9 Best Shooting Sticks for Rifles [Bipods, Tripods & Monopods]

A hunting rifle resting on top of a tripod shooting stick in the desert
The Best Monopod, Bipod, and Tripod Shooting Sticks for Rifles in 2023

You’ve made it to our write-up for the best shooting sticks for rifles of 2023, which means you’re preparing the right way. Because finding the right monopod, bipod, or tripod to steady and adjust your shots could mean the difference between dropping your prey dead or spooking them out of range.

Good on you for preparing for a clean, steady, and ethical shot.

To help you put the pieces together, we’ve given our best advice on choosing between monopods, bipods, and tripods, analyzed reviews from expert hunters, and wrangled up the nine best sticks on the market. Hopefully, this info can help you make a selection that works for you.

We included various products for every style of rifle hunter, from monopods to bipods to tripods, lightweight to heavy-duty, and cheap to high-end. This includes options for ground blinds, tree stands, elk, deer, coyote hunting, and more. So, whether you hunt predators or you’re stalking big game, there’s something on this list for you.

Monopod vs. Bipod vs. Tripod
Which Type is Best for Your Rifle?

A monopod, bipod, and tripod shooting stick against a white background
Are you going to prop your rifle on a monopod, bipod, or tripod?

When the time comes to take that hard-earned shot, will you be able to keep it all together? Or will you wobble ever so slightly and miss your target? Precision rifle shots, especially at long ranges, requires a steady hand. Owning a quality shooting stick that’s ready to deploy at a moment’s notice will give you that clean, steady shot you’ve been dreaming about.

But which type is best for your rifle and your particular style of hunting? Should you choose a monopod, bipod, or tripod? What are the pros and cons of each?


Ah, the monopod. The quick deploying, lightweight, and minimalist option to stabilize your gun. Run-and-gun style hunters love the monopod for its versatility, even if it makes for a bit of a less stable shot.

Though they’re the most mobile and quick deploying options of the bunch, monopods only have one point of contact with the earth. They can move side to side and front to back, making them the least steady option to stabilize your gun.

Monopods are suitable for use in a tree stand or any time you’ll have to set up for a quick shot on unstable ground.


A bit more stable on two legs, a bipod prevents side-to-side movement and gives hunters a little more stability than its single-legged cousin, the monopod. Hunters often prefer bipods because they offer an easy shooting solution while seated or inside a ground blind.

Bipod shooting sticks allow for steady up-and-down movement and are more popular than monopods or tripods as a result.

Bipods are great for any predator, turkey, or big game hunt when you need stability in tight spots or while seated or in a ground blind.


Back and forth or front to back, your rifle will not move with the assistance of a sturdy tripod. They are our favorite option in most hunting situations since it just makes sense to have the most solid and stable rest for your rifle.

Stability aside, tripods can be tough to set up in tight spots while sitting, and they’re significantly more bulky and heavy. They’re not nearly as compact or mobile as a monopod or bipod, so keep that in mind.

Tripods are great for maximum stability on any shot but particularly helpful for long-range shots when hunting big game.

Best Monopod Shooting Sticks

Monopods are lightweight, portable, and are sure to perform for all the run-and-gun rifle hunters out there. All the selections here, from the budget-friendly Vanguard to the more expensive Bog monopods, are solid and durable selections that won’t let you down in the field.

Minimalist Budget Option
Vanguard Scout M62

Vanguard Scout M62 monopod for rifles

Weight: .75 pounds
Max Height: 62 inches

Just because this is one of the cheapest rifle monopod shooting sticks on the market doesn’t mean that it’s shoddy. On the contrary, this monopod is constructed of aluminum alloys that can take a beating without letting you down.

It takes a little longer to fully deploy this monopod and adjust your shot since you must unlock each section with a plastic tab; however, it’s leg locks will work well if you don’t need to set up for an ultra-quick shot.

This entry-level shooting monopod is as practical as it gets, so there’s no reason to break the bank if you’re looking for something compact and straightforward. Weighing in just over half a pound, the $30 Scout M62 makes an excellent option for those looking to cut ounces and save a few bucks in the process.

