11 Best Hunting Fanny Packs for Hunters of All Types in 2023

Two bowhunters wearing waist packs on a 2023 hunt walking through a river
Our Favorite Hunting Fanny Packs of 2023 (ALPS Outdoorz, Badlands, Carhartt & More)

Buying the best hunting fanny pack doesn’t have to make you feel like any less of a hunter. Maybe it’s best to get over the words ‘fanny pack’ and call it something more rugged — like a lumbar pack, waist pack, or hip pack.

Or, if you want to go the other way, calling it a butt pack might score a few laughs, too. Once you’re past the name, bow and rifle hunters searching for deer, elk, turkey, and small game all benefit from having gear and ammo close at hand.

Now, as somebody who laughed when I first thought about “rugged” fanny packs, I realize I made a mistake. In reality, they enhance your hunt thanks to helpful features like shoulder straps, accessory pocket expandability, and Realtree camo. Plus, they come in styles ranging from compact pouches to entire daypack replacements.

With major players in the game, including Sitka, Badlands, ALPS OutdoorZ, and some affordable Amazon brands vying for your hard-earned dollar, a solid lumbar pack should be easy to find here.

If you’re ready to check out some of the coolest camo gear haulers on the market today, keep reading for 2023’s best fanny packs for hunting.

Best Hunting Waist Packs with Straps

The lumbar and hip packs you’ll find in this section give hunters the ability to carry exactly what they need without breaking their backs.

With padded hip belts and shoulder harnesses, the weight gets distributed evenly. Plus, hunters can remove the straps and harnesses to flip them around into fanny pack mode to find their most essential gear quickly.

If you’re the type who’s looking to save some pack weight — and potential back pain — look no further.

Best Overall Hunting Fanny Pack
Sitka Tool Belt

Sitka Tool Belt camo gear hauler

Weight: 2.6 lb
Capacity: 600 cubic inches
Pros: Excellent design, quality material, comfortable
Cons: A bit expensive
Best for: Ultralight turkey, deer, and elk hunting

Those familiar with hunting gear probably aren’t surprised that a Sitka item sits atop our list. Considering all the new ultralight and minimalist hunting methods, the Tool Belt makes perfect sense.

Consider this: Not everybody wants to bring a bulky backpack into the field. Saddle hunters, tree stand folks, and everybody in the mobile hunting scene needs to keep their pack weight low. That means identifying their most critical gear and bringing nothing else. Sitka’s solution gives hunters that ability.

When you take a closer look, you’ll see why. You’ll find:

  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Four bungie compartments and one zippered inside
  • A quiet magnetic closure
  • A reversible opening for when it’s in fanny mode
  • Two built-in water bottle holders

Aside from these qualities, the Tool Belt is built in typical Sitka quality. The material is excellent, and the stitching appears strong. Plus, with Sitka’s Elevated II Optifade camo, ground-level deer won’t see a thing while you’re perched above them, ready to strike.

We think it’s the best fanny pack for minimalist hunters if you can handle the high price.


Runner Up
Badlands Monster

Badlands Monster camo lumbar bag with straps

Weight: 2.6 lb
Capacity: 1,100 cubic inches
Pros: Very well made, waterproof, comfortable
Cons: Runs big
Best for: Carrying lots of stuff without bringing a whole daypack

We understand if you don’t want to pony up for the Sitka Tool Belt. Those looking to save some dough will appreciate the Badlands Monster.

With Badlands’s excellent waterproof KXO-32 fabric, all your most crucial gear will stay dry even when the sky opens up on your head. Then, its highly durable Aramid thread will keep the whole thing in one piece if you catch a snag.

But aside from the materials, some additional features you’ll get with the Monster include:

  • Molded-foam suspension for comfort
  • Large internal capacity and daisy chain webbing
  • Realtree Edge camo
  • Seven total pockets
  • Compatibility with 1-liter hydration systems
  • A lightweight frame to support the pack

With all these features, don’t think of the Monster as a step down from the Tool Belt. Instead, consider it a budget-friendly solution to carrying everything you need on your next ultralight big game or turkey hunt.

Keep this in mind, though: with all this capacity, the Monster runs big. So if you’re a smaller hunter, check out the two options below.


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Best Budget Lumbar Pack
ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear

ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear bag with Realtree camo

Weight: 2.1 lb
Capacity: 500 cubic inches
Pros: High-quality fabric, stays out of the way, comfortable
Cons: Snaps are a bit cheap
Best for: After-work deer hunts, hiking trips, fishing

For the best bang for your fanny pack buck, the ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear might stand out as Goldilocks’ “just right” pack. That’s because of the versatility this pouch-like waist pack provides.

