7 Best Ozone Generators for Hunting & Scent Control in 2023

Tan Ozonics HR-230 ozone hunting generator against a background of camo
Best Ozone Generators for Hunting & Scent Control of 2023: Ozonics, Boneview, Scent Crusher & More

Let’s face it, pal, you stink, and you’re looking for the best ozone generator for hunting that 2023 has to offer. I can’t blame you. I, too, carry around funky odors from time to time. While I don’t mind the smell of my stench hanging around on my clothes and gear, I can assure you that wild game does.

So, how do we fix this problem? By grabbing a portable ozone machine for our next hunt, of course.

The internet is full of scent control devices for deer, elk, and other wild game, so it’s hard to know what to trust. Luckily for you, we took the time to get to know these products and spent hours researching them. Plus, we have some first-hand knowledge we’d like to share.

Have we tried every brand of ozone generator on this list? No, we’re not here to b.s. you. But, we did our due diligence and included well-reviewed and high-quality options from brands like Ozonics, Scent Crusher, Boneview, and Wildgame. These are all great options to control your odors at home, in your gear bag, truck, ground blind, tree stand, and beyond.

No matter which product you choose from this list of the best ozone generators for hunting, you’ll be putting yourself in a more odor-free position for your 2023 hunt. Take it from me, a lifelong big-game hunter who knows we’re going to need all the help we can get.

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Best Ozone Generators for Hunting

How do Hunting Ozone Generators Work?

An animal can see you three times, and it’s gone. It can hear you twice, and it’s sayonara. But, let them smell you one time, and you’ll never see them again.

This fact is inescapable. Animals know what people smell like, and they’ll avoid you like the plague after first whiff.

Good thing for you, ozone generators neutralize scents that can give away your location during a hunt and kill odor-causing viruses, bacteria, and contaminants. But how?

Ozone devices work by applying an electric charge to oxygen, turning O2 to O3. That extra molecule of oxygen then attaches to odors and destroys organic compounds. For more about how ozone generators work, click here.

Operating these devices in small compact spaces can be dangerous if not done correctly, and for this reason, exercise caution when using an ozone generator.

Make sure to read all instructions before using your generator in the field, and follow them closely!

Best Ozone Generator for Hunting in 2023
Ozonics HR-230

Tan Ozonics brand scent control device for hunting

One name that kept popping up in reviews was the Ozonics HR-230. For the price, we think it’s the best option out there, and it’s our pick for the best overall ozone generator for hunting in 2023.

Ozonics is known for producing the industry’s top portable scent elimination machines. Their devices consistently control odors that would otherwise spoil your hunt. The HR-230 is portable, quiet, has a long-lasting battery, and comes standard with tree stand mounts. It’s everything you want in an odor-neutralizing device.

Word to the wise: If you plan on spending an extended amount of time in your tree stand or ground blind, I highly recommend grabbing an extra battery. This little bit of extra prep will double the battery life of your machine and ensure you’re prepared for when you need it most.

  • Pros: Reliable and practical, quiet, comes standard with tree mount, good battery life
  • Cons: Pricey, battery takes a while to recharge


High-End Option for the Ultimate Gear Nerd
Ozonics OrionX

Black Ozonics brand scent elimination device for hunting

I’ve had my eyes on the OrionX for a while now, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on this thing yet. I think 2023 might be the year I grab one.

Why do I want one? Because it’s known as an effective machine for areas prone to swirling winds, which sounds a lot like the areas I love to hunt. In other words, it’s a hunter’s best friend for controlling and eliminating scent when winds are unpredictable.

When making this recommendation, I was torn between the OrionX and the Ozonics HR-300. The HR-300 comes highly reviewed and rated and costs less than the OrionX, and both are very portable and will work anywhere you need them to.

But, I feel that the OrionX is a better selection for a few reasons:

  • It has Hyper-Boost mode, which supplies it with 25% more power. That extra power can make all the difference when you find yourself in a whirlwind
  • Thanks to its Smart Arm Mounting System, the OrionX excels in tree stands
  • The massive battery life (double that of the 300) can run for 6-10 hours on a single charge

In all, this is the most technically advanced product on this list. If you can afford it, it’s an excellent tool for professional hunters who seek every advantage they can find in the field.

