11 Best Hunting Socks 2023 [Cold Weather, Heated & More]

Three pairs of hunting socks hanging on a tree branch
2023’s Best Hunting Socks: Warm to Cold Weather, Heated, Stalking & More

Is your big toe sticking through the end of your hunting socks? Well, my friend, it’s time to let go and grab yourself a snug, breathable, and durable new pair from this guide to 2023’s best hunting socks.

A no-nonsense hunter like yourself deserves to get it straight when it comes to hunting gear, so we picked out the 11 best pairs of hunting socks on the market today. After countless experience in the field, research, and advice from lifelong hunters, we’ve made this no-frills guide to help keep your tootsies warm, dry, and comfortable this upcoming season. 

This guide is very diverse, so no matter which type of hunter you are or what season, you’re sure to find a set that works for you. From the world’s best warm and cold weather hunting socks to heated socks, socks for sweaty feet, and stalking socks, you’re bound to find your perfect pair here. 

So, pick up a couple of pairs of socks from this list and give them a spring. You’ll soon find out which type of socks will suit the conditions you face and perfectly match your hunting style. Now is the time to be fussing about your hunting socks, not while you’re out in the thick of it.

Why Picking the Right Hunting Sock Matters

Hunting success is much like a wristwatch. All the gears, cogs, and pieces need to work together for your hunt to function correctly. Harvesting an animal works the same way; it’s about putting all the pieces together at the right time and in the right place.

Warm, dry, and toasty feet are a critical piece of this puzzle and one you certainly should not overlook. There is a reason some hunters consistently harvest animals like clockwork, and it’s because they are well prepared, from their bow sights to their skinning knives to their socks. 

But not all hunting socks are created the same. That’s why we’ve included several recommendations for different types of hunts and hunters.

Best All-Around Hunting Socks

If you don’t want to fuss about your feet and simply crave the best possible pair of hunting socks for the 2023 season, look no further. The following recommendations will serve you well during an array of different hunts and ever-changing weather. For our money, it doesn’t get any better than the following two pairs of socks from Darn Tough and KUIU.

Darn Tough Hunter Over-The-Calf Heavyweight

Ding, ding, ding! Darn Tough rings in again as 2023’s absolute best all-around hunting sock on the market. These are suitable for anyone searching for a trusted go-to brand that won’t let them down during their hunt, no matter the season.

Thanks to their unprecedented durability, breathability, and versatility, Darn Tough has quickly become the leader in hiking, backpacking, and hunting socks. Their “Hunter” model helps prevent blisters with seamless technology that eliminates creases that rub against the skin and create blisters. These over-the-calf-socks, which are made in the USA, have an “invisible feel,” that eliminates distracting bunching or friction, making them great for hunting. Their moisture-wicking merino wool also means that your feet will stay warm and dry in almost any condition.

Did we mention these socks are unconditionally guaranteed for life? If and when they wear out, send them back to Darn Tough, and they’ll ship you another pair in return, no questions asked. One pair of these bad boys could literally last a lifetime.

  • Composition: 79% Merino wool, 19% nylon, 2% lycra spandex
  • Fit: Over-the-calf – great for keeping stuff out of your boot

KUIU ULTRA Merino Over-The-Calf

Ultra-cushioned pair of over-the-calf KUIU brand socks

If you’ve spent any amount of time on our website, you know by now that we’re addicted to KUIU gear. Why? Because they consistently produce second-to-none products like the ULTRA Merino Over-The-Calf Sock. If you’re searching for a high-end sock that offers a tad more cushion and stretch than the Darn Toughs I just mentioned, look no further.

As you might expect, these bad boys sport super moisture-wicking and odor-resistant merino wool that works to keep your feet fresh as you stack up the miles. Their ribbed padding offers protection in high-wear areas that contact your boot, which’ll help keep your ankles and feet pain-free as you trudge through the backcountry. They don’t cut off circulation, cause blisters, or bunch up, either. What more could you ask for?

  • Composition: 55% Merino wool, 25% nylon, 15% lycra, 5% lycra spandex
  • Fit: Over-the-calf – great for keeping stuff out of your boot



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Warmest Socks for Cold Weather

Here are a few recommendations for our favorite cold-weather hunting socks of 2023. These socks have proven time and time again to keep hunters’ feet warm and dry as the temperature drops below freezing. In short, keep your mind on the hunt, and not your toes, when the mercury falls.

Smartwool Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew

I’m partial to Smartwool socks because I’ve worn them in the field for several winters and they haven’t let me down. I purchased a pair of these exact socks, and they’ve made it through three hunting seasons with more on the horizon. They are flat-out warm, so I only recommend them for cold weather hunters who need their feet to breathe when trudging along on the frozen earth.

Pro Tip: If your feet ever get sweaty in extra heavy socks and turn your toes turn to icicles when you stop moving, grab some Wigwam Gobi Liner Socks. They’ll pull the moisture away from your feet and keep them nice and toasty. 