It comes with four pockets, or just enough space to carry anything you need in a hang-and-bang hunting situation (so long as you’ve already set your stands). Plus, with its included external straps, you can carry any sheds you might stumble across or a rain jacket in case of bad weather.

But that’s not all. You’ll also find:

  • A removable waist belt and shoulder harness
  • Accessory pocket compatibility
  • Durable polyester material available in three camo patterns
  • Padded waist belt for comfort

Perhaps the best feature, though, is the price. If you want to try this pack style without spending too much, the Little Bear is 2023’s best hunting fanny pack for the money. Beware, though, it’s pretty small, so bigger hunters should look elsewhere. The ALPS Big Bear we review down below presents an exciting alternative.

Bowhunter’s Pick
Timber Hawk Gut Hook

Timber Hawk Gut Hook hunting waist pack with shoulder straps

Weight: 1.2 lb
Capacity: 925 cubic inches
Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, innovative
Cons: Not for bigger hunters
Best for: Hands-free walks to the stand

If you’re looking for a fanny pack to carry your bow for hands-free hunting, the Timber Hawk Gut Hook could be your new best friend.

This lightweight shoulder-supported pack comes with an ingenious slot to carry your compound bow. And with a slew of pockets and expandability, you might just replace that bulky old pack of yours.

But those aren’t its only features; you also get:

  • 15.2 liters of capacity
  • A large main pocket
  • Three interior accessories pockets
  • Padded shoulder and waist for breathability
  • Durable yet quiet twill fabric

For archery hunters, without getting into the much larger packs like the ALPS Pathfinder at the bottom of this list, there may not be a better lumbar pack available at this price point.


Best Strapless Hunting Fanny Packs

We dedicate this section to bags you’ll wear primarily as a traditional fanny pack without shoulder harnesses to help distribute your pack weight.

They’re handy for keeping crap out of your pockets so you can move freely. We also like to bring them as our personal items for airplane trips to keep our phones, wallets, and earbuds in an easy-to-reach spot.

Best Overall Butt Pack
ALPS OutdoorZ Prospector

ALPS OutdoorZ Prospector camo hip bag

Weight: .9 lb
Capacity: 400 cubic inches
Pros: Great size yet small enough to toss in the truck
Cons: Kangaroo straps can get in the way for some
Best for: Ultra minimalist archery and bow hunting

Minimalist early-season bowhunters taking a quick weekday jaunt to the stand don’t always need to carry a bunch of junk with them. Short trips require less stuff.

So instead of stuffing your pant pockets, the Prospector will securely hold and organize your gear in ways your britches can only dream of.

The key features you’ll find include:

  • A large main compartment
  • Comfortable padded waist belt 
  • Front bungee cord system for a jacket
  • Mossy Oak camo pattern
  • Quiet material

While this hunting fanny pack is small compared to a backpack, it’ll carry just about everything you need for a day. Just be aware some hunters complain about its kangaroo straps getting in the way.

When you put all its elements together, including price, we rank the Prospector as our favorite strapless hunting fanny pack of 2023.

Runner Up Hip Pack
North Mountain Gear

North Mountain Gear hauler

Weight: Not Listed
Capacity: Not Listed
Pros: Great secondary back to pull stuff from
Cons: Water bottle holder
Best for: Digging out smaller items quickly while on that turkey hunt

If you’re looking for more of a pouch — something a bit smaller than the Prospector listed above — but refuse to carry a purse, look no further than North Mountain Gear’s hunting fanny pack.

While not overly large, this compact and lightweight hip pack will deliver the goods safely from your belly to the tree stand.

Some features you’ll find in this pack include:

  • Three camo patterns
  • Waterproofing
  • 100% polyester construction
  • Padded back panel for breathability
  • Multiple pockets to keep you organized

Keep in mind that its water bottle holder is too small for larger vessels, but if you can deal with that limitation, we think you’ll like this hip pack from North Mountain Gear.


No Frills Pouch
Carhartt Adjustable Waist Pack

Carhartt Adjustable Camo Waist Pack

Weight: .7 lbs
Capacity: Not Listed
Pros: Very well built
Cons: Size not ideal for some hunters
Best for: Keeping the essentials close at hand

Unlike most hip packs on this list, the Carhartt adjustable waist pack isn’t purpose-built for hunting. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t rugged enough to carry your calls, phone, and keys. Heck, it’s excellent while fishing at the lake too.

