durable and will stand up to the abuses of hunting and/or fishing. Avoid cheaply made knockoffs from brands you’ve never heard of and stick to the household names.

All of the stores I listed above (aside from, say, Amazon) are stocked full of trusted brands that will stand the test of time. Shop from trusted retailers and rest assured that your gift will last for a long time.

Get the Best Possible Gift for the Hunter in Your Life

A hunter approaching a deer stand with a gun in his hands at sunset
Which gift will you choose for the hunter in your life?

Gift-giving is rarely easy for us hunters and fishermen. We love gear, and there’s a lot to take into account when searching for a present that really knocks it out of the park.

Some ideas on this list are more practical and can help to keep that hunter in your life safe, warm, and hydrated. Some are just meant to get a good laugh. No who you’re shopping for, we hope you found something on this list that hits the sweet spot for that hunter or fisherman in your life.

Whether you’re picking up some meat for the hunter who barely let one slip away, or you want to help them do better next year with a top-of-the-line rangefinder, we’re glad you stopped by.

And, if you have a great gift idea be sure to comment below, and we’ll consider adding it to the list. Cheers, and happy gift giving!

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