  • Pros: Very affordable, practical, well-reviewed
  • Cons: Can be tedious to unlock each section’s tab
  • Best for: Minimalist shooters looking for a lightweight solution


Trusty Mid-Range Buy
Primos Trigger Stick GEN3

Primos Trigger Stick GEN3 monopod

Weight: 1.25 pounds
Max Height: 65 inches

This rifle monopod shooting stick from Primos is a rock-solid option. I have experience with GEN1 and GEN2 but have yet to try out a GEN3. From my research, the newest version seems to be as good as the older versions, if not better.

All of the Primos sticks I’ve ever laid hands on are tough, durable, and most importantly, easily deployed. The Primos trigger system easily allows users to quickly deploy the monopod to the desired height with a pull of a finger.

In terms of downsides, some Primos rifle monopod reviews complain that the GEN3 doesn’t have a tree-stand adapter and feel as though it’s not quite as heavy-duty as its predecessors.

  • Pros: Tried-and true, ultra-quick deploy, well-reviewed
  • Cons: May not be as heavy-duty as previous versions
  • Best for: Shooters looking for a rock-solid monopod

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Versatile High-End Option
BOG Adrenaline Switcheroo

BOG Adrenaline shot stabilizer

Weight: 1.36 pounds
Max Height: 70 inches

The BOG Adrenaline is our favorite monopod because it’s sturdy enough to double as a walking stick or trekking pole. Its ergonomic handle makes it helpful for walking in the backcountry, and its V-shaped yoke acts as a grippy and stable shooting rest when you’re ready to pull the trigger.

This highly-durable three-section camo lightweight aluminum pole will support your weight as you trudge through the mountains, adjust quickly when shots arise, and will keep coming back for more, season after season.

We also love how the BOG Adrenaline comes with an interchangeable mounting head, which allows you to switch mounts when you want your stick to accommodate a spotting scope or camera.

This compact yet durable precision rifle monopod would be perfect for the run-and-gun elk hunter as well as the tree stand white-tailer.

  • Pros: Sturdy enough to double as a trekking pole, ergonomic handle, camo, interchangeable mounting head
  • Cons: None we can think of!
  • Best for: Run-and-gun hunters, tree stand shooters, and everyone in between

Best Bipod Shooting Sticks

A wise option for predator or turkey hunters, bipods are best utilized in the sitting position or where a tripod is impractical. Here are our selections for the best bipods for hunting rifles that 2023 has to offer.

Best on a Budget
BOG Havoc

BOG Havoc bipod for rifles

Weight: 1.13 pounds
Max Height: 50 inches

The BOG Havoc is best used from a seated position and is perfect for predator hunting, turkey hunting, or any hunting that takes place while seated. That’s thanks to its 360-degree swivel head, which allows you to get your gun on target quickly and accurately.

While not as lightweight as the half-pound BOG monopod, the aluminum shafts on the 1.1-pound Havoc are durable and much more sturdy than its single-shafted cousin. The twist-lock feet on the bipod enable you to set up in ambush situations quickly, and we much prefer them over the clip-lock models.

We don’t particularly like the one-year warranty, but you get what you pay for. If it’s good customer service you’re after, try a Primos shooting stick. As a Bushnell-owned company, Primos will typically fix or replace most of your gear if it fails on you.

  • Pros: 360-degree swivel head, durable, handy twist-lock feet
  • Cons: Short, one-year warranty isn’t ideal
  • Best for: Those who prefer to shoot from a seated postition

Popular Mid-Range Buy
Primos Trigger Stick GEN3 (Tall | Short)

Primos Trigger Stick GEN3

Weight: 2.50 pounds
Max Height: 62 inches

While compiling this list, we pored through forum after forum and blog after blog, reading rifle bipod reviews. One name that continually popped up was Primos. Primos makes great shooting sticks and are basically in their own class in terms of functionality.

This Primos bipod is tough enough to use as a walking stick, quick enough to deploy in various situations, and portable enough to carry with you in the backcountry. Even more than the BOG Havoc we just wrote up, these Primos GEN3 bipod shot-stabilizing sticks can do it all.

While a bit more pricey than their “competitors,” we find value in Primos’ quality, as well as their warranty, which is backed by the Bushnell brand. If you want to buy gear from a company that stands behind their products, look no further than Primos.