Whether you carry it over the shoulder or around your waist, this small, well-made fanny pack will help you get in and out of your spot quickly and quietly.

What else does it offer?

  • It’s made with durable water repellent material
  • Two pockets — one for larger stuff and the other a key fob
  • A quick-release buckle 
  • Durable YKK zippers
  • Two external loops for attaching stuff
  • One camo pattern and four solid colors

If you’re searching for a rugged, no-frills hunting fanny pack with strong zipper closures and no straps, this Carhartt is one tough little fanny. It’s not the largest option on this list, but it should make for an excellent scouting bag.


Tactical Lumbar Pack
Shangri-La Range Bag

Shangri-La Tactical Range Bag

Weight: Not Listed
Capacity: Not Listed
Pros: Lots of pockets, expandable
Cons: Smaller option is smaller than some might like
Best for: EDC range bag or holding crucial hunting gear

Maybe the term fanny pack is giving you pause. If that’s the case, I get it. For something much deadlier sounding, check out Shangri-La’s Tactical Range Bag.

With this lumbar pack, you’ll be able to carry all your EDC items, including pistol, ammo, gloves, and whatever else. And with the built-in MOLLE straps, attaching gear will be a breeze. Plus, with a slew of pockets, you can pack everything you’ll need for a good day of getting shots in at the range.

But that’s not all. Additional features include:

  • High-density 1000D nylon construction
  • One main compartment with two side pockets, then single pockets on the front and top
  • Ability to use it three ways (handle, waist, shoulder)
  • Modular and expandable capabilities

Because it’s so well-suited as a range bag, we think it would also make an excellent addition to your hunting kit.

That said, there are no camo options. Also, the waist belt isn’t detachable, and the shoulder strap is a bit short. But, for the price, we think it makes an excellent addition to your EDC or hunting kit. It also comes in two sizes, so you can choose the correct model to carry your gear.


Inexpensive Option

ArcEnCiel 2022 budget hunting fanny pack on a budget

Weight: .9 lb
Capacity: Not Listed
Pros: Cheap, looks good, customizable
Cons: Pockets up front are relatively small
Best for: Quick trips where you don’t need much gear

This bag from ArcEnCiel features a traditional pouch shape like the Northern Mountain Gear hip pack. It’ll offer all the organizational qualities you need for quickly locating gear on an early-season turkey trip, late-season deer hunt, or fishing expedition.

Plus, with the ability to customize this lumbar pack with velcro patches, your hunting buddies won’t ever confuse your fanny for theirs. That’s important because Uncle LeRoy tends to have sticky fingers from time to time.

What else do you get with this waist pack?

  • Highly durable 1000D nylon construction
  • A compartment big enough for an iPad mini
  • Hidden back pocket for things you want to conceal
  • MOLLE external expansion

Of course, when buying a bag this size, it can run small. But with a few different camo patterns and solid colors to choose from at a highly affordable price, it’s worth the investment.


Best Lumbar Packs That Convert to Day Packs

If you need even more space than the first section of hip and butt packs, look into these daypack replacements from ALPS.

These bags are extendable to help you carry more of what you need. That includes jackets, extra pants, gloves, beanies, and whatever else you can stuff in a daypack. The Pathfinder (the final product we mention) even provides enough rigidity to carry out meat.

Best For Packing Clothing
ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear

Weight: 3.1 lb
Capacity: 2,700 cubic inches
Pros: Lightweight, highly expandable
Cons: Not waterproof
Best for: Big game hunters who need to carry a bit more from early to late seasons

We talked about the Little Bear lumbar pack from ALPS in the first section of our review, and now we’re going to get into its much larger cousin.

Unlike the Little Bear, the Big Bear’s uppermost section extends into a daypack. This feature is incredible for day hikes or hunters who wear extra clothing to stay warm in the mornings and then need a place to put it in the afternoon.

That’s not the only bit of expandability. Hunters can attach a binocular and call pocket to enhance its versatility even further. But that’s not all; you’ll also get:

  • Removable shoulder straps/harness
  • Padded waist for extra comfort and stability
  • A few camo patterns to choose from
  • Relatively low weight of just over three pounds
  • Total of 44-liter storage capacity

Just know it’s not the best for turkey hunters since sitting down with it on your back is impossible. But, with its expandability and durable construction, it might be my favorite hunting fanny pack on this list. Well, maybe. The next option is pretty great too.

Heavy Load Hauler
ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder

ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder waist bag with shoulder straps for hauling big loads

Weight: 5 lb
Capacity: 2700 cubic inches
Pros: Heavy duty, hauls meat and weapons
Cons: Heaviest on the list
Best for: Pack replacement

Look no further for the ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder for the most heavy-duty fanny pack for hunting you’ll find on this list.

