Bowl of elk chili

5-Alarm Ground Elk Chili Recipe (In 6 Easy Steps)

Some people say that elk chili is Earth’s most delicious comfort food. And, by some people; I mean I do. It’s me. I freakin’ looove this elk chili recipe. It’s got everything: the ground elk, the beans, the tomatoes, the spicy. Mama-mia. Here you have a flavor-bursting recipe that makes for a hearty and flavorful … Read more
Elk stew recipe ingredients on a wooden table

Elk Stew Recipe: Tender, Flavorful & Ready in a Flash

On cold nights, nothing warms you and your family up quite like a hot, flavorful elk stew. But, with how busy life can get, finding the time to make a slow-cooked dinner may feel like more of a dream than a reality. But, never fear; elk stew is here. Thanks to pressure cooking technology, you … Read more
Elk shank cooked in beef broth with vegetables, a finished recipe

Elk Shank Recipe: Tender, Juicy & Slow Cooked to Perfection

What’s the most flavorful cut of elk meat? The backstraps? The tenderloin? The sirloin?  Not so fast. What if I told you one of the most delicious cuts of elk is often discarded by hunters and extremely under-appreciated as a whole? Welcome to the best-kept secret among elk meat enthusiasts: the shank. The shank, or … Read more
Elk steak sitting in a skillet surrounded by mushrooms

Elk Steak Recipe: Rubbed, Marinated & Cooked Your Way

I wrote this to share a couple of ways to cook your elk steaks to tender perfection. First, I will show you how to dry-rub and pan-sear elk sirloin. Then, we head over to the grill with some marinated elk loin steaks.  If you don’t have any elk steaks on hand yet, head on over … Read more
An above view of an elk burger with onions, lettuce, and tomatoes

The Best Elk Burger Recipe: Grilled, Moist & Perfectly Seasoned

You’ve got the ground elk meat, now you just need a recipe to make an elk burger. Perhaps you’re looking to try something new, and if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Elk burgers bring that moist, melt-in-the-mouth flavor you crave when it’s burger time. And to satisfy your craving, I think … Read more