  • Composition: 74% Merino wool, 25% nylon, 1% elastane
  • Fit: Crew – they barely reach over my Kenetrek hunting boots

Carhartt Steel Toe Arctic Wool

Wool steel toe boot socks from Carhartt

Dubbed “The working man’s sock,” Carhartt has kept regular guys’ and gals’ feet warm since 1889. This pair is designed for the most rugged conditions that a hunt can bring you. While compiling this list, I took the advice of a lifelong moose hunter in Alaska who told me to look no further than this pair of affordable, heavyweight wool socks.

He says these are among the best hunting socks he’s owned because of how warm his feet stay during brutal Alaskan conditions. I don’t own a pair of these socks, but I know you can’t go certainly wrong with them.

  • Composition: 63% Wool, 24% nylon, 12% acrylic, 1% spandex
  • Fit: Boot – great for midlength boots


RealTree Heavyweight Tall All-Season

RealTree merino wool over-the-calf foot warmers

RealTree brought the heat when they released this budget-friendly pair of Merino wool socks. With full cushioning and a high level of insulation, these are meant for hunters who spend time trudging through chilly late-season conditions.

No, these aren’t engineered with the same attention to detail as the Darn Toughs above, nor do they offer a lifetime warranty, but they should perform well in the field regardless. They’re the best option around for cold-weather hunters on a budget.

  • Composition: 80% Merino wool, 17% nylon, 3% spandex
  • Fit: Over-the-calf – work best with tall boots


Breathable Socks for Warm Weather

Not all hunts occur in frigid conditions, so we’ve included the best sock recommendations for the warmer months. Whether it be a warm September archery elk hunt or a fall African safari hunt, you can’t go wrong with the following two recommendations.

Darn Tough Coolmax Boot

I couldn’t help but add another pair of Darn Tough socks to this list. Again, they provide an unconditional lifetime warranty on their socks, meaning if they wear out, you can send them back for a new pair. We like these Coolmax polyester socks because they keep your feet dry, cool, and comfortable when hunting on a hot late-summer afternoon.

These socks are also great for warm-weather hiking, backpacking, and backcountry fishing trips to boot. Ultimately, Darn Tough’s Coolmax Polyester enables your feet to breathe and pulls moisture away from your foot, making them the best warm-weather hunting socks on the market.

  • Composition: 60% Coolmax polyester, 31% nylon, 6% acrylic, 3% lycra spandex
  • Fit: Full-cushioned boot – great for days where you know you are going to be putting on the miles

Smartwool PhD Pro Outdoor Light Crew

Smartwool PhD Pro Outdoor Lights are perfect socks for warmer weather conditions. While not as exceptionally cushioned as the Darn Tough Coolmax, they still hold up well in the heat and take a long time to flatten.

Their lightweight design wicks away sweat and precipitation to keep your feet dry and cool. If you have a hard time keeping your feet from overheating on long hikes, this sock is perfect for you. 

  • Composition: 62% Merino wool, 36% nylon, 2% elastane
  • Fit: Crew – perfect pair to match with Salomon boots

Heated Hunting Socks for Ultra-Cold Weather

The year is 2023, but you’ll be living in the future once you buy a pair of these electronic, heated hunting socks. These aren’t your grandpappy’s saggy old cotton hunting socks, so he may call you a yellow belly and laugh in your face for wearing them. Rest assured, when you pop on a pair of these for your next frigid hunt and Gramps is shivering in the tree stand, you’ll get the last laugh.

Volt Heat

Volt Heat brand black electric foot warmer for hunting, fishing, and outdoors

These bad boys from Volt Heat made our list of 2023’s best-heated hunting socks thanks to their high performance and 10 hours of runtime. They utilize a Zero Layer heat system, which will keep your feet excellently heated in the most efficient way possible. They’re perfect for the spare-no-expense hunter that always has cold feet no matter how thick his socks are.

  • Composition: 92% Micro polyester, 8% spandex
  • Fit: Full boot – warmth distributed evenly
  • Battery: 3-Volt 2.2AH Lithium-Polymer rechargeable batteries


Snow Deer

Snow Deer brand heated rechargeable electric socks

We’ve also included this pair of electric socks from Snow Deer to appease the budget-minded hunters among us. These are among the highest-rated heated socks on Amazon and ring in at nearly half the price of the Volt Heats above.

Snow Deer strategically placed heating pads to warm the tops and bottoms of your feet, giving them an even distribution of warmth for even the coldest of weather. They also utilize CoolMax polyester, which will keep your feet well heated while breathing enough to prevent sweat. 

  • Composition80% CoolMax polyester 12%, polyester, 8% elastane
  • FitFull boot – warmth distributed evenly
  • Battery3.7 Volt 2.2AH Lithium-Polymer rechargeable batteries


Best Liner Socks For Sweaty Feet
Wigwam Gobi Liner Socks

Sweaty feet are a problem for several reasons. First, you don’t want to be Mr. or Ms. Stinky Feet while sitting around hunting camp. Secondly, sweaty feet can lead to blisters and ice-cold feet once they stop moving. Someone with consistently sweaty feet should consider these highly-recommended hunting sock liners for their next hunt.