  • Pros: Hyper-Boost mode means powerful odor-neutralization, incredible battery life, lightweight for its capabilities, quiet and effective
  • Cons: Expensive!


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Rock-Solid Budget Buy Under $50
Boneview MAX Ozone Generator

Black rechargeable Boneview band ozone generator for hunting

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to approach scent control, look no further than this budget option from Boneview. It’s not the best ozone generator of 2023, but it’s a decent place to start.

For a device that costs less than $50, it’s portable and well-reviewed. What more can you ask for?

While it’s probably not going to impress a seasoned professional, I think this is perfect for new hunters or those that are unsure if they want to invest a few hundred bucks on something they may only use once or twice.

Overall, this portable Boneview ozone machine is small but not overly powerful, which concerns me about its effectiveness in swirling winds. That said, I would recommend using this in smaller, more confined spaces like your vehicle or pop-up blind (with proper safety measures, of course).

  • Pros: Very affordable, compact, lightweight, USB-rechargeable
  • Cons: Not very powerful, users have mixed reviews on reliability


Best Ozone Generator Alternative
Wildgame Innovations Zerotrace

Plasma ion field generator from Wildgame Innovations

Some people have questions about the dangers of ozone generators. If you want to avoid them altogether, I can give you an alternative. This Ozonics alternative is actually a plasma ion field generator.

What does that mean?

According to Wildgame, it means that it’s better for your health and the environment than an ozone generator. That’s because it charges the air around you, which destroys organic scent safely. No extra oxygen molecule here.

In terms of operation, it has quiet technology that is barely noticeable in a still forest, making it great for tree stands and ground blinds.

Finally, the rechargeable battery lasts up to six hours, so I recommend grabbing an extra if you plan on manning your tree stand all day.

  • Pros: Innovative technology, safer and more environmentally friendly than ozone generators, compact, great for tree stands
  • Cons: Users need to exercise caution in confined spaces

Mini 12v Ozone Generator for Your Car
Ozonics Micro3

12-volt Ozonics brand ozone scent control hunting device for use in cars

Ozonics makes our list again, and for good reason. This small ozone generator is excellent for your ride; it’ll controls scents created on the way to your next deer, elk, or wild game hunt.

Smells linger in your rig that you may not notice or have gotten used to. Think spilled coffee, beef jerky breath, cigarettes, or that gas station burrito that mysteriously disappeared last month. You get the point.

If you’re like me, you put in loads of work controlling your scent at home by making sure all your hunting clothes are washed in scent-free detergent. You have an ozone generator for your outdoor setup and work to play the wind perfectly. Why put in all that work just to let that old, stale burrito give you away in the field?

For that reason, I always have one of these in my truck. It’s straightforward to use and gives you one slight extra advantage because, let’s face it, we need all the help we can get out there.

  • Pros: Tiny and convenient, plugs into 12-volt sockets, effective, silent
  • Cons: Not very powerful, can’t use outside of the car


Heavy-Duty Ozone Roller Bag for Hunting
Scent Crusher Roller Bag
Scent eliminations roller bag from Scent Crusher

This rolling duffel from Scent Crusher is our top pick for ozone bags for hunting. It’s a spacious beast with a sturdy handle, wheels, a portable ozone generator, and plenty of room for hunting clothing. If you’re looking for an excellent long-term and mobile storage solution, here it is.

Bada-bing, bada-boom, you now have a scent control/eliminator machine and storage in one with this bag from one of my favorite brands in scent control: Scent Crusher. This bag is well-reviewed, and I know several Colorado elk hunting guides that use these religiously.

Because what hunter couldn’t find use for an odor-free closet in a bag?

This portable ozone machine for hunting will haul your gear and eliminate body odor that we burly hunting folks can throw at it. Invest in keeping that unique scent of yours off of your hunting clothes.

