10 Best Gun Cabinets & Lockers 2023 [Wood, Metal & Hidden]

Three of 2023's best gun cabinets and lockers in a basement with brick walls and cement floors
Our Favorite Gun Cabinets & Lockers of 2023 (SecureIt, Stack-On, SureLock & More)

No two gun owners are exactly alike. You see that in their choice of firearms, but also in what they do with them on the home front. How will they store them, and what are their needs in doing so? It often comes down to choosing between gun storage safes, cabinets, or lockers. This post sheds light on the last two, and points you to your best options available in 2023.

People buy gun cabinets and lockers for several reasons: Basic security, sure, but what kind of storage — Large capacity? Quick access? Showcase displays? Budget-friendly options? Mobile storage? Many gun owners need more than one form of storage, and this list can help them choose a solution that will work best for them.

In general, cabinets and lockers are more versatile and affordable than gun safes. With that in mind, I’ve looked at countless top choices out there and hand-picked the ten best from industry-leading brands such as Stack-On, SecureIt, and SureLock. Let’s dive in and explore the best gun cabinets and lockers available in 2023.

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Best Gun Cabinets of 2023

Gun Cabinets vs. Gun Safes: What’s the Difference?

You might ask yourself, “Aren’t gun cabinets and gun safes the same thing?” Nope. The two are very different, mainly in terms of their locking mechanisms and the thickness of the steel enclosure. Gun cabinets and lockers are the smaller, lighter, and easier-to-access versions of gun safes.

All About Gun Cabinets

Gun cabinets are constructed from thinner steel than gun safes. This makes them smaller and lighter but also somewhat less secure than a safe. They’re usually opened with a regular key or barrel key locking mechanism, which provides much quicker access to your guns when needed.

  • Quicker access to guns
  • Less secure; easier to break into
  • Better for short-term storage

All About Gun Safes

Gun safes are the bigger and more secure older brother of gun cabinets. They have much more complex locking systems and thicker steel to prevent theft. Unlike gun cabinets, most safes also have a fire rating to protect your guns and other valuables in the event of a home fire.

  • More tedious to access
  • More secure; harder to break into
  • Better for long-term storage

Both safes and cabinets play essential roles in protecting firearms. For those who are limited in space or need quick access to their guns, a gun cabinet or locker might be the better choice. Others may prefer the better security, fire protection, and firearm capacity that gun safes provide.

Best Metal Gun Cabinets & Lockers

Most gun cabinets and lockers are constructed of metal. These will provide some of the highest levels of security while still being lightweight and easy to move. They also tend to have some of the largest firearm capacities.

High-End Locker for Rifles & Long Guns
SecureIt 84-12/3

SecureIt 84-12/3 firearm storage

Materials: 14 gauge steel
Capacity: 12 long guns
Dimensions: 84″ x 36″ x 15.5”
Weight: 345 lb

If you want the best when it comes to gun storage, the SecureIt 84-12/3 is a top contender. It’s a tactical gun locker that was designed with the US Army Special Forces in mind, and it can hold a wide variety of different guns and gear. It’s not only high-quality and tough, but completely modular and customizable while holding up to 12 rifles.

Weighing in at 345 pounds, the 84-12/3 is relatively lightweight for its size, and secure and practical for any firearm enthusiast. With its modular shelves, trays, and gun racks, you can organize and store your guns, ammunition, and other gear in any way that you see fit. After all, what good are guns without ammo, optics, and cleaning supplies?

The SecureIt 84-12/3 is easily the best overall metal gun cabinet of 2023, thanks to its modular organization and large size. It beats the competition by providing the features and quality required by our Special Forces.

  • Pros: Modular organization system for complete customization; a large firearm and gear storage capacity; high-quality fit and finish
  • Cons: Relatively expensive; the initial setup takes time; additional shelves and trays may be required
  • Best for: Those who want flexible customization and top quality


Top Option With Sliding Drawers
SureLock Security Constitutional 14-Gun

SureLock Security Constitutional 14-Gun case

Materials: 20 gauge steel
Capacity: 14 long guns
Dimensions: 60” x 30” x 22”
Weight: 173 lb

If organized storage is important to you, then the SureLock Security Constitutional 14-Gun Locker is sure to impress. It’s our favorite locking gun option with sliding drawers and an electronic lock for easy access.

