10 Best Rubber Hunting Boots for Men & Women in 2023

An elk and deer hunter dressed in all camo steps into a mucky swamp wearing a pair of 2023 waterproof rubber hunting boots
Best Rubber Hunting Boots for Men & Women in 2023

If you plan on getting into wet, muddy terrain while hunting for deer, elk, duck, and other tasty critters, you’re going to need a set of 2023’s best rubber hunting boots.

Because we know that frozen, waterlogged toes on a bitter December afternoon could ruin an otherwise perfect hunting trip. If you’ve experienced frosty feet in the past, you need to search for boots with heavy-duty insulation (and lots of it) if you plan on staying warm.

It isn’t just about winter, though; waterproofing your feet makes all the difference if you plan on traversing across rivers, battling rain, or trudging through thick mud. And when you’re out there putting on tough miles, you’ll need the most comfortable footwear available.

Because a pain in the toes is a pain in the nose.

And since we didn’t want to leave any hunters out, we made sure to include our best recommendations for men and women who like to get dirty.

Of course, there’ll be insulated kicks for cold weather, camo boots to stay stealthy, pairs for wide feet, and even a couple of sets of rubber hunting boots that ring in under 100 bucks.

Here you’ll find in-depth recommendations from all the big names in the hunting industry, including Muck Boot, LaCrosse, Irish Setter, and more.

Now, let’s dip a toe into 2023’s best rubber boots for hunting.

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Best Overall Boot for Men
Muck Boot Fieldblazer

Black and camo Muck brand rubber hunting footwear

Our overall top selection for men, the Fieldblazer, comes from the tried and true Muck Boot brand. Is it much of a surprise they take the cake for 2023’s best rubber hunting boots? We’re not shocked, either, and that’s because these boots fit like a dream in the places that matter most, including the toes and ankles.

With a 5mm neoprene bootie and breathable lining, you can rest assured that no matter how sweaty your feet get on the inside, they’ll stay warm and dry down to sub-zero temps or in the pounding rain. And, because they know how ripe hunters can get, Muck Boots treated these with enzymes to keep your odor at bay.

And in addition to being comfortable and warm, these sport blaze orange roll-down linings, making your feet easy to see (if you so choose).

Overall, we think these lightweight boots work exceptionally well. They may need a bit more insulation if you plan on hunting in frigid weather, but they’re excellent waterproof boots for most hunts.

  • Pros: Extremely comfortable, excellent traction, look great, legendary Muck Boot quality
  • Cons: Not built for freezing situations, might wear too snug on those with big calves

Best Overall Boot for Women
Muck Boot Chore Mid Snow

Black Muck brand women's waterproof cold-weather footwear

I, for one, am not a fan of gear that only works for specialized tasks. That’s why I recommend the versatile Chore Mid Snow boots from Muck Boot as our top choice for women. They’re a quality pair of clodhoppers that’ll perform just as well on the hunt as they do during rainy hikes and mucky mornings on the farm.

These puppies are designed specifically for women’s feet, so you ladies can expect these to fit to size oh-so-well. And, since they sport high-quality rubber, the water stays where it’s supposed to — out of your socks and away from your feet. Like our top Muck Boots for men, these boast a 5mm neoprene lining that retains heat and will keep your feet nice and toasty.

The Chore Mid Snow Boots are versatile all-season, warm, cold, and wet-weather workhorses that deliver superior traction in all conditions. If you need to keep water out while maintaining breathability, look no further than these top-rated Mucks.

  • Pros: Warm, pull tab for easy on and off, great for wide calves, fit well, comfortable
  • Cons: Could be a tad heavy for some


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Hunter’s Favorite (Unisex Fit)
Irish Setter MudTrek 

Brown and camo men's uninsulated shoes for deer and elk hunting

Many hunters we’ve talked to about rubber boots have something good to say about the Irish Setter MudTreks. Their opinions probably stem from the fact that these bad boys fit both men and women and are available in several different fits, patterns, and insulations.

