7 Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests 2023 [Trophy Ridge & More]

An archer loads a carbon arrow through a whisker biscuit of his recurve bow
Top Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests Recommendations of 2023 (Trophy Ridge, TruGlo & More)

Mmm… biscuits.

Warm flaky whisker biscuits.

Oops, sorry. My mind is wandering. You’re here to get your hands on one of the best whisker biscuits of 2023, not the fresh biscuits your grandmammy used to pull out of the oven when you were a kid. Can you tell I’m hungry?

Anyways, I’ll try to stay focused from here on out. I promise.

If you’re looking to upgrade your archery setup or want to find a replacement for your drop-away style rest, you’ve come to the right place. This buyer’s guide highlights 2023’s best options from Trophy Ridge — the original in biscuit-style arrow rests — and some quality off-brand selections at approachable prices.

After all of the product recommendations, I’ve also added an informational section to help you sort out the pros and cons of a biscuit-style rest versus a drop-away rest.

So, whether you’re looking for a budget arrow rest from TruGlo or the high-end Trophy Ridge Pro Shot, you’re sure to find something that fits your setup on this list.

The time to stress about your archery kit is now and not in the heat of the moment at the range or during a hunt. So, without further adieu, let’s get dialed into the best whisker biscuits for 2023 and beyond.

But First, What is a Whisker Biscuit?

I’m not trying to insult your intelligence, but just in case you arrived here wondering what the heck a whisker biscuit is, I’ve got you covered. No, I’m not talking about the dog treat brand of the same name, nor am I speaking to the Joe Dirt reference. I, of course, am referring to arrow rests.

Whisker biscuits, the preferred style of arrow rest of many archers, doesn’t feature the traditional “drop-down” mechanism that releases when you release but rather a bunch of “whiskers” or bristles that hold your arrow centered without the need for the mechanical support.

In short, it’s a tried-and-true tool to steady your shot and send your arrows flying straight towards their desired destination.

Best Overall Whisker Style Arrow Rests
Trophy Ridge V Plus Max

Trophy Ridge V Plus Max arrow rest

The V Plus Max is Trophy Ridge’s newest top-of-the-line model for anyone looking to upgrade from their Quick Shot or those who want the best whisker biscuit of 2023. It is our top overall choice, and for good reason.

Its innovative v-shape bucks the circular housing and allows for less friction on your arrow throughout your draw and release. The result is less drift, less drag, and a faster and more accurate shot. If you only buy one arrow rest from this list, I recommend this bad boy above all others.

Why We Like It: Heavy-duty design, less arrow drag, the v-shape perfectly centers your arrow

Trophy Ridge Power Shot

Trophy Ridge Power Shot arrow stabilizer

I used to have difficulty maintaining my accuracy throughout my release. I attribute this to my shaky hands, as this problem usually materialized at my drop-away rest. Once I purchased the Power Shot whisker biscuit, this issue went away.

If you, too, tend to get a little jittery when an animal walks into your line of sight, consider the Power Shot from Trophy Ridge. Its silent loading rubber pads are super helpful and allow me to load without any metal on metal noise. This way, I can focus on the target without giving a second thought to loading my arrow.

Why We Like It: Features windage and elevation micro-adjustments, 150% more strength than the quick shot model

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The Original Whisker Biscuit
Trophy Ridge Quick Shot

Trophy Ridge Quick Shot archery gadget

The Quick Shot is the original whisker biscuit that helped define the arrow rest game. Upon its release, it allowed archers to start nocking their arrows effortlessly and accurately, giving them more time to focus on their shot. This innovative arrow rest gave shooters a quicker delivery in the heat of the moment.

This workhorse is just as good as the day Trophy Ridge released it, and it’s an excellent option for anyone looking to transition away from their drop-away rest. It’s a mid-range product and doesn’t have the windage and elevation adjustments as the Sure Shot Pro below, but it’s still very effective for most archers.

Why We Like It: Easy, the no-frills design does what it says it will do, holds your arrow steady throughout your shot

Best Professional High-End Option
Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro

Medium Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro archery gear for more accurate shot

The Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro is a perfect solution for bow enthusiasts who ask a lot from their gear. It features an aluminum ring that holds the bristles in place, allowing it to take more of a beating in the field. As is the standard with Trophy Ridge, the Sure Shot Pro features rubber pads that allow for quieter loading.

Effortlessly customizable, the Sure Shot Pro has tool-less micro-adjustments for wind and elevation with easy-to-identify laser engravings. These will enable you to dial your shot on the fly when an animal comes into range without the need for tools or sight adjustments.

Why We Like It: Easy shot adjustments on the fly, quiet loading, super-solid aluminum frame

Best Budget Options
TruGlo EZ-Rest

TruGlo EZ-Rest budget recurve rest

TruGlo has made a name for itself by producing easy-to-use archery gear for years, and their EZ-Rest is a shining example of why archers love their products. Its no-fuss, no-frill design helps you load arrows quickly and consistently in the heat of the moment. This easy-to-use rest gets the job done, plain and simple, and for a fraction of the price of other products on this list.

What I like most about this EZ-Rest is its affordability factor. This little gadget strikes a balance between cost and quality, which is crucial to consider if you’re on a tight budget. If you buy this whisker biscuit, you’re getting a quality product, even if it’s not as heavy-duty as others on this list.

We Like It: Affordable, simple to install, easy to load arrows quietly


Karnage Arrow Rest

Karnage brand budget arrow rest for longbow shooters

If you’re still kicking around the idea of trying out a whisker biscuit but aren’t entirely sold yet, you probably don’t want to invest a bunch of money into a new one. If you want to try out a new rest style that won’t break the bank, then look into this budget-friendly buy from Karnage.