  • Pros: Very well-rounded, tough as nails, extremely popular in the hunting community
  • Cons: None to speak of
  • Best for: Shooters looking for a tried-and true bipod

High-End Low-Profile Option
Accu-Shot BT46-LW17 PSR

Black Accu-Shot rifle stabilizer

Weight: .85 pounds
Max Height: 9 inches

If you hunt or shoot with an AR-15 or the like, then you may want to consider a low-profile bipod mount for your rifle. This is a super useful option if hunting coyotes or other predators as you can run and gun, all the while maintaining the ability to take a stabilized shot on a swivel bipod.

This is hands down one of the top bipods for AR-15s on the market for my money. Its folding legs allow for portability and are easily deployed when needed. This bipod is very durable and makes it easy to stabilize your tactical AR-style rifle via its adjustment knob.

Keep in mind, this is a low-profile option, meaning it’s meant to be used in a tactical fashion where the shooter lies on their stomach to take their shot. It can also be used while standing up, but the shooter must use an elevated platform or gun rail to reach their desired height.

The warrior hunters, and those searching for the most efficient and solid rest to stabilize their rifle, should consider the Accu-Shot BT46-LW17 PSR rifle mount bipod.

  • Pros: Lightweight and portable, ultra-precise adjustment knob, practically unbreakable
  • Cons: Its low profile will limit your shots
  • Best for: Low-profile shooters looking for a high-end solution


Best Tripod Shooting Sticks

Let’s get real here: you want the best of the best. You’re not the hunter that leaves things to chance, and you want to take the most accurate and stable shot possible when the opportunity arises. A quickly deployable tripod that doesn’t rock back and forth or side to side might be the ticket.

Here are three options across all budgets that are sure to perform when the perfect shot presents itself.

Lightweight on a Budget
Vanguard Quest T62U

Vanguard Quest tripod for rifles

Weight: 2 pounds
Max Height: 62 inches

Much like their Scout M62 monopod, the Vanguard Quest T62U rifle tripod is an ideal option for hunters on a budget. While this product is cheaper than the competition in terms of cost, it’s not inferior in terms of quality and usability.

This lightweight aluminum tripod comes equipped with a 360-degree rotating head and a removable V-notch yoke for your gun. It sports the clasp style leg locks, which could be somewhat of a hindrance should a quick shot opportunity present itself.

We love this tripod’s lightweight and compact design, making it easy to stash in your day pack until you are ready to set up shop. Weighing in at only 2.2 pounds, you’ll hardly notice you brought it along.

Its lightweight design means it won’t be the most durable and rugged of the three tripod selections we’ve recommended. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a walking stick, and I wouldn’t expect it to take much of a beating, either.

Hunters who thrive on ultralight gear that’s portable and compact will love the Vanguard T62U rifle tripod. If you’re a hunter who travels long distances and craves the stability of a tripod, you may have just met your match.

  • Pros: Very affordable, compact and lightweight, 360-degree rotating head
  • Cons: Not the most durable option
  • Best for: Budget hunters searching for lightweight gear

Top-Rated Mid-Range Buy
Primos Trigger Stick GEN3

Primos Trigger Stick GEN3

Weight: 3 pounds
Max Height: 62 inches

Ask any three hunters which game calls are the best, and you’re likely to hear the name Primos. The Primos brand was started in 1976 as a duck call manufacturer but has since branched out into all sorts of different hunting gear.

And, as they have grown, Primos has brought their hallmark quality and imposed it into every piece of hunting gear they design. This rings especially true with their shooting sticks. Primos is in a league of their own in terms of quality and durability, which is evident when you scour through their rifle tripod reviews online.

The advantage the Primos Trigger Stick GEN3 tripod holds over the bipod and monopod is clear: it offers unmatched stability. These bad boys are heavy-duty and provide a rock-solid foundation for any accurate shot, whether in the field, in the blind, for deer, elk, or any other big game.

The Primos Trigger Stick GEN3 made our top recommendations for each category on this list, and the reason is simple: these are the sticks we trust to get the job done and are the only ones we use in the field.

  • Pros: Very stable, durable, reliable, and portable
  • Cons: None we can think of
  • Best for: Shooters and hunters searching for a do-it-all tripod

Heavy-Duty High-End Option
BOG DeathGrip

BOG DeathGrip shot stabilizer

Weight: 8.5 pounds
Max Height: 59 inches

This heavy-duty BOG DeathGrip shooting stick is one of the best-rated and most widely-reviewed tripods on the market today. It’s designed from the ground up to be one of the most stable, high-quality, and reliable platforms on the market.