So, if you’re hunting in warmer weather, you can opt for a pair of MudTrek’s with less insulation. And, if you need a cold-weather winter boot, Irish Setter has you covered, too. The model we’re linking to is well-insulated with 800 grams of Primaloft and aimed to keep you warm in the chill of the late seasons.

No matter the insulation fill, all MudTreks come with Realtree/Mossy Oak camo patterns, scent ban odor control, and high-quality rubber that keeps the rain and mud out. Plus, they’re a unisex fit, so both men and women can find a pair they love. Honestly, I’ll be checking these out when it comes time to buy my next pair of big-game rubber boots. Since I trudge around the rainy Northwest, these seem like a perfect fit.

  • Pros: Many patterns and insulation configurations, very warm, look great
  • Cons: Not tons of reviews online, appear to run small

Best of the Rest: Men’s Rubber Hunting Boots

Our Pick for Wide-Width Feet 
Men’s BOGS Classic High

Camo BOG brand men's waterproof footwear

Our top recommendation, the Muck Boot Fieldblazer, can fit a bit too snug around hefty calves and wide feet for some fellas. That’s why we made sure to include a pair of the BOGS Classic high waterproof camo boots. Because those of us with broad legs and wide feet deserve to be comfortable in the field, too.

Just like Muck Boots, these BOGS Classics will keep your feet warm, water-free, and comfortable no matter how far you walk or what you trudge through. Honestly, we feel as if we could swap this boot with the Fieldblazer as our top overall choice and be content with our decision.

And while these boots are uninsulated and don’t come with Thinsulate, Primaloft, or anything else of that ilk, hunters agree these have earned their high ratings. That’s because even in freezing water clear up to your shin, your feet will stay warm and dry. What else could you need?

In short, if you need a pair of warm rubber boots, you can’t do much better than this set of footwear from BOGS.

  • Pros: Extremely comfortable for wide feet and calves, great for trekking through high grass
  • Cons: Some thought they weren’t that warm, but that criticism seems isolated


Late-Season Ultra-Insulated Winter Boot
Men’s LaCrosse Alphaburly 1600G

Camo and brown insulated men's winter shoe for cold-weather deer and elk hunting

When the weather gets downright cold, you need to turn the heat up on those precious feet of yours. That’s where the LaCrosse Alphaburlys and their 1600 grams of foot-baking Thinsulate insulation come in.

Hunters widely regard LaCrosse as one of the premier hunting and fishing footwear producers on the market, and these cold-weather camo kicks are a shining example of why.

For starters, LaCrosse engineered these boots with scent control to keep elk, deer, and other big game from smelling you before you get a chance to fill your tag. Plus, they use Optifade camo patterns, so if you’ve got a bunch of Sitka Gear, your boots will blend right in.

As we mentioned earlier, these are incredibly warm, meaning you can hunt in sub-zero temps or ice fish in them for hours on end without any issue. And though these boots are incredibly toasty, their breathable inner liner will help ventilate your feet to keep them from overheating or getting clammy.

You can rest comfortably knowing that whatever bitter cold, snow, slush, or sleet comes your way, you’ll be able to keep on trucking.

  • Pros: Extremely warm, made for late-season big game hunting, scent control tech an excellent touch, adjustable gusset makes them easier to take on and off
  • Cons: Not lightweight, but what do you expect with 1600 grams of insulation?

Waterproof Snake Boot
Men’s LaCrosse 4xAlpha

Black and camo rubber men's snake-proof footwear

For guys that hunt in muddy areas where snakes are a threat, you’ll need rubber boots to help protect you from losing a foot (or worse) to a venomous snake bite. Enter the LaCrosse 4xAlpha.

While not insulated, these boots are thick enough to keep your feet warm as you hunt in the chiller snake-infested areas. You’ll be steady on your feet, too, as LaCrosse features four-wheel-drive traction on the soles to prevent slips and falls.

Many snake boots can wear uncomfortably because of how thick they need to be to stop snake teeth, but not these. Many hunters think they’re the most comfortable boots they own, and that’s important considering you’ll also rely on them to keep you safe and alive.

