Ethical hunter with a gun resting on his shoulder at sunset

What are the Four R’s of an Ethical Hunter? [Hunter’s Ed]

Are you enrolled in a hunter’s ed class and eager to learn more about ethical hunting? Let’s delve into what the four R’s of ethical hunters are. Following these principles and their guidelines will help us hunters to be considerate towards ourselves, others, and the environment while also being accountable for our actions. The four … Read more

Why Are Hunting Regulations Passed? [Hunter’s Ed]

You’re taking a hunter education class, which means you will have to learn a lot about hunting in a short amount of time. This is something that every hunter has to do. Along the line, you’ll inevitably be asked a common question: Why are hunting regulations passed? The easy answer is that hunting laws are … Read more
Three hunters around a campfire laughing at a joke

Funniest Hunting Jokes for Goofing Around at Deer Camp

You showed up to camp without knowing any hunting jokes? Pshh. Get outta here, city slicker! In my experience, flowing jokes (and whiskey) are the perfect social lubricant for deer, elk or whatever camp. My favorite part of hunting isn’t harvesting an animal. Truth be told, my favorite part of hunting camp is the camaraderie. … Read more
Antelope and other wildlife roaming a prairie in Arizona, United States

Hunters Ed: Who Owns the Wildlife in the United States Anyways?

The simple answer to the question of who owns wildlife in the US is that it’s complicated. We all collectively own our natural resources, right? You’d be surprised to learn it’s not quite as straightforward as you may think regarding fish and game. To fully understand this question, you must delve deeper into the world … Read more
View of a city through night vision googles

How Does Night Vision Work? Tech + History Explained

So how does night vision work and what is the history behind the technology? Let’s jump in. Night vision scopes, goggles, and other devices intensify low ambient light and near-field infrared energy (from IR illuminators, for example) to illuminate the user’s surroundings during times of low light or in complete darkness at night. First, the … Read more
Uncompahgre River in Colorado flowing by the town of Montrose

Uncompahgre River: Colorado’s Diamond in the Rough

When I relocated from Colorado’s Front Range to the Western Slope, my excitement reached its peak. I was going to reside by the picturesque Uncompahgre River, one of the state’s top trout fisheries! As soon as I arrived at my new house, my first instinct was to grab my fishing pole from the car and … Read more
Whitetail deer in a snowy field staying warm and looking back at the camera

Do Deer Hibernate? (And How Do They Survive the Winter?)

If you’re asking yourself, “Do deer hibernate?”, worry not. Many curious folks just like you have been puzzled by the same question. You may also wonder, “Do deer migrate?” Is that their secret to winter survival? Does that explain how they emerge from the bitter cold freeze of the winter months year after year? How … Read more
Elk meat (venison) on a cutting board with a hunting knife

How Much Meat from an Elk? [Bull & Cow Harvests Explained]

If you’re wondering how much meat you’ll get from an elk, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. is here to give you the skinny on how much of the good stuff you can expect to get from your next harvest. Whether you’re a new hunter trying to figure out how much weight … Read more
A bull elk walking across a river and splashing water with his hooves

How Much Does Elk Weigh? Bulls, Cows, Spikes? It Depends…

Elk are massive and unforgettable creatures known for their beautiful antlers and iconic bugling during mating season. Curious hunters and wildlife lovers who spend time around these amazing creatures inevitably ask, “Just how much does an elk weigh?” Location is the key to answering that question. Even though body size can range widely within an … Read more

Hunting Expos in 2023 [USA’s BEST Trade Shows & Conventions]

Hunting season is over, and while that’s a huge bummer, attending one of 2023’s top hunting expos may be just what the doctor ordered to keep the fire alive during the offseason. Attending a hunting trade show can be a rewarding experience and I created this list to help you find a convention that’s right … Read more
Male deer and elk split screen

Elk vs. Deer Comparison: Size, Habitat, Meat & Main Differences

People often lump elk vs deer meat into the same category: venison. We aren’t fans of that grouping because elk and deer are not only different creatures, they also taste quite different as well. So, for the sake of this article, we’re going to call deer meat ‘venison’ and elk meat, well, elk meat. But … Read more

Deer Puns: Funny Deer Jokes for Hunters & Nature Lovers

Deer are majestic beasts, admired by hunters and nature lovers for their grace, beauty… and flavor. They’re also the subject of many jokes and puns, which are sure to put a smile on your face. In this blog post, we’ve collected some of the fawniest deer puns and jokes for your amusement. These deer-isms are … Read more

Elk vs Moose Comparison: Size, Habitat, Meat & Main Differences

A comparison of elk vs moose usually ends up with a discussion about their color, sizes, and antler shape. To dig deeper, let’s talk about where these animals live, what they eat, and most importantly, how they taste. In the Light Brown Corner: Elk What do Elk Look Like? Visually, elk have features that set … Read more
Filet of elk fanned out across a plate, cooked medium rare

What Does Elk Taste Like? Flavor, Texture, Cuts & Comparisons

What does elk meat taste like anyway? Does elk taste like deer? Is elk meat gamey?  I’ve eaten plenty of elk in my time, so don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Elk has numerous health benefits, which is all well and good, but does it actually taste good? Let’s dive in. What Flavor Does Elk … Read more
Cooked elk meat laid out across a bed of vegetables

7 Benefits of Eating Elk: Why Elk Meat Should Be in Your Diet

There are already plenty of meat options on grocery shelves, so why would you be interested in the benefits of eating elk? Maybe you want to live a health-conscious lifestyle and see elk meat as a means to that end. Perhaps you just want to try something different. No matter your reasons, we’re glad you’re … Read more