That said, it should come as no surprise that this tripod is super beefy and rock-solid. It weighs 8.5 pounds and has aluminum legs that slide in and out quickly. However, its leg locks are clasp-style, meaning they’ll take a little bit of time to deploy. That said, they’re incredibly reliable.

It’s equipped with solid rifle rests that clamp down on your gun, allowing for precision shots from any position. The rifle rest also swivels up to 45 degrees, which is especially helpful when sitting or shooting from a prone position and firing up or downhill.

This is not the most tactical tripod because of how bulky it is, and for that reason, we love it most for predator or hog hunting. It’ll work great for the big game as well, but if you are a run-and-gun backcountry hunter, you might find it to be a bit too burly for your fast-paced style.

  • Pros: Extremely stable, reliable, and precise; dual adjustment knobs
  • Cons: HEAVY
  • Best for: Precision shooters looking for a stable and sturdy solution

Criteria for Choosing the Best Products

Hunting rifle rested on a low-profile shot stabilizer with mountains and clouds in the distance
There’s a lot to consider when choosing your next shooting stick

We scoured the vast wilderness of the hunting gear market to help you find the best monopod, bipod, and tripod shooting sticks. Why? Because we want to help take the guesswork out of this decision for you. In that spirit, we did our best to provide good selections across all price points, knowing that every hunter has their own unique style and budget.

Regardless of the amount of money you spend, we believe any selection from this list will do you well. That’s because we took the following five factors into account when picking out products.


In the world of precision shooting, stability is king. Long gone are the days of simply relying on leaning against a tree or your buddy’s shoulder when stabilizing your shot and pulling the trigger. In 2023, you will not have the same opportunities your grandfather had, so make sure that your shots count. That’s why we’ve only recommended products that are known to give you a stable and reliable shot.

Range of Movement

The perfect shot doesn’t always present itself. Whether in the bushes, tree stands, or hunting blinds, you need shooting sticks that swivel and allow your weapon to move at different angles. This is especially true for mountain hunting, as you never know when you will have to take a shot up or downhill. For this reason, we’ve considered the range of movement for each product on this list.


A stable platform is only as good as the materials that make it up. Poorly constructed shooting sticks can and likely will fail you when you need them most. For this reason, all the selections on this list are made from either carbon fiber or aluminum. Both materials are lightweight and portable but also durable enough to withstand the rigors of hunting.


On backcountry hunts, keeping the weight down in your pack matters. Many big game hunters routinely put in 30,000+ steps a day and feel every ounce of their gear along the way. We prefer sticks made of carbon fiber for these long-distance hunting applications, as they typically weigh less and have less bulk.

Aluminum sticks tend to be a little more durable and stable, but they usually weigh a couple of pounds more than their carbon fiber counterparts.

The choice is yours: compact and lightweight or bulky and durable?


Many of the recommendations here will need to be stored in your pack on wilderness hunts. The less footprint they have in your bag, the better. For this reason, we love the Primos shooting sticks because they can double as walking and trekking sticks.

This functionality not only keeps them out of your hunting pack but also allows them to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Which Shooting Sticks Will Stabilize Your Shot in 2023?

Hunting rifle with a scope atop a tactical shot stabilizer resting on a wooden platform
A solid shooting stick sets up a steady, reliable, and precise shot

You’re probably getting quite excited about your 2023 hunt, and that’s likely why you’re searching for the best shooting sticks on the market. We’re hunters, too, so we get it. The excitement and thrill of the chase keep us daydreaming year-round.

As you know, different situations will call for different sticks. So, whether you’re hunting coyotes and predators from the ground or elk, deer, and a big game from a tree stand or blind, we hope we recommended something you’ll find helpful for your particular style.

That’s why we gave you a wide variety of selections, from monopods to bipods to tripods, cheap to high-end, and lightweight to heavy-duty options for your rifle.

Thanks for stopping by our top-to-bottom write-up of the best monopod, bipod, and tripod shooting sticks for rifles in 2023. EatElkMeat.com is dedicated to helping hunters get their hands on the best gear for the upcoming season, from their tree stands to their watches to their headlamps. We’re passionate about the sport of hunting, and most importantly, the bounty that it brings.

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