Their top-rated comfort stems from their adjustable calf gusset, generous cushioning, and moisture-wicking liner that breathes well and dries quickly.

All in all, the 4xAlphas are about as good as it gets when it comes to waterproof snake boots, and they’ll do everything you ask of them.

  • Pros: Fit well, keep you safe from snake bites, warm even though uninsulated, excellent traction
  • Cons: Fit very snug; look into a boot jack

Sub-$100 Budget Buy

Men's cheap camo rubber hunting boot for lightweight hiking

Hunters on a budget, rejoice. Nowadays, you can score a dry, warm, breathable set of rubber hunting boots for under a bill.

With a price tag like that, you might expect these boots to lack in certain areas. While that may be the case, know that comfort is not one of their shortfalls. Hunters who use these TIDEWEs clamor about how nice and snug they feel on their feet. Their cinch-back gusset that keeps an appropriate grip on your calf is one big reason why.

One area they seem to lack is their ability to keep your feet warm in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit (probably because they aren’t highly insulated). In some areas, that’s as cold as it gets, so these should work well if you’re hunting warmer regions like the south. If you need something warmer, though, look towards something like the Irish Setter MudTrek 800G for a bit more insulation.

  • Pros: Inexpensive, comfortable, easy to take on and off, one-year warranty
  • Cons: Not super breathable, not made for extreme cold, some find the sizing off

Best of the Rest: Women’s Rubber Hunting Boots

Best Muck Alternative
Women’s DSG Outerwear Insulated 2.0

Black and camo insulated women's rubber hunting boot for cold weather

Ladies, if our black, all-purpose Chore Mid Snow Muck Boot recommendation isn’t hunting-forward enough for you, we get it. Let us introduce you to the camo DSG Outerwear Insulated 2.0 rubber boots. They’re made specifically for women and were designed with hunters in mind.

Packed with 400 grams of Thinsulate, these will keep your feet warm even when temperatures creep below freezing. And, because they sport high-quality rubber, you can hunt all day long in the frozen slush without fear of ice-cold water seeping through.

You’ll probably want to hunt all day long in them, too, since lady hunters agree that they provide excellent cushion for long trudges through wet and muddy terrain. Another reason these are so comfortable is that they fit so well, though a hunter or two reviewed that they found the sizing to be a bit off.

If you’re on the hunt for some supremely functional women’s wet-weather camo boots, give these a look for your next deer, elk, or waterfowl excursion.

  • Pros: More hunting-specific than the Chore Mid Snow Muck Boot, very waterproof, insulated, comfortable
  • Cons: A couple of reviewers said the sizing was off


Ultra-Warm Insulated Winter Footwear
Women’s Muck Arctic Sport II Mid Snow

Black women's rubber winter cold-weather footwear

Our top pick for winter and cold-weather women’s rubber hunting boots is the Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Mid Snow. These are built to excel in icy conditions rife with snow, slush, and cold water.

These fleece-lined boots deliver powerful heating in conditions down to a chilling -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This impressive rating might surprise some, given they don’t appear to have an insulation weight listed, but Alaskan hunters say these keep their feet warm, no matter what.

That’s important when you’re out chasing deer, elk, and moose up north. When conditions rapidly deteriorate, the last thing you want to think about is your frozen feet. Thankfully, with these Arctic Sports, you’ll be able to shift your focus elsewhere.

If you need an excellent pair of winter and cold-weather rubber boots for hunting, give these a close look. And if you’re in the lower 48, know a little cold rain won’t stand a chance.

  • Pros: Comfortable fleece lining, very warm, waterproof, functional, come in lots of different colors
  • Cons: Don’t come in camo, feet will overheat in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Sub-$100 Budget Buy
Women’s TIDEWE

Black and camo women's uninsulated footwear for mud and muck

You’ve may never have heard of the TIDEWE brand, but hunters all over the internet are starting to discover how great they are. As with our men’s budget recommendation, these boots will keep your feet dry and warm for well under $100.