  • Pros: Great for hauling large loads of gear, tons of storage/pockets, generator is effective, quiet, and versatile
  • Cons: Expensive


Portable Scent Control Locker for Camp
Scent Crusher Locker Lite

Scent Crusher scent-elimination locker for hunting, 2023 model

Those who leave nothing to chance should consider purchasing a portable hunting closet. After a long day in the field, you’ll need a place to stash all your gear to avoid soaking up the smell of campfire, baked beans, or Budweiser you create when enjoying your post-hunt festivities.

Enter the Locker Lite from Scent Crusher. I’ll bring one of these along for the 2023 season, as we plan on being in the field for two weeks and will need something to keep our gear and clothing scent-free. Hopefully, this strategy allows us to get closer to our next kill.

Scent Crusher Lockers are a great Ozonics alternative because they centralize the scent removal of your gear. Now, will it help if you’re farting in the tree-stand? Probably not.

Keep in mind, the generator that comes with this locker is not rechargeable, meaning you must have it plugged into a wall outlet, cigarette lighter socket, or a portable power bank at all times.

  • Pros: Locker is sturdy, easy to set up, has tons of storage, effective
  • Cons: A bit heavy and bulky at 23+ pounds, must be plugged into wall-outlet, 12-volt car socket, or portable power bank


Factors We Considered When Analyzing Ozone Generators

We hope we were able to steer you in the right direction along your quest for 2023’s best ozone generator for hunting. After all, that’s why we’re here: to put in the research so you can focus on the hunt.

You probably already know scent control is essential in the field, whether for deer, elk, big game, or even predator and hog hunting. No matter what type of hunt you use it for or which product on this list you choose, know that we recommend only the best ozone generators based on the following factors.

Manufacturing/Company Quality

Quality hunting gear isn’t created by accident. It’s engineered by companies that listen to their customers and constantly innovate to make their products better.

Also, the best hunting gear companies will stand by their gear, which is why we have only chosen brands that are well trusted in the hunting industry.


A portable, reliable ozone machine could make the difference between filling your tag and getting skunked. Setting your device up quickly gives you even more of an advantage.

That’s why we picked portable products that you can easily take into the field with you and won’t slow you down.

Battery Life

There’s nothing worse than getting busted by your scent. Even more nerve-racking is getting busted by your scent after toting an ozone generator into the woods with you.

Make sure you have enough battery life to last the entire time you’re in the field. Though all the picks listed here will last several hours on a single charge, we advise bringing a backup battery or two for those long days in the field.

Dangerous and Cheap Imitations

We didn’t let any cheap imitations on this list. The reason is that ozone generation can be harmful, and we don’t trust unestablished companies. Also, we want to make sure that your gear does what it says it will do, and that’s getting rid of your scent, time and time again.

Well Reviewed and In Stock

I hate sifting through reviews for hours, and then when I have finally narrowed down my choice, I find that it’s out of stock. Another thing that makes me uneasy is buying items that are not well-reviewed.

For the purposes of this post, all the selections (at the time of writing) are well stocked and are extremely well-reviewed by hunters and outdoorsmen.

Which Hunting Ozone Generator Will Control Your Scent?

Black Ozonics OrionX ozone generator on a control arm for use in a tree stand
Scent control is vital in the hunting world, so set yourself up for success

Getting your hands on one of 2023’s best ozone generators for hunting could help you solve an ever-important piece of the hunting puzzle: scent control. Hopefully, our recommendations helped you find a device or two that’ll eliminate your pesky musk for the upcoming season.

We take pride in recommending only the best portable scent elimination machines for deer, elk, and all wild game. From budget to high-end, we wanted to recommend products from several price points and give a little bit of helpful advice along the way.

Whether you use it at home, in your gear bag, car, ground blind, tree stand, or anywhere else, your hunt deserves one of the best ozone generators for hunting that 2023 has to offer. So, find that product on this list that perfectly suits you, and snatch it up. Because you need to keep those ripe scents at bay the next time a big buck comes wandering into your domain.

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