This will keep up to 14 of your favorite guns safe and secure while storing them in 2 vertical drawers, each of which can support up to 150 lbs. With its roll-out drawers, you’ll have better organization and capacity in a much smaller package. Thanks to its compact size, you won’t be limited in choosing a location for your gun storage.

With features seldom seen in other gun cabinets, the SureLock Security Constitutional is very affordable. If you want a small, affordable, lightweight option that can be moved around easily, this may be the one.

  • Pros: Slide-out drawers with excellent capacity and layout flexibility; a lightweight and small footprint; affordable price
  • Cons: No compartments or drawers for handguns or ammunition
  • Best for: Those wanting plenty of organization or are very limited on space


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Lightweight Locker With Electric Push Button Lock
SecureIt Agile Ultralight 52

SecureIt Agile Ultralight 52 rifle storage

Materials: 14 gauge steel
Capacity: 6 long guns
Dimensions: 52″ x 20.25” x 15.25”
Weight: 105 lb

Mobility is not a top consideration when most people think of gun lockers. But SecureIt puts mobility front and center with their Agile Ultralight 52. It’s a decentralized gun storage system designed to be lightweight and mobile. It makes it easy to move your gun storage to any spot you want.

This locker was designed to be organized on the go, hidden anywhere in a house, and provide quick access to your guns. Being lightweight and tactical are two advantages of the Agile Ultralight 52, both of which it accomplishes quite well. Plus, its electric push-button lock offers the quickest access you can get from secured gun storage.

We love the idea of a gun locker that’s small and lightweight enough to move around. And while it only holds a maximum of 6 long guns, that’s more than enough storage for the mobility-minded.

  • Pros: Lightweight, small, and mobile; flexibility in locating it anywhere in your home; excellent value
  • Cons: Relatively small firearm storage capacity; additional shelves are required to also store handguns or gear
  • Best for: Those who value mobility and extremely quick access


Popular Budget Buy
Stack-On 10-Gun

Stack-On 10 rifle safe

Materials: 20 Gauge Steel
Capacity: 10 Long Guns
Dimensions: 17” x 13.5” x 53”
Weight: 68 lbs

If you’re trying to protect and secure your guns on a budget, you aren’t alone. When I was a broke college student and needed to lock up my firearms in my first apartment, I wanted a small, simple gun storage that I could move up and down stairs. I finally settled on the Stack-On 10-Gun locker, a budget-friendly option that does its job without emptying your wallet.

Stack-On is a familiar and trusted brand in the firearm industry, with decades of experience. They’ve built their reputation on making some of the most affordable high-quality gun security solutions in the world.

If you’re a gun enthusiast on a budget, you really can’t go wrong with the Stack-On 10-Gun. It’s small, lightweight, and genuinely affordable. Save money with on storage so you can afford to buy more guns and ammunition.

  • Pros: Affordable, compact, and lightweight
  • Cons: Keyed entry can make access somewhat slow; no space for handguns
  • Best for: Those who want to secure their guns at a reasonable price


Small, No-Frills Locker for Pistols & Handguns
Stack-On GCB-900

Stack-On GCB-900 for pistols

Materials: 20 gauge steel
Capacity: 5-9 handguns
Dimensions: 10” x 18” x 21”
Weight: 30 lb

Some cabinets and lockers are intended for rifles and don’t include storage space for handguns. Stack-On has solved this issue with their GCB-900. This mini gun locker for handguns can even be mounted on top of your existing Stack-On long gun cabinet to increase overall capacity.

While you can use the Stack-On GCB-900 as a straightforward metal locker, its smaller size also lends itself to being hidden anywhere around the home. It can be easily placed in a closet or under a bed for better concealment and security while keeping handguns close by when needed.

For those that want a simple, no-frills gun lock box for a few pistols or extra ammunition, the Stack-On GCB-900 is the solution. The two removable shelves give you more added space when you need it, and the price tag won’t force you to take out a second mortgage on your home.