These lightweight camo kicks utilize a 6mm neoprene interior to maintain waterproofing and mesh interior to help prevent moisture from clinging to your feet and making them clammy.

Like the men’s pair we recommended, these are rated to temperatures down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit (though that might be giving them a little too much credit). While they lack the high-end insulation of more expensive pairs, we think they’ll keep your tootsies warm as long as you stay out of temperatures too far below freezing.

Pull these babies on with confidence ahead of your next wet-weather hunting trip. Not only will they keep your feet dry and warm, but they’ll also save a few bucks along the way. Because what good are 2023’s best rubber hunting boots if you can’t afford them?

  • Pros: Inexpensive, some might even say cheap, fit very well, warm, one-year warranty, roll down to let heat out, very comfortable
  • Cons: -4 degree rating is a little generous, made in China

What We Considered When Choosing Rubber Boots

Black and camo insulated and waterproof Muck brand footwear in front of a camo backdrop
Hunting boots are complex; let us help you understand some of their most important features

There are a lot of vital technical considerations to ponder when picking out your next set of rubber hunting boots. That’s why we’ve thoroughly analyzed each boot we recommend for the following six factors when picking out products for this article:


Waterproofing a rubber boot seems like a no-brainer, right? (If your boots are rubber, but they still let in water, you should probably return them or throw ‘em in the trash.) That said, we made sure that all the boots recommended here keep your feet nice and dry when it’s wet.


Part of the allure of rubber boots for hunting is that you can use them season ‘round. Different rubber thicknesses, insulation levels, and features for ventilating will dictate how warm and comfortable your feet stay. We wanted to recommend a wide array of boots with warmth ratings that span all four seasons.


A good set of hunting boots must be made from quality materials, like rubber, neoprene, Primaloft, etc. We did our best only to include recommendations made from top-notch materials that won’t fail or let you down in the field. There’s zero room for cheap knock-offs on this list.


If your boots rub you the wrong way, guess what? You won’t want to wear them, and you’ll feel as though you’ve wasted your money. That’s why the ten pairs of boots on this list are all known to be well-reviewed in terms of comfort.

Be sure to do plenty of research on the specific fit of your next boot before you buy it online. While most boots we analyze fit true to size, some might run a touch big or small. Read plenty of reviews in regards to fit before you pull the trigger.


Trudging through rain, snow, ice, and slush calls for that boots provide excellent traction. That’s why we’ve done our best to find products that feature durable, anti-slip soles. Because the last thing you need when hunting or ice fishing is to end up on your backside because your boot could grip the terrain beneath you.


Nobody wants a pair of boots made of cheap rubber that’ll break down after a season or two of use. That’s why we seek out boots that have been known to stand the test of time. On this list, you’ll find boots that are built to last. Some products are bound to live longer than others, but hey, that’s the game we all play.

Don’t Get Waterlogged — Get Rubber Hunting Boots

An elk and deer hunter with a pair of waterproof rubber boots walks down a dirt trail as the sun sets in the background
Which pair of waterproof rubber hunting boots will lead the way on your next hunt?

If you’ve made it this far, we hope you’ve found a pair of rubber hunting boots to help you get the job done for 2023 and beyond. No matter if you’re a man or woman, we did our best to recommend a wide variety of insulated, waterproof, and camo rubber boots that will stand up to all the rain, mud, and nasty weather you can throw at them.

As with any type of hunting, you need the right tool for the right job. Walking endlessly through wet terrain when searching for that deer, elk, duck, or wild game requires comfortable, waterproof boots that’ll help keep your mind off your feet and let you focus on what matters: the hunt.

The boots we recommend are among the warmest, most waterproof, cold-weather kicks on the market. They’ll to keep you truckin’ in even the nastiest conditions. Some might say they’re the right tool for the job.

So, whether you scoop up a pair of rubber Muck Boots, LaCrosses, Irish Setters, or TIDEWEs, we hope they help you solve that next critical piece of your 2023 hunting puzzle.

Now, go stomp through mud and muck as you search for your next kill, and remember us as your feet stay warm and dry.

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