a line of razor sharp broadheads being displayed at the 2024 ATA

3 Takeaways From ATA 2024 – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Archery Trade Association’s annual show is billed as a chance for industry buyers, sellers, and go-betweens to do business, network, and introduce new products.  A rookie ATA exhibitor said plainly: “You haven’t done squat in this industry until you get invited to exhibit at the ATA.” And he’s right. Eat Elk Meat’s staff was … Read more

Dries Visser Safaris Review – My 10 Day African Plainsgame Hunt

When good friend and longtime hunting buddy Lance Fitzgerald asked me if I wanted to join him on a 10-day hunting trip in South Africa with the world-class outfitter Dries Visser Safaris, my first thoughts were – ‘Yeah right, like I could ever afford to do something like that.” But, as fate would have it, … Read more
Deer scraping antlers against a tree

Deer Scrapes: Examining & Mocking Buck Behavior [Pictures]

Easy there, partner. Understanding deer scrapes is more complicated than it may seem. I’m no expert, but I’ve spent a lifetime trying to decode deer language. And one thing I’ve learned is whitetail deer speak louder with their body language than any other way. It’s essential to understand what a deer is trying to say … Read more
Antelope and other wildlife roaming a prairie in Arizona, United States

Hunters Ed: Who Owns the Wildlife in the United States Anyways?

The simple answer to the question of who owns wildlife in the US is that it’s complicated. We all collectively own our natural resources, right? You’d be surprised to learn it’s not quite as straightforward as you may think regarding fish and game. To fully understand this question, you must delve deeper into the world … Read more
Man wearing a shed hunting hat holding a recently killed coues deer buck

Coues Deer Hunting Guide: How to Hunt Arizona & New Mexico

You should know this up-front — Coues deer are definitely not for the faint of heart. They’re tiny in size but pose huge challenges for any hunter. I’ve spent many years chasing these elusive ‘Grey Ghosts’ through Arizona’s stark and scrubby desert brush. Coues deer are tough and skittish, with an uncanny ability to disappear … Read more

How to Easily Build Mutual Respect with Non-Hunters

What goes through your head when a non-hunter unexpectedly asks you about hunting? If it’s someone you know well, it’s no big deal. But if it’s someone at work you don’t know personally, you may be wary. And if that non-hunter is a stranger, you might even feel defensive… will there be an argument? It’s … Read more

Elk Sounds: Decoding Bugles, Barks, Chuckles & More

You’re standing at the edge of a mountain clearing, bow or rifle in hand. Suddenly, you hear a loud and eerie bugle sound echoing through the trees. It’s so haunting and powerful that it sends shivers down your spine. When you hear that unforgettable sound, it may mean you’re closing in on an 800-pound bull … Read more

Are Deer Nocturnal? (Habits, Weather & Pressure Hold the Key)

What’s going on here? The ghostly green image from your trail camera clearly shows deer taking a stroll at 11:18 PM… but shouldn’t they have bedded down hours ago? After all, the conventional wisdom is that deer are “crepuscular,” meaning they’re primarily active at dusk or dawn, then spend the rest of their time hunkered … Read more
Elk hunter holding a compound bow over his shoulder and looking towards a distant mountain range

Bow Hunting Elk: 23 Tips from a DIY OTC Archery Hunter

So you want to hit the backcountry and go bow hunting for elk? Are you just getting into the sport but don’t know where to start? Do you have a couple of seasons under your belt and are eager to keep growing? Or are you an expert looking for some advice they’ve already heard a … Read more
Hunter drawing back his compound bow with a legal draw weight in Colorado

Draw Weight for Elk 2023 Guide [State Minimums + Best Gear]

You’re looking for the best draw weight for elk and have probably spent a lot of time online trying to get a straight answer from forums and hunting sites. This search can be a confusing and frustrating process. To simplify things a bit, I put together this unpretentious guide to help novice hunters feel more … Read more
A hunter's shed full of antlers near a window letting in light

Shed Hunting Colorado 2023: Rules, Tips, Gear, Selling

What are you even doing with yourself? You’re somehow entering the 13th month of winter. Football is over, most hunting seasons have passed, and it’s far too cold to go camping and fishing. Well, cheer up chum. It’s time to strap on the boots and get out and find yourself some white gold, aka antler … Read more
Two mule deer stand in a field in Colorado

Colorado Mule Deer Hunting: Tips, Gear, Locations & Regulations

Some of the earliest scribbles humans marked on cave walls stemmed from their hunting exploits. Cave walls became places where early humans drew spears, antlers, and harvests. Thousands of years later — not much has changed. Instead of cave drawings, we have Facebook photos. But, one thing you can’t digitize is the hunt. And for … Read more