  • Pros: Inexpensive; small and concealable; holds a large number of pistols; can be mounted on top of other Stack-On products
  • Cons: Keyed entry with slow access; too small to store larger handguns
  • Best for: Those who only need handgun security or lack the space for them in their current gun storage

Best Wooden Gun Cabinets & Lockers

Some of us want to put our firearms on display, but metal gun cabinets and lockers don’t allow that. That’s where wooden options really shine. Although they provide the least amount of protection against thieves, wooden gun cabinets allow you to proudly showcase your entire gun collection.

High-End Solid Oak With Glass Door
Scout 910

Wooden Scout 910 glass case

Materials: Solid oak
Capacity: 12 long guns
Dimensions: 72.25” x 45.5” x 13”
Weight: 175 lb

It’s easy to spot the difference in quality when comparing wooden gun cabinets. If you want one of the best, look no further than the Scout 910. Handmade in the USA, this beauty was built with only one thing in mind — quality.

The Scout’s double glass doors put your firearms front and center. You have the option of pre-installed fluorescent lighting to highlight your guns even more. Both the main display section and the storage area underneath have keyed locks to keep the entire cabinet securely locked and kid-proof.

High-quality options like the Scout 910 offer beauty and functionality that’s hard to beat, and its classic design adds elegance to your collection.

  • Pros: Durable, solid oak construction; large storage capacity; separate lockable storage for ammo and gear
  • Cons: Heavy, with a large footprint
  • Best for: Those who want to display their firearms and want the best quality available


Budget-Friendly Choice
American Furniture Classics 8-Gun

American Furniture Classics wooden firearm storage

Materials: Veneered wood
Capacity: 8 long guns
Dimensions: 20” x 13.5” x 66.5”
Weight: 76 lb

If you want a wooden gun cabinet and are budget-minded, take a hard look at this option from American Furniture Classics. It’s cheap in price but not in quality, giving you the ability to store and display your guns with a stylish construction and finished wood exterior.

This no-frills, 8-gun wood gun storage also has lockable storage for ammunition or cleaning supplies. The tempered glass doors provide a clear view of the long guns inside, with felt-lined barrel rests to prevent scratches.

With an incredibly low price tag, American Furniture Classics gives you a traditional and stylish wooden showcase that will last for years. It’s the perfect option for those on a budget but want to display their guns safely, beautifully, and securely.

  • Pros: Excellent price for a wooden cabinet; lightweight and easy to move; tempered glass for additional safety
  • Cons: Limited storage space underneath; does not come with extra keys
  • Best for: Those who want to display their guns without paying top dollar

Best Hidden/Concealed Gun Cabinets

The safest place to store your guns is where nobody can find them in the first place. How can a thief break into something they can’t see? This is the beauty of hidden and concealed gun lockers, and one of the main reasons behind their growing popularity.

Concealed Mirror for Rifles & Long Guns
Tactical Walls 1450

Tactical Walls 1450 hidden gun cabinet

Materials: Poplar wood exterior
Capacity: 3-6 handguns, 2 long guns (depending on customization)
Dimensions: 3.5” x 14” x 40”
Weight: 48 lb

One of the most discreet places to store your firearms is behind the Tactical Walls 1450 Concealment Mirror. This hidden cabinet lies behind a large sliding mirror that reveals your arsenal when needed while keeping it close by and hidden when you don’t.

The full-length wall mirror is very inconspicuous, keeping its contents well hidden. Behind it, you have various customization options depending on your firearm needs. It can store two short-barrel long guns or a multitude of pistols by using custom inserts or an included electronic safe.

To keep the mirror as inconspicuous as possible, you can choose from several custom models to match your home’s decor. Once it’s recessed into the wall, it blends in. Would-be thieves will never know it’s there, and you’ll have quick access to the contents by using a simple magnetic key.

  • Pros: Extremely concealable; many customization options; excellent fit and finish
  • Cons: Proper wall installation requires work; limited internal storage
  • Best for: Those who want the ultimate in concealment and the ability to store guns in high-traffic areas of the home


Hidden Shelf for Pistols & Handguns
Tactical Traps Patriot 35S

Tactical Traps Patriot 35S trap door shelf

Materials: Wood
Capacity: 2 handguns
Dimensions: 10.25” x 22.5” x 4”
Weight: 10 lb

Another secure way to hide guns is a concealed gun shelf. The Tactical Traps Patriot 35S is the best gun shelf on the market, holding two pistols within its padded interior and giving you plenty of color options to seamlessly blend with the existing decor.