I was in that boat last season and got one of these to play around with at the range. For the price, it delivered exactly the results it promised and held my arrows steadily in place throughout my shot. No, it’s not as heavy-duty as the others on this list, but it’ll work fine for beginners and those on a limited budget.

Why We Like It: Cheap and easy!


Best for Bowfishing
Trophy Ridge Cajun Bowfishing

Cajun Bowfishing Arrow Rest for bow shooters

If you’re a bowfisher, a whisker biscuit is a must-buy in my book. Bowfishing requires quick reactions and shots from all sorts of different angles. If you want to skewer a fish or two, you’ll need a rest to help keep your arrow nice and steady before your shot.

But not any old rest will do; the Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit is what you’re looking for. It’s designed for arrows that don’t feature fletching, making it a perfect option for those who like to catch their dinner in the most exciting way possible.

Why We Like It: This is the only rest that works with my style of bowfishing; it doesn’t obstruct the arrow point and allows for a more accurate shot

Whisker Biscuit vs. Drop Away Rest

Photo of a biscuit rest and a drop-away rest for archery
Whisker biscuit vs. drop-away: which rest is the best?

Okay, so you now understand what a whisker biscuit is and just checked out the best options for 2023. Now, you ask, “Why would I need to buy one of these gadgets? The drop-away arrow rest I have works just fine.”

Let’s dive into the main differences between whisker biscuit arrow rests and drop-away rests, and you can make up your mind from there.

First off, mechanical drop-away rests have a higher likelihood of failure since they’re, well, mechanical. Also, some people who run larger fletching or flu-flu arrows may find themselves catching their fletching on their drop-away rests more often, which affects accuracy in a big way.

I prefer using whisker biscuit style rests because they’re ultra-quiet to load. When I’m 20 feet from a bull elk and need to nock an arrow silently, I’m always happy I brought along my trusty Sure Shot Pro. I can load it into the center of the rest without looking and don’t need to stress about metal on metal noise.

The biscuit-style rest does come with a few downfalls, though. The bristles can affect your arrow’s accuracy ever so slightly, but don’t let that scare you. Most archers, even professional shooters, will never be able to notice the slight drift that these bristles cause.

Size Chart

Diagram with two black circles for archery rests. One has a white crescent, one is completely filled in. Text: GOOD: Small Gap Above Shaft BAD: Arrow Fills Entire Hole

Getting a properly-sized arrow rest is crucial to maintaining an accurate shot.

The most crucial factor to remember is that you don’t want your arrow to fill the entire hole in the center of your biscuit. You want to get a rest that’ll leave a small gap above your arrow shaft. Doing so reduces friction and arrow drift and makes for a more true shot.

Below is a simple chart for sizing, which will let you know which size to buy depending on the specific diameter of your arrows.

A chart for arrow rests reading "Small, Medium, Large, Fishing" with corresponding inner arrow diameters for each size

Pro Tips For Using Whisker Style Rests

Whisker biscuits are pretty straightforward to use, but I have a couple of helpful tips that I’ve learned over the years. Hopefully, they can aid you in putting together a straighter, more consistent shot.

Fletching Orientation

The bristles on your biscuit will typically come in two different colors. You’ll notice a black wedge of bristles at the bottom of the circle, which are much more heavy-duty and designed to take the brunt of the friction your arrow causes.

The other color you choose is a personal preference. Some prefer bright-colored whiskers to help them find their rest when hunting. Some prefer a more dull color. Ask ten hunters what colors they like, and you’ll likely get ten different answers.

Color options are typically red, green, yellow, brown, pink, and orange. I like using brown as it’s more aesthetically pleasing for my setup and doesn’t distract during my shot.

Make sure your arrow fletching is oriented correctly, with your odd-colored fletch pointing up. This wedge will ensure your arrow flies true and will protect your rest’s integrity. This is the most important tip to remember when using any of the rests on this list.


Spend some time tuning your new rest with a few fletched arrows and some bare shafts. Doing so will allow you to identify if there are any variations in your arrow flight caused by your rest and will enable you to correct those errors.

Click here for a well-made instructional video explaining how to tune in your arrow rest.

Installation Instructions

Ed from Mr. Eds Archery created the helpful video above that best explains the installation process. Check it out for an easy step-by-step guide once you’re ready to install your new rest.

Install your rest the right way the first time! If you don’t, you risk adding more variance to your shots (which is never a good thing).

Which Whisker Rest Will You Choose for 2023?

An archer with gloves on loading=
A proper whisker biscuit will help you dial in your shot

My stomach is grumbling, and I’m now thinking of grandmammy’s fresh baked goods again, so I guess it’s time to wrap up this buyers’ guide to the best whisker biscuits of 2023.

Now, the ball is in your court. Which of these stellar products will you add to your archery setup for the upcoming season?

Whether you choose the tried-and-true Quick Shot or the high-end V Plus Max, you’ll be one step closer to sitting pretty during archery season. And, don’t worry, all of the choices on this list have been carefully analyzed and hand-picked by yours truly.

Here at EatElkMeat.com, we strive to deliver only the best research-backed insight to an industry that’s notoriously stingy with information. We’re like you; bow enthusiasts who want honest advice when dialing in our archery setup and hunting gear.

We sincerely hope this list of 2023’s best whisker biscuits meets the mark. If you love a specific rest that we didn’t mention, please comment below or send us an email with your recommendation.

Thanks for stopping by!

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