Hunters and hikers report that Wigwam Gobi liners wick that extra moisture away and keep blisters at bay. Pair these liners with any of the above-listed socks, and you’ll be sitting pretty with dry feet on your next hunt. Many users of Wigwam sock liners report quality and long-lasting materials that can last for many years if taken care of properly.

If your feet don’t sweat much, I’d forgo these liners as any of the above-listed socks will perform well without them. 

  • Composition: 95% Olefin, 4% nylon, 1% spandex
  • Fit: Crew – slightly longer in the calf area than other crew socks


Best Stalking Socks

Last on our list of 2023’s best hunting sock categories is the stalking sock. While some hunters just peel their boots off and stalk in their regular socks, you should consider purchasing a pair of actual stalking socks. After all, the socks on this list are expensive, and you’re likely to guff them up by trampling through the underbrush. They also don’t provide much protection from the elements, but luckily our recommendation does.

Skinner Minimalist Barefoot Shoes

Don’t scare the elk and deer away with those cloddy boots. Instead, order these stalking socks from Skinner. Barefoot sock shoes like these are perfect for bowhunters who utilize the spot and stalk method of hunting. The barefoot feel of these socks allows you silently close the distance between you and your prey while keeping your feet protected from the elements below. This sentiment is echoed on many bow hunting forums, as many hunters have these at the ready on a backcountry elk or deer hunt. 

  • Composition: StretchKnit™, which is composed of 6 secret ultra-functional fibers.
  • Fit: Ankle – perfect for tossing on spur-of-the-moment during your hunt


Factors We Considered When Reviewing Socks

Hunter pulling up a camo sock
A lot goes in to making a quality sock for your hard workin’ feet

Your socks are among the most important pieces of clothing you’ll wear during hunting season, which is why we didn’t take this buying guide lightly. While putting this article together, we analyzed loads of socks across the following seven factors to ensure that we’re only recommending you the best products on the 2023 market.

Comfort & Fit

Saggy socks that don’t fit well will drive you crazy, so we only recommend products that are highly rated by hunters in terms of comfort. We don’t have time for socks that bunch up, create blisters, and ultimately let us down in the field, and neither should you.


Socks made from quality materials like Merino wool and Coolmax polyester will feel more comfortable, last longer, and perform better in the field. The last thing you need to be thinking about as you try and fill your tag is your feet, so we only recommended products made from these top-notch materials that’ll serve you well during specific seasons and situations.


As an avid elk hunter who has spent months of my life living outdoors in Colorado’s fall and winter, I’m well aware that seriously chilly weather is what I signed up for. That’s why I took into account the overall warmth of each pair of socks on this list and recommended products that will keep your tootsies nice and toasty when the temperature drops.

“I enjoy having cold feet when I hunt.” – Absolutely Nobody Ever


Whether you’re hunting in Arizona in 90-degree heat or trudging through the Montana backcountry in the bitter cold of December, your feet need to breathe. Socks that release moisture to keep your feet dry and blister-free will make your hunt much more enjoyable. That’s why we’ve recommended products known to ventilate your feet, regardless of the weather.


At $20+ a pop (and over $100 for the heated variety!), hunting socks are an investment that should last more than just a season or two. To help save you money and time, we recommend socks known to stand the test of time. Hunters put their gear through hell, so the products we purchase have got to be durable. Socks are no different.


No, the length of your sock isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s certainly something we considered when putting together this list. When choosing a fit for your socks — whether crew, ankle, boot, or knee — consider the length of your footwear first. Ideally, you should wear a sock that rests a few inches comfortably above the top of your boot.


I hike over a hundred miles through the backcountry every season, so I know firsthand how important cushioning is when it comes to my socks. I recommend light-cushioned socks for warm weather hunters who don’t move around much, medium-cushioned socks for hike-in drop-camp hunters, and heavy-cushioned socks for backcountry hunters who expect chilly weather.

Which Socks Will You Wear on Your Upcoming Hunt?

Smartwool merino sock and camo pants
Take care of your feet, and the hunt will take care of itself

As I mentioned above, it’s a terrific idea to purchase multiple types of hunting socks from this list, give them a go in the field, and see what works best for you. The highly recommended socks on this list are meant to keep you focused on the hunt and keep you from agonizing about your feet.

What’re you going to do? Keep those hole-in-the-toe socks you already own? Or will you prepare yourself for the next hunt the right way? Whether it’s warm or cold weather hunting socks you’re looking for, any of the options on this list should keep your feet warm, dry, and blister-free, provided you use the right pair in the right situation.

So, whether you grab a pair of Darn Tough, Smartwool, Carhartt, or Volt Heat socks, you’ll be grateful that you invested in your feet as you trudge through the backcountry and try your darndest to fill that 2023 tag.

Because hunting season is too short, and we need all the help we can get to bring home a kill.

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