This souped-up fanny pack offers the best of both worlds. First, it’s small enough to pack down into a convenient lumbar bag, yet it has the expandability, strength, and rigidity to haul out meat should you get lucky enough to fill your tag.

But that’s not its only selling point. With a bag this impressive, you’ll want to check out the additional features, including:

  • H20 pocket and port for hydrating
  • Extension lashing straps to help you haul more
  • Day pack can carry a bow, and a drop-down pocket accommodates a rifle
  • Compatibility with binocular and turkey call pockets
  • Padded waist belt to allow air circulation

Truly, the Pathfinder represents a heavy-duty hunting fanny pack you’ll love to tote around. But that doesn’t title come without tradeoffs; at five pounds, it’s the heaviest option on this list.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Next Hip Pack

Camo lumbar pack full of hunting gear with a foggy forest as a backdrop
A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect pack for your needs

Choosing a suitable fanny pack for hunting comes down to a handful of key factors. Because these packs are more specialized and vary significantly in features, you’ll want to consider the following aspects when making your choice.


Weight is the primary concern for any mobile hunter. That’s part of why these lumbar packs are so popular — they let hunters bring what they need and nothing more.

To that end, ensure you get a pack that you’ll feel comfortable loading up full of your essential gear and carrying throughout your hunt. It’s not just about the pack weight itself, but also how much weight you plan to put inside it.

If you want to carry an extremely lightweight pack but also your bow, check out the Timber Hawk Gut Hook. And if you want a pack for the bare essentials, the ALPS Prospector would make an excellent addition to your arsenal.


It’s a given that you won’t be able to bring the entire kitchen sink in these hip packs; that much is certain. But, they come in remarkably variable sizes ranging from just a few liters up to 44.

The Pathfinder converts into a daypack for the hunter who wants the ability to pack in heavy gear and haul out a harvest. Consider the Carhartt Adjustable Waist Pack if you don’t need much internal storage.

Choosing the right product depends on inventorying your gear and ensuring you have room to fit everything you deem essential on the hunt.


The materials you find on all these fanny packs for hunting vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some of them are built with heavy-duty nylon, while others utilize polyester.

Either way, rest assured that the products listed here are made from highly durable materials that can withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

Badland’s Monster, for example, is made from their proprietary KXO-32 fabric. This material handles all the woods can throw at it. Plus, it’s rainproof.

For a smaller yet durable pouch, check out the Shangri-La Range Bag. It features heavy-duty nylon for long-lasting performance.


Because these waist packs weigh much less than fully framed hunting packs and backpacks, they utilize expandable pockets and attachments to keep all your most crucial gear easy to find and accessible.

For example, the Little Bear from ALPS can connect a bino accessory pouch and a game call pouch. Sitka’s excellent Tool Belt comes with two water bottle pockets that hunters can remove with a simple clip.

For the ultimate in expandability, some of these lumbar packs can transform into full daypacks like the Big Bear from ALPS. When picking out a waist pack for your hunting needs, there are plenty of options to consider.


Like belts, these packs must fit around your waist if you want to feel comfortable. Each manufacturer will include a waist strap length chart to consider when deciding which butt pack suits you.

Keep in mind that some of the shoulder straps are also shorter on some than others, too. We highlighted specific products that run small or big, but if you’re confused, check the Amazon listing or the manufacturer’s website.

Which Hunting Fanny Pack Will You Choose for 2023?

Bowhunter holding a compound bow at his side while wearing a camo butt pack
Stash your gear, move quietly through the backcountry, fill your tag

No matter which fanny pack for hunting you decide to strap on, we think switching from a traditional backpack to a lumbar or hip pack can make a world of difference. They reduce weight, help you determine what’s necessary, and keep you organized.

Plus, because they’re made for hunting, they have all sorts of cool add-ons that you can expand on for years to come. Whether you’re hunting with a bow or a rifle, your upcoming trip will be more comfortable with a carefully chosen hip pack.

Having your gear close at hand is never a bad idea, and these camo butt packs will deliver on your 2023 deer, elk, turkey, or small game hunt.

No matter if you choose a lumbar pack made by Sitka, Badlands, ALPS OutdoorZ, or any other trusted name, we hope you found a great tool to help you get the most out of your hunt or time at the range. We hope you enjoyed our buyer’s guide to 2023’s best hunting fanny packs. Thanks for stopping in.

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