This gun shelf uses an RFID locking system to provide 1-second access by simply waving your coded key card in front of the built-in sensor on the front. The bottom will gently drop down, revealing your guns, and bathing them in soft LED lighting.

While this gun shelf is only for pistols and revolvers, it’s perfect for any firearms owner who wants a smarter way to store and access smaller guns.

  • Pros: Quick access; customizable foam inserts; blends well with nearly any home decor; easy to mount to the wall
  • Cons: Only holds two handguns and additional magazines; no room for ammunition
  • Best for: Those who value speed when accessing handguns and want to keep them safe from children or strangers


Patriotic Wall Art Gun Storage With Trap Door
Tactical Traps Old Glory

Tactical Traps Old Glory RFID pistol storage wall art

Materials: Wood
Capacity: 2 Handguns
Dimensions: 25” x  15” x  2.5”
Weight: 15 lb

Another clever way to conceal your handguns is the Tactical Traps Old Glory, a beautiful American Flag wall art piece that hides your guns from prying eyes. It’s perfect for holding 2 regular-sized handguns and uses the same RFID locking system that Tactical Traps is known for.

Tactical Traps offers multiple options for the flag art so you can better match your home’s decor and style. With a quick swipe of your coded key card, the flag lifts to reveal your handguns, held securely in place by foam inserts.

With this hidden style of gun storage, nobody will know you have handguns nearby. When being discreet matters, it’s hard to beat products from Tactical Traps, a Made-in-America company.

  • Pros: Different wall art options for any style; quick access to firearms; inexpensive
  • Cons: The opening mechanism can wear out over time; requires a decent amount of wall space
  • Best for: Patriotic gun owners who need additional handgun storage with easy access


Our Criteria for Reviewing Gun Cabinets & Lockers

SecureIt brand locker for long guns, hand guns, and ammunition
There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your next gun storage solution

Purchasing a gun cabinet or locker can be a big decision, so how did we narrow our list to find the best of the best? First, let’s take a quick look at the criteria we used in bringing your our choices for the best lockers and cabinets of 2023.


The construction of a cabinet will affect its size, weight, and durability. For metal storage, we prefer to see steel construction that’s at least 20 gauge or thicker. This ensures solid and durable storage that will keep thieves out. For wooden options, you want solid wood or strong composites to ensure longevity and high quality.

Size & Weight

Size is often an important consideration for gun owners, as you must be able to fit your gun storage comfortably into your home. The larger the size, the heavier its weight, and the harder it will be to move. A good gun locker should have a reasonable size-to-weight ratio.

Storage Capacity

Along with overall size, storage space is an essential consideration when making a purchase. Just because a gun cabinet or locker is large on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean it can hold a large number of firearms. You need a storage option that will hold everything you require.

Security Features

While gun cabinets don’t often possess the same level of security features as gun safes, they still must provide plenty of protection to keep your valuables secure. Some models rely on a simple lock and key, while others take it a step further with electronic locks and keypads.

Speed of Access

Cabinets and lockers generally provide quicker access to guns than safes do. When trouble rears its head, the last thing that you need is to fumble around as you try to access your firearms. That’s when seconds count.


Last but certainly not least, you have to consider the price tag. Gun cabinets and lockers come in a wide range of prices, and not all of us are made of money. Getting the best bang for your buck is important, especially for anything firearm-related.

Which Gun Cabinet or Locker Will Keep Your Firearms Secure?

Hand putting a lock on a red locker with a rifle inside
Keep your firearms safe, secure, and easy to access

We hope you now have a better sense of what goes into the best gun cabinets and lockers in 2023. No matter what your budget or needs are, there’s sure to be an option here that fits the bill.

You must always properly secure your firearms, and it doesn’t matter if you use wood, metal, or hidden cabinets to achieve that. The important thing is that your firearms remain safe and secure. It’s good to know that companies like Stack-On, SecureIt, and SureLock are out there and dedicated to giving us what we need.

So, what’s your next step? Whether you own cheap or high-end guns, they need a place to live. It’s up to you to choose your budget, the capacity you need, or whether you want to display your collection.

We wish you the best of luck finding your ideal gun cabinet and hope we’ve shed light on the topics that matter most to you. Let us know in the comments below.

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